Holocaust Remembrance, Music Success & Exams

Learn, Rehearse, Perform all in one lesson for our Year 9’s

Video: Our Year 9 Music students with their rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘Hound Dog’

In Year 9 Music, the students are currently learning all about Blues music. They’ve learnt about its history, including how it derived from slave songs in the 19th Century, all the way up until it became the Rhythm and Blues (R ‘n’ B) music that would shape the path for Rock and Roll in the 1950s.

The students have been studying this Rock and Roll era of Blues music, and in particular the “12-Bar Blues” structure, by learning to play old classics by famous Rock and Roll artists such as Elvis Presley.

In this video, 9T2 have had only forty minutes to learn a new piece of Blues music and have even taken it upon themselves to further their experience of performing Blues music by choreographing their own 1950s dance routine to the old classic, “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley.

Head of Creative Arts, Miss Pappin and Music Teacher, Mr Brinson, said “In the Creative Arts department we are very big on learning in a practical way. Whether you are learning about the Blues in Year 9 or medieval music in Year 7, it is our belief that the most successful learning takes place whilst doing, rather than watching or listening. In this video you will see that 9T2 have chosen which instrument they want to play, and as a result of this flexibility of choice, mixed with our hands-on approach, each student is actively engaged in the task and are making progress without even realising it”.


Sixth Form PPE Exams

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Pictured: Our Sixth Form students hard at work during their PPE exams

Year 12 students are making preparations for their examinations in the Summer Term. This week they have taken Pre-Public Exams (PPE) which will provide them with important feedback on subject areas and topics that need more attention during the rest of the school year and during revision sessions.

The PPE exams have also given our students an insight into the level of work that is expected if they are to be successful in their future exams.

Their effort and approach to these have been exemplary and they are congratulated.


Year 12 Holocaust Remembrance Day Assembly

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Pictured: Students observing a minute’s silence during the remembrance assembly hosted by our Sixth Form Students earlier this week

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day on Tuesday of this week, Year 12 History students planned and delivered assemblies to all of the year groups. The day is particularly important as it is 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz and Birkenau. The students (Matt Haddon, Matt Cotton, Jasmine Bradshaw, Sam Brinham and Luke Kittner) thought carefully about the theme of this year’s day – ‘keeping the memory alive’. They did this by sharing stories of both survivors and victims of the Holocaust. The Sixth Formers led the assemblies brilliantly – I would like to thank them for their hard work in preparing such and education and moving presentation.

They would like to share the stories with you.

David Berger
David Berger was born in 1922 in south-east Poland. He left his hometown when the Germans invaded in 1939, when he was 17 years old, not much older than you. We do not have any pictures of David but we do have a letter and a postcard that he sent to his friend Elsa. He wrote: ‘If something happens, I would want there to be somebody who would remember that someone named David Berger had once lived. This will make things easier for me in the difficult moments.’ David was shot dead in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1941, when he was just 19 years old. We do not know anything more about him; but through this brief life story we are able to honour his wishes and remember that ‘someone named David Berger had once lived’.

Joan Salter
Unlike David Berger, she survived the Holocaust. Joan was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1940 and was just three months old when her country was invaded by the Nazis. Joan’s parents, who were Jewish, had already moved from Poland to Belgium because they thought the Nazis would not attack Belgium. Joan’s father was deported and so her mother decided to take Joan and her sister somewhere safer. They went to France, and then her mother carried them over the mountains to Spain. A Red Cross group offered to take Joan and her sister to America and Joan’s mother made the difficult decision to let her daughters go to America without her.
She was placed in a foster home and had to learn English. In 1947, two years after the war ended, she was reunited with her parents in London, although it wasn’t easy for any of them.


Year 10 Students Inspired by Motivational Speaker

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Pictured: Students sharing their experiences of ‘having their bin filled in school’

Last Friday, our Year 10 students were involved in a presentation with guest speaker Eamon Fullerlove, previously Jamie Oliver’s head chef and now Educational Facilitator for Ignite Education.

Eamon delivered a motivational behavioural seminar designed to inspire the students on their outlook on education. The seminar was very interactive and students were inspired by some of the stories he shared with them. The seminar involved the students sharing past experiences with one another and discussed the impact ‘image’ has on education and school life. The students spoke about how they conduct themselves and looked at how this can have both positive and negative effects on their education and the education of others.

The session touched on aspects that related to every student individually, as well as bringing them together as a year group. Eamon touched on sensitive issues within the year group regarding the differences and understanding between banter and bullying and allowed students to understand some of the effects this has on their peers. The seminar was delivered in a sympathetic way which made the year group feel comfortable in sharing their ideas and experiences.

The year 10’s were impeccably behaved and gained lots from the session and as a year group look forward to working with him again in the future.

Here are just some of the comments from students about the seminar:

“I loved the session, it was very interactive and made me think about the way I speak to other students”.

“It made me think about how my behaviour not only affects me but others in my lessons”.

“I loved everything about it, it was great fun”.

“It made me not to worry about what other people think and do what makes me happy”.

“I’m now even more determined to make the most of every opportunity”.


Year 11 Create Inspired Products in Food Technology Controlled Assessment

Pictured: Students at work during their controlled assessment this week and their final products

Our Year 11 students have been Heston Blumenthal’s in the making this week whilst creating their final Controlled assessment products in Food Technology.

Accounting for 60% of their overall grade for their Food Technology GCSE, the Year 11’s had to develop the project from the concept to the execution of their practical session.

The task brief was to design a product and packaging of a food product to be sold at either a Farm Shop, Festival or in keeping with café culture; the students were free to use their own interpretations of their designs.

One of my favourite and most interesting products was a mixture of flavoured sponge cakes, presented in hollowed out egg shells.

After spending the morning making their products and finishing the packaging, students have been busy documenting their work, creating a portfolio to be graded.

Head of Learning Area for technology, Miss Wallace-Stanley said “The students have been really well organised and produced some really creative ideas and products at an impressive standard”.


Sixth Form Taster Sessions

This week our Year 11 students got a flavour of life in the Sixth Form by attending a number of taster sessions.
On Thursday the Students got to experience taster sessions from subject areas that are on offer to students joining the Sixth Form in September and lunch in our Sixth Form Centre with the staff and our current Sixth Form students.
On Tuesday Mrs Ball accompanied a group of students to the Watcombe skills Centre to experience what life would be like on the ‘Practical Small Animal Care Skills’ Course. They spent the morning meeting the staff and animals and got to hold some of the more exotic species.
Assistant Principal Mr Harries, said ‘I was impressed with the level of questioning from the students, they are clearly taking their education very seriously and will reap the rewards in the future”.



Year 7 student, Alexander Corebett Achieves Grade 2 Guitar

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Pictured: Alexander in the Creative Arts department

In the Creative Arts department we are hugely proud of one of our Year 7 students, Alexander Corbett, who recently sat his Grade 2 Guitar exam with RGT Guitar Exams.

Alexander not only passed the exam, but he achieved a Distinction which is the highest level that is awarded. He even achieved the exact same marks that he achieved in his Grade 1 exam! We are immensely proud of what Alexander has accomplished and we hope this success will continue when he starts preparing for his Grade 3 exam soon. Well done, Alexander!


Start Planning for Your GCSE’s Now, Save Time Later

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Exams can be a stressful time for both students and teachers, and it’s never too early to start preparing. To help you out, Doddle have provided a few tips and ideas for things you can do now to kick-start your revision planning, so that you’re feeling confident when exam season comes around:

Student Confidence: First things first, use the confidence scores on Doddle to highlight areas where you are struggling or feeling less confident, so that you can plan your revision sessions accordingly. Log in to Doddle to access the markbook, or read Doddle’s recent blog on student confidence to find out more.

Revision programmes: Once you have this data, you can begin to create personalised revision programmes to make the most of revision sessions.

Resources: Start gathering resources now, so that you have a bank of materials that you can access during study periods. Doddle revision quizzes are useful for revisiting core topics, and their exam quizzes will help students practise answering exam-style questions.

If you have forgotten your Doddle username or password or would like any help using Doddle’s services, please speak to Mr Pugh, who will be happy to help.


Stand Against Violence Information

E-Book: Click to view the SAV information leaflets

Following the Stand Against Violence (SAV) introduction that some are students were involved with last week and who are now SAV Ambassadors for the school, click above to see their information leaflets PCSO Martin Rushworth recommends to view to find out what SAV do as a charity and how you can help.


Warberry Primary School visit for Indoor Athletics Sports Festival

Pictured: Students enjoying the Indoor Athletics Sports Festival earlier this week

This week was Warberry Primary School’s turn to visit and take part in an Indoor Athletics Sports Festival as part of the MATCHES partnership.

Our sports centre was buzzing with students who were excited to be taking part in the sessions, which were delivered by our Year 13 Level 3 BTEC Sport students.

MATCHES and festival co-organiser, Mrs Low said “Warberry were a pleasure to have in school and gave everything when taking part in the session.”



Emily Green BMX Success

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Pictured: Emily Green on the podium after reaching 3rd place at a recent BMX event

Year 11 student Emily Green competed in a winter race at Manchester recently managing to achieve a podium finish and a nice cash prize of £100.

Competing against riders from all over the country, in the Pro Am Category, Emily shook off some tough competition to finish in third place overall.

Emily explained “In first place was Charlotte Green and second was Abbey Taylor, who are both elite performers who are a couple of years older than I am so I was pleased to come third in such a strong group”.

Emily trains up to five times a week with Decoy BMX Club and is currently preparing for her next set of races in the National Series, which begins in March.

I look forward to hearing of more BMX success in the coming months.



Sports Round-Up


The past few weeks have seen the Netball teams out in full force. The Year 7 and 8’s started off the term with a fixture against Westlands. Despite the poor weather they were able to move indoors to play their matches.

The Year 8’s started off very strong in the first half taking a 3-0 lead. Then once both teams had settled the score became more even with Westlands fighting back. However we pulled away again in the second half with some great control from Georgia Harvey at C and some accurate shooting from Kasey Lyon. The girls ended the game with a 7-5 win.

The Year 7’s started off in the opposite way to the Year 8’s, going down 3 goals to 0 as they struggled to get the ball past the Westlands’ tall defence into their shooters. However, as the game continued, we began to settle and get into the game a bit more and although they drew the second half they weren’t able to catch up the lead that Westlands secured in the first half.

The Year 9’s had their second Central Venue Tournament of the year this week and following on from some close games in their first tournament back in November, the girls were excited to play some of the other teams. Following a short detour on the bus, (apologises from Mrs Low) once the girls arrived they played some very good netball.

The girls kept the first game very close with St Cuthbert Mayne (STCM) scoring goal for goal until unfortunately STCM pulled away in the final minute which left the result 4-2. The girl’s positive attitude and great play was taken into the second game against Stover. Some excellent defending from Nicole Doris and good shooting from Cody Marker saw the girls take a 2-0 lead, however with a few unforced errors the ball got turned over and resulted in the girls leaving with a 3-3 draw.

Girls Football

Our Year 7 girls had their first Central Venue League tournament at Torquay Academy on Monday night. The girls played schools from across the bay in a 7-a-side tournament. Teams included Paignton, Churston, Coombeshead, St Cuthbert Mayne, Stoodly Knowle and Newton Abbot. The girls demonstrated some great potential and worked hard throughout the tournament resulting in them winning one game, drawing two and unfortunately losing three games.

Year 7 & 8 7-a-Side Football vs Westlands

On Tuesday the Year 7’s took to the field again in a friendly match against Westlands and although they played some fantastic football and worked together well, they were unable to keep hold of the lead and ended up losing 2-1.

The Year 8’s however, displayed some superb talent on the field and within a few minutes had already made it 3-0. The girls maintained their determination and continued to attack the Westlands defence, resulting in a 14-0 victory. Excellent performances from the whole team enabled this incredible victory, including some great goal keeping from Leigh Skeffington. Goal scorers: Georgia Harvey, Kacey Dickson, Ella Blayber and Gracie Clements.

Please don’t forget if you would like to join the football team, there is training on Thursday after school. Please see Mrs Low if you would like to get involved.

Year 7 Boys Football

Our Year 7 boys travelled to Brixham Community College on Wednesday in the first round of the South Devon Cup.

In very windy and cold conditions we took control of the game from kick off, dominating the early exchanges and eventually taking the lead through striker Krisjanis Rumnieks.

The boys went 2-0 up ten minutes later through a well worked team move that was finished off by Louie Goulding. Half time came and rather than a team talk the boys were doing exercises to keep warm.

Brixham got back into the game early in the second half scoring a well worked team goal. We then rallied together and took total control of the game scoring two quick goals through McCauley Day and Krisjanis Rumnieks again. This was a great team performance and a very pleasing result. Well done, Year 7!

Outstanding effort in Annual Indoor Athletics Competition carries TA through to Plymouth

Tremendous endevour triumphed when Team TA were beaten only by the Grammar Schools in the annual Year 8 Indoor Athletics Competition.

In a hot Sports Hall at the Girls’ Grammar School, the athletes pushed themselves to the limit for each other showing a great team spirit. Outstanding performances by Gracie Clements (2nd in the 2 lap race) Ella Blayber (1st Vertical Jump) and Bradley Stewart (2nd Shot Putt) were the highlights but it was the all round team display that led to the success.

Now onwards and upwards to Plymouth and the Devon finals.