A very busy week, football fitness and a very fun Friday!

Year 7 – Fun Friday


The Year 7s had an Open Mic in The Platform and they were just brilliant fun!

Year 8 – Fun Friday

Due to technical issues, they have been promised a Fun Monday instead!


Year 9 – Fun Friday


Eyes down in Year 9!



Year 10 – Fun Friday


It was hot chocolates all round for our hard-working Year 10s.



Year 11 – Fun Friday


Year 11 Fun Friday this week was the limbo challenge! After starting with a very impressive display by Felix, others were bending over backwards to try and take the crown, including Miss Cape!



A busy week in food.


It has been another busy and creative week in Food Technology. Year 9s have created a wholesome and nutritious chicken stir fry; whilst Year 10 and 11 practised their patisserie skills in their production of a Scrumptious French apple tart.  They even made the sweet pastry from scratch!   The Year 7s prepared the most colourful and healthy fruit salad… delicious!  Well done to you all.



An exhausting lesson


Mr Foulds had a lesson this week that focused upon on exhaust systems.  Students got to work directly on the vehicle, this learning through doing really helps the students to embed their knowledge.


Year 9 Dance


Miss Walklin’s GCSE Year 9 Dance group have been working on their strength & conditioning this week. She is so impressed with their work ethic as they are focusing both upon getting excellent grades and becoming better all rounded dancers.


Football Academies taking shape

Year 7 Boys and Girls


Mr Hogg announced the boys and girls squads this week.  He was very impressed with the dedication and hard work shown by so many boys and girls.

Congratulations to:



 Year 8 boys and girls

25.09.20 Football training

The teams are back in training this week, looking to build upon their national successes last year and hoping to go on a stage further and reach the finals this year.

Congratulations to:



 Year 9 boys and girls



These are extremely strong teams and they have been back in training this week.  This should be an exciting year for these teams who have two extremely successful years to date.

Congratulations to:



First teams fitness

Hnet-image (3)

As well as their on the field sessions, the first teams have been busy in the gym building strength and fitness.

Hnet-image (2)


Keeping teaching

25.09.20 Sixth Form study

This week we have had a couple of members of staff who have had to isolate due to a child’s illness until they received a negative Covid test.  They were able to continue teaching their class by connecting via video conferencing to ensure that their students didn’t miss out on a lesson.  I have been very impressed with the staff and students involved in maintaining the learning this way.


Quadratic fun


Mr Gratton loves nothing more than a great maths lesson.  This week he had his Year 11 focusing upon their quadratic equations.


Celebrating getting old

25.09.20 Mr Richardson's Birthday

Mr Richardson had his birthday this week and I had to include this picture simply because of his lovely hat.  He looks so happy!


Students of the Week

image0 (1)

Year 7 – Jemima Jones


Year 8 – Jake Green


Year 9 – Stevie Wright


Year 10 – Angus Graham


Year 11 – Caitlin Graham


Year 12 & 13 – Zane Sibiya – Demonstrating an excellent attitude to her studies, really focused and determined to achieve the higher grades. Also, for all her support with the after school clubs – she’s been an excellent role model for the younger students & Toby Sealey – Being a new student to TA could be difficult but Toby has immersed himself into the TA Way, is always so positive and polite, he’s working incredibly hard and is a pleasure to have in the Sixth Form.


House Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel –

Christie – Seth Margetts

Darwin – Lewis Watt

Fawcett – Madison Findlay-Peers

Harrison – Olivia Hoskings

Kitson – Liam Trapp

Nearne – Callum Cliff

Pengelly – Olivia Walters


Year 8

Brunel – Melvin Page

Christie – Rosie Mahoney-Billis

Darwin – Bea Corline

Fawcett – Olivia Wood

Harrison – Aliyah Davey

Kitson – Tia-May Anderson

Nearne – Immi Festorazzi

Pengelly – Emma Roadnight


Year 9

Brunel – Ethan Phillips

Christie – Hollie Hand

Darwin – Josh Thompson

Fawcett – Harley Stevens

Harrison – Kye Wren

Kitson – Lily-May Bond

Nearne – Nikita Howells

Pengelly –


Homework Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel –

Christie – Shelby Spencer

Darwin – Erin Wiseall

Fawcett – Agata Sadlik

Harrison – Calum Harrison

Kitson – Ollie Coleman

Nearne – Lisa Marie Szewczuk

Pengelly – Lyra Bowstead


Year 8

Brunel – Ivan Vaplak

Christie – Alfie Wood

Darwin – Maddie Coulter

Fawcett – Bailey Wright

Harrison – Grace Dicken

Kitson – Alice Holt

Nearne –

Pengelly – Shanice Rees


Year 9

Brunel – Phoebe Parker

Christie – Courtney Dowen

Darwin – Ruby Trewin

Fawcett – Alesha Dunford

Harrison – Melissa Piper

Kitson – Amelia Washbrook

Nearne – Monica Mitula

Pengelly – Grace Povey


Sparx Leaderboards



Tassomai Leaderboards

Y7 Tassomai LeaderboardsY8 Tassomai Leaderboards


Y9 Tassomai LeaderboardsY10 Tassomai Leaderboards


Y11 Tassomai Leaderboards

This week marked the official start of our new online homework called Tassomai. Tassomai is a huge repository of multiple choice questions created by our very own teachers here at Torquay Academy during lockdown. The questions quiz students on the knowledge they are currently and have previously been learning in their lessons as part of our broad and enriching curriculum. The algorithm powering Tassomai learns the student’s strengths and weaknesses. It will then ensure students attempt questions that focus on their weaknesses more often, thus plugging the gaps or misconceptions they have in their knowledge.

This week alone, we have already had over 180,000 questions attempted by TA students, totalling a combined 600 hours of online learning across the whole school.

Every week, be sure to check the principal’s blog to see leaderboards for each year group – next week, you may feature!

If you need a quick refresher on how to complete the Tassomai homework, please watch the instructional video below

Finally, if you are experiencing any issues, such as difficulties logging in or you’re unable to see all of your subjects, please email a brief description of the problem to tassomai@tqacademy.co.uk and we will get back to you with the solution as soon as possible.