Year 7 Performing Arts Academy

Performing Arts Academy

Performing Arts Academy Registration Form for September 2024

No. of places available: 8 for Year 7 only

Allocation Process for students based on ‘Aptitude in the Performing Arts’

Torquay Academy will allocate up to 8 places for students qualifying for the Performing Arts Academy based on their aptitude in one or more of the three Performing Arts disciplines: Dance, Drama and Music. Applications are welcomed from children from within as well as outside our designated area.

A student with aptitude is one who is identified as being able to benefit from teaching in the Performing Arts subjects of Drama, Dance or Music or who demonstrates a particular capacity to succeed in one or more of these subjects. Through the allocation process the Academy will assess whether the applicants have an aptitude for a subject by determining whether they demonstrate a particular capacity to learn or to develop skills in the Performing Arts, and can benefit from the particular expertise and facilities at the school.

There will be workshop aptitude assessments in all three disciplines; students can apply to take part in one or more of these. The tests will be objective, have a distinctive subject focus and will not discriminate against applicants in any way, including on the grounds of gender, ethnic origin, disability or family background. The assessment will only assess aptitude in the three disciplines of Music, Dance and Drama and not ability or aptitude in any other subject.

Whilst no previous experience in performing arts is required in order to take the test, it is expected that applicants wishing to apply under this criterion have an interest in music, dance or drama and we would expect them to participate fully in the performing arts life of the school should they gain a place.

Up to a maximum of 8 students will be allocated a place on their aptitude in any one discipline or a combination of the three disciplines.

Students will be required to attend an aptitude test at the school. This will be held on the date specified on the registration form.

It will not be possible to take the test after this date.

Assessment criteria have been written for each subject area but these and the tasks will be given on the day and not in advance, to prevent prior training or coaching of applicants.

Quality and fairness will be assured with a specialist teacher from the school leading the workshop assessment whilst another specialist teacher observes and assesses.