Attendance at school

Why is your child’s attendance at school so important?

  • Your child will have access to a safe learning environment
  • Your child will receive the full- time education to which they are entitled
  • Your child will achieve success with their learning at school
  • Your child will have the opportunity to access the widest possible range of opportunities when they leave school

At Torquay Academy we would like all our students to aim for 100%.


During each academic year

At Torquay Academy, we expect all students to attend regularly in order to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. Regular school attendance and educational attainment are inextricably linked.  We recognise that regular attendance at school is essential for good learning and continual progress and ensures that students get the best possible outcomes from their period in compulsory education. All school staff will work with students and their families to ensure each student attends school regularly and punctually.

We expect all of our students to aspire to 100% attendance and appreciate the full support of parents and carers in encouraging this. The minimum level of attendance for this school is 100% and parents will be kept updated regularly about progress to this level. The school has targets to improve attendance and students play an important part in meeting these targets.


Going to school – why it’s so important

Some people think that missing the odd day at school will not affect their child’s education.  However, even taking a short amount of time out can result in your child falling behind in their work.  If there are gaps in their knowledge, this can impact on their achievements, assessments and exams.  A child with a good school attendance record is likely to have better outcomes once they leave school.  Employers look positively on good attendance and punctuality and good attendance is a sign that your child can be trusted.

If your child is absent you may be asked to produce medical evidence from your doctor/hospital as to why your child has been absent from school.

School attendance is important because the law requires it.  As a parent/carer you are legally responsible for making sure your child gets a full-time education.  For most people, this means registering a child at school and making sure they attend.



If your child is unable to come to school please call the attendance line, via the main school number, 01803 329351 and choose option 1, or email on each day of absence.

If we have not been given a reason for absence for a student, a text message is sent to the first named contact alerting them that the student is not in school.  We ask parents to notify the school as a matter of urgency detailing the reason for absence.  This is to ensure the safe wellbeing of the student.


Lateness to School

School Day 2022-23

The timings of the school day will be as follows:

Time Session Notes
08.20 Line up Bell sounds for movement to line up 08.20
08.24 Move to Period 1 (tutors) Bell sounds for movement to HOAP welcome 09.05
09.07-09.12 HOAP welcome Bell sounds for dismissal to P2 09.12
09.15-10.55 Period 2
10.55-11.25 Break 1 Bell sounds for movement to P3 11.20
11.25-1.05 Period 3
1.05-1.35 Break 2 Bell sounds for movement to P4 1.30
1.35-3.15 Period 4 Bell sounds at 3.15 for dismissal from either gate
3.15-4.15 Period 5 Bell sounds at 4.15 for P5 dismissal


Students are late if they arrive at school after 08:20. Students that are late more than twice in a cycle will receive an hour’s detention after school that day.  If students arrive after period 1 ends they are marked with an unauthorised absence for the morning session.

Planned absence during term time

Holidays during term time have a detrimental effect on learning. A student who takes a 10 day holiday during an academic year will only attain 94.7% attendance.  This is on the condition that they attend every other single day. 

Any absence interrupts the continuity of a student’s learning. Government legislation states that only exceptional circumstances warrant an authorised leave of absence. Parents/carers are urged not to take their children out of school during term time. Family holidays should not be arranged during school time. Similarly, parents are asked to try to arrange medical appointments out of school hours.

Requests for absence must be made in advance by completion of the Absence Request Form. This is to be completed by the adult with parental responsibility and with whom the child usually resides. A full explanation of the exceptional circumstances is required for the Principal to consider.

If the Academy refuses to authorise an absence and the child is still taken out of school, this will be recorded as unauthorised absence. If a child has 10 or more unauthorised sessions of absence within a 6 month period, parents may be subject to court proceedings or a Penalty Notice may be issued per child and payable by each parent. If a Penalty Notice is issued by the Local Authority, there is no legal right of appeal.

If after having a 10 day holiday, a student is then genuinely ill, then each additional day they are absent from school will reduce their total attendance by 0.5%.


Unauthorised Absence (Including absence requests during term time)

It is in your interest to make sure your child has a good attendance record. If they fail to attend school regularly and their attendance becomes a concern the school will contact you regarding improvement.  If your child has 10 unauthorised marks (including late marks on their attendance record Torbay Council can consider legal action against you:

  • You may be issued with a Penalty Notice of £60 (rising to £120 if unpaid after 21 days). If a Penalty Notice goes unpaid, this is likely to result in Court proceedings being taken against you for an offence of failing to ensure regular school attendance contrary to section 444 Education Act 1996. If convicted, you may face a fine of up to £2500 and / or a maximum of 3 months imprisonment.
  • You may be prosecuted and, if convicted, you will have a criminal record.
  • You could be given an Education Supervision Order.

We endeavour to give your son/daughter the best education we possibly can.  For this to be at its most effective, it is essential that all students have excellent attendance.  I am sure you fully support your son’s/daughter’s attendance at Torquay Academy and therefore secure their outstanding future achievement.

Research suggests that 17 missed school days a year = 1 GCSE grade drop in achievement.

Basically, holidays in term time, do seriously affect your child’s success rate.


Information for Parents

Guidance for Parents

Torbay Council Warning Letter 2022-23

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