Champions, Lego Robotics and A Level Product Design…

Lego Robotics Regional Finals Success

On Thursday 18th May, a group of eight Year 7 students competed in Lego Robotics Regional Finals held at Exeter College Technology Centre.

Matthew, Poppy, Oliver, Ivan, Ben, Alfie, Riain and Emily each had individual roles in the build up including involvement in coding for robot movement, robot design, attachment design and development, devising the presentation and choreographing the all important robot dance!

Students talked about their robot designs with STEM Ambassadors (volunteers with jobs in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) from the RAF, Kier Construction and McLaren Technologies. They also had a chance to ask the ambassadors their own questions about the jobs such as “What do you like best about your job?” “Why did you choose this job?” and “What is the best aircraft you’ve ever worked on?”

When it came to the most prestigious and difficult to accomplish mission of the competition – the Mat Challenge – we demonstrated excellent team work, resilience and initiative, keeping calm and collected in the time allocated to score an impressive 33 points. This couldn’t be beaten by any other schools on the day and we were crowned Mat Challenge winners! Watch the video to see just how well they did…

Unfortunately, gremlins in our Speed Challenge robot meant that our overall score wasn’t high enough to be considered for promotion to the National Finals in June. Nevertheless, students worked tirelessly to prepare and compete in this prestigious competition in which we have previously been National Champions and are hoping to compete again in the near future. Well done, everyone!


Year 11 Revision

Year 11 started their GCSEs this week with Religious Studies on Monday. This was the scene before the exam in the year 11 dining area where they joined together for breakfast and some last minute exam preparation.


Year 11 Revision Breakfast

A special breakfast is available to all of our Year 11 students; over 60 are attending each morning. This can be booked through a google form.  Their have had a great first week of their GCSE exams.


TA RAF Air Cadets leadership activity

This week some of our RAF cadets got a taste of flying – in a different manner of speaking!

The cadets were put into three teams, with a leader selected to brief their team. The task was part of the cadets leadership training to achieve their Blue Leadership Badge. The leader of each team has to deliver a SMEAC brief (Situation, Mission, Execution, Any Questions, Check Understanding) to their team and then complete the task. The briefing system is used in the RAF and across the military for all tasks and missions. The idea is the team are then completely aware of their mission, the equipment they can use, time allowed and limitations for the mission, their own role in the task and what a successful outcome looks like.

For the task this week the cadets had to build bottle rockets, using vinegar and baking soda. The task was given a military slant in that their situation was that they had to attack an enemy machine gun post but their ammunition and weapons supply had failed to be delivered and they had to improvise with the equipment they had – plastic drinks bottles, corks, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, tape, goggles, gloves, MTa kit for building a secure launch platform and their own ingenuity!

The team leaders were Cadets Moncrieff, Evers and Phillips, with each team having a cadet NCO with them to ably assist and support the briefing, with Flying Officer Adams overseeing the activity. The cadet leaders delivered their briefings to their teams and once checks had been made they proceeded to build and prepare their rockets.

Three successful launches were carried out – admittedly with many of the cadets and staff having a vinegary smell about them at the end of the activity! The fact that each team carried out a successful launch proved that the cadets SMEAC briefings had been carried out effectively. This means that they are well on their way to achieving their Leadership Blue Badge and more importantly they understood the value of good leadership and teamwork, and had fun. Well done guys!


A-Level Chemistry

This week our a-level chemists have been preparing methyl 3-nitrobenzoate. They have been learning about benzene and its reactions, and then seeing this in action in the lab. Students have demonstrated their skills in carrying out a risk assessment, purifying a solid using recrystallisation, using melting point apparatus and carry out thin layer chromatography. The reaction is shown here:

The students used a range of techniques to synthesise the molecule, ensuring that the reaction stayed below 55°C to stop di or tri substitution of the nitro group occurring. Students were assessed on their practical skills and ability to follow complex instructions as part of their a-level grade. The students then analysed their product to determine it’s purity.

There are 11 common practical assessment criteria that students need to demonstrate over the course of year 12 and year 13 which are assessed during practical lessons. Thee include things such as processing data, recording observations and presenting data in a scientific way.


TA Coasteering


A Level Product Design

A Level Product Design students have been creating some fantastic practical work as a culmination of their major projects. This year has been particularly special with students going that extra mile to add real detail in their work and demonstrate excellent critical thinking and creativity. We are hoping this will translate into some excellent exam results in the summer. As you can see from the broad selection below, we have had water-powered generators, storage cabinets, bedside tables with built-in mood lights, garden tool storage, vertical herb gardens and even an environmentally friendly electric bike!


Maths with Mr Shute

Mr Shute’s Y8 maths class achieved some fantastic results in the UK Junior Maths Challenge with Ben Jeffs and Adam Sadlik qualifying for the next round!


Hospitality and Catering


House News

This week the Year 7 students have been competing in another of our house competitions. This time round, the challenge is Blockbusters-a game which used to be a popular television show during the 1980s and 90s. Blockbusters requires participants to block out letters on a board and form an unbroken line -either horizontally or vertically. Teams have the opportunity to block out their opponents’ lines -a little like noughts and crosses.
At the time of writing we have just held our first four heats: On Monday Harrison beat Christie, Darwin got through on Tuesday-defeating Nearne. In a closely fought battle, Pengelly eventually knocked Brunel into second place on Wednesday and on Thursday, Fawcett emerged victorious over Kitson
All four winning teams will go through to the semi-finals next week.

Miss Risk- Head of Houses.



Year 7 win the South Devon Cup

Our Year 7s finished their season by lifting the South Devon Cup this week.  Goals from Max and Oscar secured a 2 – 1 win over Newton Abbot College.  It was a game that should have been less nail-biting for us; we managed to hit the crossbar numerous times.  There was a nervy last couple of minutes, but we held on to the lead and went on to lift the cup.  This caps off a great first season for this team, who also reached the last 8 in the country.  Well done, boys.

U13 Girls Cricket

On Thursday, a team of U13 girls attended a Cricket tournament at Paignton CC hosted by Devon Cricket. They got off to a brilliant start coming 2nd in our Pool, beating St. Cuthbert Mayne and losing to Kingsbridge. They went through to the next round where they faced Torquay Girls Grammar and missed out by 8 runs! After completing the competition, they also had a friendly game against Newton Abbott College and took the win.

The girls had a fabulous day in the sun, and showed some great batting and bowling! Huge well done to Hattie Gamble for winning players player for the tournament!

Well done to Frankie Skelly, Farah Ambrose, Leela Cartwright, Ellie Farthing, Kelsey Drew, Sienna Painter, Chloe German, Maisie Sandercock and Hattie Gamble.


Year 9 Sports Leaders

On Thursday, 9 of our Year 9 sports leaders took part in a Tennis Festival at Cary Park Tennis Club.

They were responsible for running tennis skills sessions for Y5 and 6 children from local primary schools to develop their confidence and enjoyment of the sport. They were all fantastic ambassadors for the school….even if none of them could beat Mr Jones!


Elizabeth Cameron wins…

Lizzie has been awarded Teignmouth Rugby Under 18’s Girls Players’ player for 2022/23 season. We are very proud of you. She has had an incredible season representing Teignmouth clustered with Newton Abbot and she was picked for Devon.


Governors’ Gold Certificates

Year 7 – George Evans and Riain Leal


Governors’ Bronze Certificates

Year 7 – Alfie Speed, Molly Longthorpe, Kordian Wisnik and Scarlett Hill

Year 8 – Grace Gibbings, Grace Halsey, Amelia Rose and Abigail Hytche

Year 9 – Wojcjech Tabaczuk and Jacob Crago-Gould


Principal’s Gold Certificates

Year 7 – Ellie-May Jackson, Chloe Bayliss, Alesha Black-Matthews, Ollie Martin, Finley O’Leary-Black, Edi Ferencz Csibi, Max Weston, Leon Snell, Riley Burton, Kaelum Bowness and Paul Blades

Year 8 – Harry Newman, Ashleigh Evans and Leela Cartwright

Year 9 – Finely Allnutt, Liam Baillie-Hogan, Ema Kestell, Daytona Vickers, Harry Taylor, Benjamin Watts, Nortbert Tomsia, Lydia Bevan, Ryan Williams, Ollie Coleman and Lottie Davis


Principal’s Silver Certificates

Year 7 – Emily Cowan, Johnny Sandbrook, Dylan Bolton, Harry Lee, Cassandra Foster, Aaron Hering, Stanley Austin, Heston Hart, Lucie Bowers, Vaughan Heavens, Sophie Dean, Freddie Fenner, Stella de Rose, Anya Cosslett, Niamh Yalland and Sonny Hutchings

Year 8 – Isabelle Kelly, Jayden Thislethwaite, Harrison Harkin and Adam Sadlik

Year 9 – Norbert Tomsia, Ben Charters, Dean Conway, Olivia Wilson, George Peart, Jayden Trevelyan, Ava Shobbrook, Joshua Rogers, Harrison Hogg, Finley Allnutt, Liam Baillie-Hogan, Aliyah Smith, Callum Jackson, Alfie Mahoney-Billis, Shelby Spencer, Darcey Reece, Amara Phillips, Isabelle Moxham, Mya Hoskin, Daisy Faulkner, Orlando Maric, Jemimah Jones, Jaccob Tripp, Oliver Los and Lottie Davis


Principal’s Bronze Certificates

Year 7 – Jamie Tully, Dawson Bickford, Noah Margetts, Ella Fordrey, Bella Horton, Ava Wilson, Georgee Westhead, Layla Meek, Dylan Tripp, Sienna Wilschere, Otti Cole-Harper, Emilia Warner and Archie Somerset

Year 8 – Summer Holmes, Charlie Wise, Darcey Mellish, Edie Wood, Oscar Mills, Zak Turner, Harrison Richards, Maile Beavis, Maks Adach, Ava Storey and William Candy

Year 9 – Charlie Frankum, Summer Thompson, Theo Hardman, Layla Stevens, Emily Kershaw-Lane, Alfie Mahoney-Billis, Mya Hoskin, Joshua Rogers, Lottie Davis, Buster Watson, Gabrielle Buys, Bella Giffard and Lucian Churchward


Students of the Week

Year 7 – Mason Findlay-Peers


Year 9 – Jacob Crago-Gould and Olivia Walters

Year 10 – Tammy Westacott and Luke Le Huray



House Students of the Week

Year 7

Christie – Cody Burton

Darwin – Maise Darke

Harrison – Molly Hollomby

Kitson – Reg Richmond

Pengelly – Matthew Campan


Year 8

Christie – Maddie Kenyon

Darwin – Grace Green

Fawcett – Miley Sobey

Harrison – Kalis Poolton

Kitson – Louis Tillen

Nearne – Gracie-May Tolley

Pengelly – Aaron Saunders


Year 9

Brunel – Bayley Woodger

Christie – Lydia Bevan

Darwin – Lewis Watt

Kitson – Leigha Smith

Nearne – Dolce Zulhayir

Pengelly – Toby Lee


Homework Students of the Week

Year 7

Christie – Imogen Harnett

Darwin – Immy Pace

Harrison – Layla Meek

Kitson – Elliott Baines

Pengelly – Adalynn Abraham


Year 8

Christie – Connor Dean

Darwin – Charlie Burton

Fawcett – Freya Mealin

Harrison – Fredi Tuci

Kitson – Jade Cook

Nearne – Edwards Evers

Pengelly – Ben Tucker


Year 9

Christie – Alfie Mahoney-Billis

Darwin – Charlie Green

Kitson – William Jackson

Nearne – Amelie McCaul

Pengelly – Austin White

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Tassomai Leaderboards

Accelerated Reader Leaderboards

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