Learning Cafe proves popular, Prefects, Hens & Pirates

Learning Café Continues to be Very Popular

Blog 19.09.14 a

Pictured: Year 7 students (left) Adam Pinter and (right) Louis Capstick

Since the start-up of our Learning Café it has been very well attended and the feedback from students has been fantastic. It is full of students before and after school every day. It is so popular that we have now extended our support for the students into the library as well to provide more space.

I am glad to see that our new Year 7 students are enjoying it too.

Adam, who can be seen in the picture completing his science homework, said (and these were his exact words… I promise) “It is a magnificent place for education! I like it because sometimes I can’t get on the computer at home, so when school finishes, I can carry on learning and do my homework.”

The Learning Café is open to all of our students before school, from 7.45am and after school 3.00 – 4.00pm. See you there.



Period 6

Blog 19.09.14 b

Pictured: Year 11 student Lewis Vaughan

I have always had the belief that if you wish to succeed at something, you must be willing to work for it. This is the principle that underpins our new Period 6 which we have introduced to our Year 11 students.

Period 6 takes place daily from 3.00pm to 4.00pm with each student having their own tailored timetables. Our teachers are volunteering their time to provide extra tuition to our Year 11’s to ensure they achieve all that is possible when it comes to their all-important GCSE exams.

Lewis Vaughan, (pictured) said “There are no distractions and it is good to have extra help from my teachers. I want to get the best results in my GCSE’s so working until 4 each day works really well. By coming to period 6, I hope that I will improve on my target grades”.


BGT Rehearsals Underway

Blog 19.09.14 c

Pictured: One of over 100 entrants to the BGT auditions.

Excitement is spreading across the school as the Britain’s Got Talent auditions edge even closer.

Since the signup sheet went on display on Friday, we have had over 100 entrants including singers, dancers, musicians, beat boxers and even a free styling footballer!

A large group act has also been busy rehearsing and will be revealed closer to the auditions.

For any students who have not yet signed up and have a talent worth shouting about, the sign-up sheet is in the Creative Arts corridor; we would love to see you represent the school and progress to the live shows!


What it means to be a Prefect…

Blog 19.09.14 d

Pictured: A year 11 prefect badge

The start to the new term is an especially important time for our Year 7 students as they settle into a new school. Our prefects do a great job in helping with the settling in process and are exemplary role models.

I spoke to 2 proud prefects (Ellie Croft and Amy Spencer) today as they selflessly spent their lunch time helping a student in need. After getting to know lots of our Year 7’s, one student in particular was upset after realising that he had lost all of his homework! Elley and Amy took it upon themselves to visit all of his Year 7 teachers to help him explain what had happened.

Elley said “I remember how lost I felt when I was in Year 7 so want to make it as easy for them as possible.” Amy added “…it’s good to meet new people and learn about our new students”.

I am very proud of our prefect team; they are a great asset to the school.


Year 10 Get Hands on with Lifelike Baby Dolls

Blog 19.09.14 e

Pictured: Mrs Haines, with her Year 10 Childcare students

Mrs Haines has delivered 5 new babies to our Year 10 Childcare class.

The baby dolls are being used by our students to simulate the demands of a real baby. They will learn how to care for them, including dressing, feeding, supporting and reacting to their every need.

It is uncharted territory for the girls and, as seen in the picture, they are able to rely on teamwork to get through the early stages. This will not always be the case as each student will also have the opportunity to take a doll home for a weekend, which will give them valuable experience of how to care for a child.

Student Kaitlin Day (above on the right) said “I am loving the course, learning about how to care for a baby and how involved you have to be!”

I can confirm that I have not volunteered to take one home; sleepless nights from my own children are too recent a memory…


Fancy French

Blog 19.09.14 f

Pictured: Year 7’s practising their French dialogue in their fancy dress

Miss Melrose came up with a novel way of encouraging students to feel confident whilst speaking French in front of their class mates.

After only two lessons, the fancy dress props (pictured) encouraged the year 7’s to speak in front of the class with confidence.

Miss Melsrose explained “Speaking in front of the class allowed some great peer assessment to take place. I was really impressed after only 2 lessons, their vocabulary has grown already!”


Sixth Form Parents’ Induction Evening

Blog 19.09.14 g

Pictured: Head of Sixth Form, Mr Harries with our Year 12 parents

Our Year 12 parents had the pleasure of Mr Harries’ company for an evening as he introduced the Sixth Form as a whole.

Mr Harries explained all aspects of our Sixth Form, from the structure of the courses and daily routines, study advice and guidance, progression routes and the student’s next steps.

Feedback from the session was very pleasing and I look forward to a great year for our Sixth Formers.



Building Success, Engineering the Future

Blog 19.09.14 h

Pictured: Jay Worden (left) and Jack Nadin (right) in our construction workshop

We are delighted to be running our hugely successful BTEC Construction and Automotive courses again this year. Over the summer we have invested in new facilities allowing our students to study on site for all aspects of the course in our industry-standard garage and construction spaces. We have created excellent all weather construction facilities allowing students to work on full-scale projects so that the experience is a realistic as possible. We have just purchased a range of vehicles for students to work upon allowing them to utilise some of the most up to date techniques in our automotive workshop which is equipped to the level seen at most main dealerships.

Pictured are Year 10 students Jay and Jack, enjoying their second session of Plumbing. Jack said “I have never done anything like this before and I’m really enjoying the practical sessions. I am interested in plumbing as a career, so was glad the course was an option for my GCSE’s.”

The practical aspects of these courses are quite demanding and in order to allow the students the best opportunity to meet their potential, students will be receiving an additional session each week during our “Period 6” session that runs from 15:00 – 16:00.

We looked forwards to seeing the progress our students will make over the next few months and we will keep you updated with the projects they are working on.


Natasha Bradley, Paige Grime and the Big Cheese

Blog 19.09.14 i

Pictured: Year 12 students Natasha Bradley (left) and Paige Grimes

I like to include items in my blog that paint a picture of the wide variety of activities that take place on a daily basis here at TA.

Year 12 A Level Media students have been getting stuck into their new subject and have spent the week planning, shooting and editing a 30 second advert promoting an everyday object.

Natasha and Paige (pictured) could have chosen any product to advertise and hit upon the novel idea of advertising a block of cheese. After creating a storyboard and a rationale for their advert they filmed their cheese in a variety of unusual places and intend to upload the footage to YouTube in an attempt to make their advert go viral. “…it’s delightfully simple”; their slogan for the campaign.

Let’s hope it catches on – Saatchi and Saatchi had better watch out.


Hens Settle in Nicely

Blog 19.09.14 j
Pictured: Our new hens in their enclosure

We have three new additions to our growing farm. Three rescued ex battery hens were donated by a member of the public and have this week been settling into their new enclosure. They have even began laying eggs and seem very happy in their spacious outdoor area.


Why are Pirates good at Maths? Because they Arrgh!

Blog 19.09.14 k
Pictured: Ms Foster dressed as a Pirate with her Year 7 class

To celebrate national Talk Like a Pirate Day, Ms Foster has themed all of her Year 7 Maths lessons around pirates and has even dressed as one!

Students started their lessons answering the register with an “Aye, Aye Cap’n” or an “Arrgh!” setting the tone for the lesson ahead. Students then enjoyed a number of mathematical challenges, all with a pirate theme.

Year 7 student Kacy Miller said “I think it’s kind of strange and funny. It has made our maths lesson really interesting.”


Sports Update

Year 9 Rugby

Blog 19.09.14 l

Pictured: Mr Chadwick with our Year 9 Rugby team in their England sponsored kit

This week saw the Year 9 rugby team being re-established after a year of non activity. Mr Harries and Mr Chadwick have taken on the responsibility of running the team and the future looks bright.

Wednesday was the first opportunity to see the squad in action with a three way tournament involving Westlands and Paignton. The squad consisted of 20 boys and included players who are on Exeter Chiefs books as well as boys who have never played before.

The first game against our local rivals Westlands was a close encounter with some outstanding play from Jordyn Watkins who made many outstanding tackles. We outscored Westlands to win the match 4 tries to 3.Our next game against Paignton resulted in a narrow defeat 2 tries to 3.

If the squad shows the same level of commitment and enthusiasm in the coming weeks Mr Harries has assured me they have the potential to be a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to hearing about their progress throughout the year.

I would like to thank Rob Masters and the Rugby Football Union for presenting the team with a new playing kit.


Year 8 Rugby

Blog 19.09.14 m

Pictured: Looking menacing – Our Year 8 rugby team

Our year 8 boys also played his week at Paignton Rugby Football Club, against Westlands and Paignton schools. They impressed with some fantastic, dynamic play with outstanding runs from James McDowall, Aj Tehrani and Captain Cole Harford. They drew both of their games. The results were: TA 5 – 5 Westlands, TA 15 – 15 Paignton.