Exciting Enrichment, Annie rehearsals and a broken seal

Enrichment Activities

Amy Hoskin

Again it is wonderful to see what our students are getting up to at home.  In addition to keeping up to date with all of their remote learning, they are finding the time to undertake all manner of activities.  The winners of this week’s draw for a £10 Amazon gift voucher are Bethany Evans Rogers, Amy Hoskin and Mitchell Watkins.

Bethany Evans Rogers (2)

Mitchell Watkins yr8 (1)

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It is incredible to see how our PAA team are able to rehearse so effectively with our Year 7 students both in school and at home.  You can watch them in action below.

Year 7 Maths


Year 7 have been representing fractions using concrete manipulatives. We’ve looked at representing 1/4, 1/5, 1/3, and 1/2.





A broken seal…


It is incredible the havoc one broken seal caused this week.  On Wednesday evening, just as we were leaving the fire alarms went off indicating an issue in the plant room.  When I first went into the room I found a chaotic scene as the room was filled with piping hot steam and water jetting 5 metres into the ceiling.  Thankfully we were able to isolate the area of pipe that was causing the problem, but no replacement part could be sourced until Thursday morning.  Thankfully hot water and heating were restored on Thursday afternoon.  A team effort ensured we were able to mop up with minimal damage to the building, with Mr Pugh showing off his curling skills.  You can see the culprit seal below.


Due to having no hot water and heating we were only able to open to Year 7 and 8 students who did not have somebody at home.  For those students, we had an activity day so when other students who are in school came back on Friday they would all still be in the same place in the curriculum.



Year 10 Science


This week 10T1 put together presentations of various genetic diseases including cystic fibrosis, down’s syndrome and klinefelter’s syndrome. Despite many of the students feeling nervous, they all stood up in front of the rest of the class and presented their research. Special mention goes to Marissa Murray who gave a confident and informative presentation on Fibromyalgia, and Josh Furze who captivated the class with his presentation on down’s syndrome.





Y12 Piano Compositions

Y12 Music Performance student, Peter Holmes, has been writing some of his own material for the piano and I’m delighted to share with you two of my favourite compositions! Peter’s work is described as very impressionistic, with clear influences from the likes of Debussy and Ravel. The complexity of his use of melody, harmony and tonality is extremely mature for someone in Y12. I look forward to hearing future compositions from Peter.


Frosty mornings




Table Tennis Education Programme Lockdown Workout

Screenshot 2021-01-25 at 07.41.15

On Monday of this week our Table Tennis Academy students took part in an online session. It was great to see all of the students present at the session. The session was split between shadow play and a fitness session. Shadow play is an important part of table tennis training. Most of our students then joined two other online sessions organised by their club. It is very positive to see them all in good shape and committed to their sport. Lockdown will not halt their progress. Well done to all of you.

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Principal’s Bronze Certificates

29.01.21 Principal's Bronze certificates

Year 7 –  Agata Sadlik, Summer Faulkes, Daisy Faulkner, Lyra Bowstead, Amelie Berriman, Josh Rogers, Olivia Wilson, Brooke Tully, Amelia Rogers, Amara Phillips, Liam Baillie-Hogan, Oliver Jones, Caitlin Large, Ema Kestell



Year 8 – Joe Hosking, Megan Sellick, Callum Yeates

Year 9 – Hannah Carr


Principal’s Silver Certificates

29.01.21 Principal's Silver certificates

Year 7 – Jemimah Jones, Millie Sneap, Harrison Davies, Amelie McCaul, Seth Margetts


Students of the week

29.01.21 Agata Sadlik & Jayden Trevelyan

Year 7 – Agata Sadlik and Jayden Trevelyan



Year 8 – Finlay Herbert


29.01.21 Ella Breheny

Year 9 – Ella Breheny


29.01.21 Sophie Wright

Year 10 – Sophie Wright


29.01.21 Reece Layton

Year 11 – Reece Layton


Home Learning Students of the Week

We are delighted to celebrate the excellent work that is being undertaken at home.  Thank you for sharing your pictures!


Year 7 – Lottie Davis


29.01.21 Emma Matthews


Year 7 – Emma Matthews


29.01.21 Madison Findlay-Peers

Year 7 – Madison Findlay-Peers


29.01.21 Amara Phillips

Year 7 – Amara Phillips


29.01.21 Toby Clark

Year 7 – Toby Clark



Year 7 – Austin White


29.01.21 Aleah Coombes

Year 8 – Aleah Coombes


29.01.21 Woody Ronson

Year 8 – Woody Ronson


29.01.21 Maja Davies

Year 8 – Maja Davies


29.01.21 Grace Povey

Year 9 – Grace Povey


29.01.21 Shannon Adamson

Year 9 – Shannon Adamson


29.01.21 Katie Packer

Year 10 – Katie Packer


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