Duke of Edinburgh, rainbows and a pumpkin

Duke of Edinburgh Award


30 Students set out to do their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh in September 2019 in a world where they could choose from a wide range of different activities. Many started away and completed a wide range of activities. I always enjoy watching students work out what they would like to do and then actually doing their chosen activity.

This year our students had lockdown to contend with and they had to show their resilience and change some of their activities so that they could continue with their personal challenges. It has been amazing to see our students using their initiative to make sure they were successful.

As a result of this hard work, 30 students were ready to do their Expedition in September but had no chance of staying out overnight. A plan was hatched by Mr Brett and Mr Adams to do a local walk and ask parents to help by providing the transport. After the initial disappointment of not getting to camp, all agreed that this was the best way forward. Another skill ticked off “compromise”. This set them up for an adventure on the weekend before half term.

The expedition is normally the highlight and the reward for all the hard work and this is what it turned out to be. We had 5 teams of students out working together and helping each other through the 2 days. Some real friendships were forged, some students worked with others and their collective teamwork got better as the weekend went on. One team were determined to show they had what it takes to take on Ten Tors as well. It is a real privilege to share some of their experiences and see all the happy, if tired, faces in Newton Abbott. Well done to all the students who put in the effort to make it such a successful weekend.

I would like to take a moment to thank the unsung heroes of this weekend, the parents, who had an early start on Sunday morning to return students to Shaldon for 0730 so they could cook their breakfast before they set out. I would also like to thank the staff who were kind enough to come out and make sure that both days were kept safe and manageable.




Double rainbow over TA


What a fantastic photo to emphasise the school community coming together as one once again, we are in this together and we will get through this together. Credit goes to Mrs Tanner who took the photo.


Performing Arts Academy


It is always the highlight of my day when I get to visit the Performing Arts Academy students.  On Tuesday the Year 7s have been auditioning for Annie and the Year 8 have been working on some very difficult dance routines.  On Thursday the Years 9-11 have been working on their dance, acting and singing in different workshops.




Art on Dartmoor


Mrs Lynch and Mr Whelan took our A Level Art students to Dartmoor where they could photograph the beautiful scenery. They had a wonderful afternoon and took many amazing shots.

Home learning


Millie is truly proving to be an outstanding student. Since day one of year 7, Millie has gone above and beyond in every area of school life and always wants to do better. Millie has been one of the students self-isolating and each day has still sent pics of her homework and also her equipment.

Her homework is consistently outstanding, she is always at the top of the Tassomai board, she does the accelerated reader quizzing, she sets out reading books in the morning, she is immaculately presented, she is involved in pudding club and also the performing arts academy and above all she is so polite, kind and has a lovely sense of humour. I’m sure there’s far more she does too. Well done Millie!!



Year 7 enterprise

Screenshot 2020-11-05 at 22.27.49

This video shows you a little compilation of the problems students have been solving with our robots in Enterprise over the past week.


Mountain Bikes


Mr Brett and Mr Whelan came in over their half term and ensured that our mountain bikes are ready for their next outing. Each bike received a full health check and a clean. Thank you to both of them.

Ceramics with 8Q4


This week Mrs Lynch introduced a very excited 8Q4 to the wonderful world of ceramics.

The students were reminded of the significance of remembrance day and listened to some WW1 poetry and looked at a video of the amazing poppy art installation that was displayed in The Tower of London in 2014.

Students began the practical session by rolling out their clay, drawing around templates, cutting out individual poppy petals and then constructing the flowers. Students individualised each poppy by shaping the clay petals and adding surface decoration. All the students produced well-made and impressively designed clay poppies.

The students will finish their poppies in their next lesson by painting and vanishing them.

Fun Friday – Year 9




Removing trees


Unfortunately due to Ash dieback, we have had to remove a couple of trees over half term.  It was quite a mammoth task!


Students of the Week


Year 7 – Ellie-Jayne Scott



Year 8 – Joe Hosking



Year 9 – Hannah Carr



Year 10 – Finley Bolton



Year 11 – Tyler Potter



Year 12 & Year 13 – Finnegan Jesselat & Jack Mulford

House Stars of the week

Year 7

Brunel – Toby Clarke

Christie – Lydia Bevan

Darwin – Charlie Green

Fawcett – Billy Wilcox

Harrison – Mollie Stavey

Kitson – Phoebe Denbow

Nearne – Bartosz Mitula

Pengelly – Anthony Hewitt

Year 8

Brunel – Lewis Ralph

Christie – Summer Hapgood

Darwin – Mia Weston

Fawcett – Emily McCondichie

Harrison – Marcus De Lucis

Kitson – James Lovell

Nearne – Aleah Coombes

Pengelly – Alfie Walker Fenner

Year 9

Brunel – Ellie Denby

Christie – Ben Puddicombe

Darwin – Ruby Trewin

Fawcett – Rachel Breach

Harrison – Sophie Caton

Kitson – Fin Gaisford

Nearne – Hailie Windsor

Pengelly – Tim Corbett

Homework Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel – Christian Cornforth

Christie – Ema Kestell

Darwin – Jessica Nicholson

Fawcett – Theo Hardman

Harrison – Kayden Whittred

Kitson – Oliver Los

Nearne – Amelie McCaul

Pengelly – Charlie Hope

Year 8

Brunel – Taylor Holton

Christie – Oliver Huxtable

Darwin –

Fawcett – Ashton Lindow

Harrison – Libbie Green

Kitson – Daniel Thomas

Nearne – Lily Lewis-Shermer

Pengelly – Shaun Pinto

Year 9

Brunel – Tyler Bayliss

Christie – Amy Hoskins

Darwin – Gabrielle Jeneway

Fawcett – Aleasha Dunford

Harrison – Will Hilton

Kitson – Lennie Toomey

Nearne – Erin Pound

Pengelly – Millie Randall

SPARX leaderboards for most improved students







Tassomai Leaderboards

Y7 Tassomai LeaderboardsY8 Tassomai Leaderboards

Y9 Tassomai LeaderboardsY10 Tassomai Leaderboards


Y11 Tassomai Leaderboards

Huge congratulations to those TA students on their leaderboards this week – a fantastic achievement!