Official Opening of Science Labs, Year 11 Prom and Year 6 Parents


Monday 4th July is a non pupil day. Students are expected in as normal on Tuesday 5th July.


Year 11 unwanted uniform

if you would like to donate any items of school uniform, please drop into reception, thank you.

A Busy Week for the High Performance Academy (HPA)

Following on from the EU Referendum debate and the Architect visit mentioned in last week’s blog, the High Performance Academy has put on three more activities.

Miss Nash ran a fascinating Jelly Baby geography game in which jelly babies represented different sections of society. The boys and girls had to pick cards which described natural, demographic or economic factors such as a cholera outbreak or a recession, each of which had an effect on the population. It was very interesting to discuss how societies can be altered by different pull or push factors. Eating the jelly babies afterwards was popular too!

Mr Clark-Ridealgh and Miss Verdon set up a French cafe at lunchtime on Tuesday. There was a wide range of delicious French food including brioche, madelaines and a non-alcoholic champagne. Students practised the French phrases such as “j’aimerais un pain au chocolat s’il vous plaît” or “je voudrais un orangina”. The favourite item by far was the tarte aux pommes.

The English department put on a talk on “Conversations with the undead”. This was a wide-ranging discussion about gothic literature such as Dracula or modern classics such as I am Legend. It involved readings, an introductory university-level lecture, and a review of the development of the zombie genre of fiction. Suddenly at the end a loud siren warned the students that zombies had been detected in the school – they had to use what they’d learnt to decide the best way to repel them!

I am grateful to all the staff who have put on High Performance Academy activities this term. It has been a wonderful programme for our boys and girls. It will continue in the autumn term.


Year 11 Prom, Leavers’ Assembly and 6th Form Taster Day

Having completed their exams the Year 11 Prom was held on Wednesday evening at the Livermead Cliff Hotel.   The weather was dry (most of the time!) and students were able to make the most of the outside area for photos. The evening consisted of a dinner and disco.  It was a lovely evening and a great way for the Year 11 students to end their exam season at Torquay Academy, we wish them all the best for the future.

Students then came into school on Thursday afternoon for their leavers’ assembly where a number of awards were handed out in addition to watching a number of montages and a farewell video.

Friday was then their taster day of 6th Form life.  We are looking forward to welcoming most of of Year 11s back in September and today gave them a great insight into what September will hold for them.


Science Labs Opening

1.7.16 Science Lap Opening

On Wednesday we held the official opening of our new science labs.  Guests including those who oversaw the project as well as our Vice Chair of Governors, Mrs Critchlow who cut the ceremonial ribbon.

The science team led us through a number of different experiments.  One of them included a demonstration of inertia, where eggs were placed on top of toilet rolls which in turn were put on a tray which was balanced on top of beakers of water.  The idea is that you can knock the tray out of the way and the eggs drop into the beaker.  Unfortunately it didn’t quite go to plan when it was my turn…

Year 6 Parents’ Evening

This Monday and Tuesday parents of the new Year 7 cohort starting in September, were invited in to meet with staff and find out more about their child’s new journey into Torquay Academy.  Mr Bindon,  Mr Jones and myself  gave a brief talk on aspects of life at TA and what their child can expect from their time here. Most parents also met their child’s tutor for September, and had the opportunity to ask questions.   The evenings were very well attended, and the parents seemed excited about their child’s transition. We look forward to welcoming the new students this September.


Y10 Celebration Evening


You can find pictures from this evening and all of our events on our Facebook page.


Bowls League

1.7.16 Bowls 1


The Torbay schools bowls league concluded on Tuesday with the Year 7s winning the B Division in their 1st season. The Bowls League is a great opportunity for the students to get involved with a sporting activity they might not have tried before. The students involved showed great potential throughout the season with the tremendous support of Upton Bowls Club.  Upton have made it very clear that all the squad and anyone else interested in trying a new activity are welcome. Families and individuals are encouraged to go and play on Friday evenings. Well done to everyone who got involved this season and a big thank you to Upton for all your support.


Year 7 Athletics

1.7.16 AThletics 31.7.16 Athletics 21.7.16 Athletics 5

The Year 7 athletics squad travelled to Churston on Thursday to compete in the South Devon areas athletics competition. These competitions are excellent to assess students ability against the top athletes in all local schools. The evening had many highlights in terms of performance. The results below are from heats and often a final as well, with 14 athletes competing in each event. 2 athletes who have stood out this season having won all their events in the ESAA competition (Exeter Arena), Area Schools competition (Exeter Arena) and Churston Grammar School area competition. These students are Georgia Davies and Ryan Wilson. They have dominated their track events against high quality opposition, winning every race by a considerable margin. Georgia and Ryan will captain the boys and girls squad next Summer in Year 8.
Well done to all the athletes who have participated this season.
Results Churston Grammar School Area Athletics
Georgia Davies, 200m, Gold
Ryan Wilson, 600m, Gold
Ryan Wilson, 200m, Gold
Louis Higgins, High Jump, Gold
Louis Higgins, 200m, Silver
Jake Peters, Javelin, Silver
Mark Routledge, Javelin, Bronze
Girls Relay, Bronze

Students of the Week

1.7.15 Student of the Week

Students of the week this week with myself, Mr Fuller and Mrs Nicol are : Charlotte Povey, Joe Kelly, Billy Gelo, Zak Treleaven.  Year 10 students not in photograph due to exam : Em Gale, Sasha Gill, Charlize Waddington



Student Blog

Our last assessment week is finally here! We are preparing for next year and the new experiences to come that will depend on this final week.  In music today we did an assessment using Garage Band on the iPads. We were in groups and created our own unique music.

Bethan Jackson (Year 7)

In Languages, we have been learning French and Spanish. We learnt how to say where we live, what subjects we like, and why. It is really intriguing to learn new languages!

In history, we have learned about Mary, Queen of Scots. Besides all the note-taking, it was fun and the life of Mary was complicated but interesting. We learnt about all the decisions she had to make and all the difficulties she had to go through.

Aisa Kana (Year 7)

In history, we learnt about Mary, Queen of Scots. It was complicated and I couldn’t always keep up with Mr French, but it was fun nonetheless! The life of Mary was interesting as we learnt about her marriages and her child, the murders and all the difficulties she went through.

in Maths we have been doing revision and had to complete some worksheets. It was fun! We did enlargements, reflections, rotations and translations. I will be doing my test tomorrow. It should be fun and challenging. I want to see what my results are though. Good luck to all GCSE doers!

Leilah Poulain (Year 7)