Sports Days, Celebrations and an international call up

Celebration Awards

In a normal year, we would have held our Celebration Evenings over the past couple of weeks.  This year we have had to hold it during the school day.  The awards are a great testament to the students’ great attitude over the course of the year and demonstrates that they are on the pathway to achieving so much over the course of their seven years here at TA.

Year 7

Y7 celebration




Subject Awards:

English – Amelie Berriman, English – Bartosz Mitula, Maths – Lisa-Marie Szewczuk, Maths – Oscar Hughes, Science – Aliyah Smith, Science – Callum Cliff, RS – Jemimah Jones, RS – Leon Bell, History – Olivia Walters, History – William Denega, Geography – Bella Giffard, Geography – Simon Drost, PE – Millie Sneap, PE – Toby Clarke, Art – Madison Findlay-Peers, Art – Charlie Hope, Music – Eve Cameron, Music – Charlie Porter, French – Noami Redmond, French – Bartosz Mitula, Spanish – Olivia Hosking, Spanish – Tom Thorner, Technology – Madison Finlay-Peers, Technology – Toby Clark


Lyra Bowstead, Lottie Davis, Madison Findlay-Peers, Daisy Faulkner, Laila Heavens, Olivia Hosking, Jemimah Jones, Eve Cameron, William Denega, Norbert Tomsia, Oscar Hughes, Jessica Nicholson, Ellie-Jayne Scott, Caitlin Large, Agata Sadlik, Oliver Nunn, Ruby Donaldson, Bella Giffard, Millie Sneap, Brooke Tulley, Leon Bell, Olivia Walters, Charlie Hope, Amelie McCaul, Tom Thorner

Tutor Superstars:

7B Sophie Nicholson, 7B JJ Cossey, 7C Daisy Faulkner, 7C Seth Margetts, 7D Jessica Nicholson, 7D William Denega, 7F Maddison Findlay-Peers, 7F Jayden Field, 7H Olivia Hosking, 7H Tom Thorner, 7K Lottie Davis, 7K Will Jackson, 7N Lisa Marie Szewczuk, 7N Harrison Davies, 7P Millie Sneap, 7P Charlie Pettit

Golden Mortar Board:

Agata Sadlik and Noah Butler

Star Reader:

Ellie-Jayne Scott, Sophie Packer, Megan Sellick, Daisy Gibbings, Marley Drew, Noah Butler

Power Up:

Paige Clements and Albie Baker


Oliwia Tuczynska and Marley Drew


Summer Faulkes and Eve Cameron


Millie Sneap and Ethan Lane


Year 8

Y8 Cel



Subject Awards:

English – Daisy Bond, English – Samuel Eaton, Maths – Luca Cronje, Maths – Joe Hosking, Science – Mia Keenan, Science – Oliver Boyce, RS – Merrissa Farrington, RS – Kevin Vieira, History – Kasha Borge, History – James Lovell, Geography – Olivia Kirby, Geography – Curtis Poynton, PE – Mya Sharpe, PE – Josh Walsh, Drama – Beatrice Corline, Drama – Woody Ronson, Art – Fearne Harby, Art – Louis Stevenson, French – Megan Sellick, Spanish – Sophie Packer, Spanish – Finley Herbert, Technology – Beatrice Corline, Technology – James Lovell, Music – Luca Cronje, Music – Syd Yarde,


Esme Brabon, Megan Sellick, Maisy Green, Daisy Gibbings, Mya Sharpe, Kevin Vieira, Karl Burton, Nisha Cosslett, Elspeth Herring, Sophie Packer, Nina Hocking, Lily Borge, Marcus De Lucis, Bella Lester, Joe Hosking, Tammy Westacott, Merissa Farrington, Lexi Silvester, James Ferris, Abby Green, Jake Green, Dylan Nock, Maja Davies, Tayler Reynolds, Oliver Boyce

Tutor Superstars:

8B Emily Graham, 8B Finn Mallen, 8C Mollie Macfie – Jones, 8C Jake green, 8D Luca Cronje, 8D Tom Harrison, 8F Mya Sharpe, 8F Callum Yeates, 8H Sophie Packer, 8H Marcus De lucis, 8K Daisy Bond, 8K James Lovell, 8N Maisy Green, 8N Sam Hext, 8P Kasha Lily Borge, 8P Dylan Nock

Golden Mortarboard:

Megan Sellick and Curtis Poynton

Star Reader:

Sophie Packer, Megan Sellick, Daisy Gibbings, Mia Keenan

Power Up:

Phoebe Hewings and Jarad Silk


Sophie Packer and Samuel Stimpson


Bella Lester and James Lovell


Mya Sharpe and Oliver Tillen


Year 9

Y9 cel



Subject Awards:

English – Evie Heron, English – Kole Gjikolaj, Maths – Coral Rogers, Maths – Aidan Stapleton, Science – Shelby Astley Rubin, Science – Kole Gjikolaj, RS – Fraya Hyde, RS – Matt Budavolgyi, History – Ava Sams, History – Riley Houlahan, Geography – Oriana McCaul, Geography – Matt Budavolgyi, PE – Penny Richards, PE – Harry Clarke, Drama – Erin Loader, Drama – Kole Gjikolaj, Art – Penny Richards, Art – Bradley Tarrant, French – Hannah Carr, French – Kai Alexander, Spanish – Phoebe Lown, Product Design – Hannah Carr, Product Design – James Scrimgeour, Music Performance – Anya Page-Dove, Music Performance – Robin Pightling, Health and Social Care – Phoebe Lown, Health and Social Care – Oriana McCaul, Dance – Rose Bradley, Construction – Oliver Sutton, Construction – Steve Fitzpatrick, Automotive – Redd Benson, Automotive – Jo Oborn, Food – Mia Denby, Food – Harry Clarke, ICT – Nikita Howells, ICT – Callum Edwards, Business Studies – Abigail Taylor, Business Studies – Kole Gjikolaj, Sport Science – Freya Davies, Sport Science – Danny Frankum, Music Technology – Erin Allen, Music Technology – Steven Jeffs, Media Studies – Sophie Bastow, Media Studies – Jeb Whatley


Hannah Carr, Kole Gjikolaj, Ellie Denby, Jazz Povey, Jamie Nunn, Anya Page, Phoebe Lown, Abigail Taylor, Jeb Whatley, Phoebe Staples, Evie Heron, Sophie Caton, Penny Richards, Matt Budavolgyi, James Scrimgeour, Hayden Gibson, Evan Kinghorn, Joshua Hawkings, Fin Gaisford, Lauren Major, Millie Randall, Mia Denby, Jemima Holt, Olivia Painter, Tim Corbett

Tutor Superstar:

9B Jazz Povey, 9B Hayden-Gibson Roche, 9C Kole Gjikolaj, 9C Penny Richards, 9D Erin Loader, 9D Danny Frankum, 9F Rose Bradley, 9F Jeb Whatley, 9H Melissa Piper, 9H Josh Hawkings, 9K Anya Page-Dove, 9K Fin Gaisford, 9N Layla Batten, 9N Jasper Dommett, 9P Hannah Carr, 9P Jamie Nunn

Golden Mortarboard:

Blair Jones and Matt Budavolgyi


Keryn Giffard and Jack Alcock


Shelby Astley Rubin and Oliver Sutton



Year 10:

Subject Awards:

English – Lizzie Cameron, English – William Hall, Maths – Jess Breach, Maths – Alex Green, Science – Ena Brett Wilson, Science – Adam Pac, RS – Lydia Ladd, RS – Tyler Silvester, History – Holly Smith, History – William Bevan, Geography – Ena Brett Wilson, Geography – Corbyn Gardner, PE – Amelia Batten, PE – Max Grimley, Drama – Lila May-Harrington, Drama – Daniel Green, Art – Honey Evans, Art – Thomas Johnson, French – Rae Makinson, French – Marcus Griffiths, CPLD – Dakota Robinson, CPLD – Chloe Sillis, Product Design – Tee Gaisford, Product Design – Boris Pugh, Music Performance – Aimee Evans, Music Performance – Will Bevan, Health and Social Care – Mya Green, Health and Social Care – Joshua Furze, Dance – Elizabeth Cameron, Construction – Tyler-James Nunn, Automotive – Tee Gaisford, Automotive – Jack Howlett, Food – Amelie Wallace Fisher, Food – Leo Dunkley, ICT – Elisha Perrow, ICT – Finley Burn, Business Studies – Sophie Wright, Business Studies – Harvey Bates, Sport Science – Elizabeth Cameron, Sport Science – Archie Hughes, Music Technology – Keira Davies, Music Technology – Dan Maw, Media Studies – Beth Coker


Emilie Cartwright-Lomax, Katie Packer, Dakota Robinson, Kelsey Hawkings, Daniel Green, William Hall, Lydia Ladd, Toby Leaver, Aimee Evans, Charlie Nunn, Kezia Stanley, Sophie Wright, Boris Pugh, Jonah Handford, Lottie Hodgson, Holly Long, Dimitar Dinev, May-Harrington Lila, Lila Nyari, Elisha Perrow, Holly Smith, Amelia Batten, Rae Makinson, Madelyn Palmer-Kerslake, Ellis Kendall

Tutor Superstars:

10TTH Alfie Summerfield, 10DXB Cody Mack, 10JPE Katie Bickford, 10KAM Maddie Hele, 10NXJ JJ Stone, 10JWS Dan Maw, 10PAA Adam Clark, 10SJM Maddison Watt, 10DMB Rae Makinson, 10DMB Lila-May, Harrington, 10HCT Clayton Gagg, 10ZVC Amy Winston, 10ROB Finley Burn, 10DMS Lottie Hodgson, 10MZC Emily Coates, 10MZC Harvey Bates, 10JEM Aimee Evans, 10JJH Sofia Evans, 10RAD Mia Burton, 10MDS Leo Dunkley, 10JAA Tom Speed

Golden Mortarboard:

Emile Lomax Cartwright and William Bevan

Top House Points:

Kezia Stanley and Jack Howlett


Serena Milton and Harley Sneap


Sophie Wright and Harley Sneap


Sports Days

Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 10.59.28

During the last week of term, TA hosted sports days for years 7s, 8s and 9s.  This year we had a new format to improve participation during the day. Students were taken to every activity and given the opportunity to participate if they wanted to. The activities on the day were 100m, 200, 400, 800m, shot put, high jump, Javelin (adapted), standing long jump. We also completed a 1500m during PE lessons.

The participation levels were huge throughout all year groups with nearly everyone involved in competition during the days. Some of the performances were outstanding. Not just from our elite performers but from our students who gave everything in effort during events.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the 3 days.

A big thank you to all our amazing 6th form leaders and staff for helping to run the events.


Year 7

Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 11.13.32

Y7 Sport


Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 11.15.04

y7 boys


y7 girls

Overall house champions – Christie


Year 8

Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 11.04.09

Y8 Sports day

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 18.35.04

y8 boys

y8 girls

Overall house champions – Kitson


Year 9

Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 10.54.31

Y9 SPorts

y9 boys


y9 girls

Overall house champions – Brunel


Sports Personality of the Year Awards

Sports awards

Unfortunately, we have been unable to host our annual sports personality of the year awards this year. However we took the opportunity at the end of each sports day to award those students who have, in spite of very difficult conditions this year, excelled on the sporting front. Listed below are the recipients of the awards. We would like to offer them a massive congratulations and hopefully they will be able to show the rest of the world what they are capable of next year when we resume fixtures against other schools.


CCF leadership day


Our CCF ended the year with a day of leadership training.  They had a great day and they all excelled in a wide variety of tasks that led to them getting very wet and very dirty!

10a 10b 10c 10d


Magic tricks


Lewis Dewar in year 9 has been astounding everyone in the year group with his phenomenal card trick skills. This is the finale to a truly amazing trick he showed us this morning!


A Level Chemistry

Our A-level chemists have been investigating the chemistry of silanes, which are gases similar to hydrocarbons, which are used for fuels. Silanes are silicon-based, rather than carbon-based, and can be produced from sand (which is made of silicon dioxide).

The students carefully heated some sand with magnesium powder, to make a compound called magnesium silicide. When they added this compound to acid, silanes were produced – and they spontaneously combust in air, as shown in the video. It was impressive – and a bit frightening – to watch it!


What it means to be part of a house within Torquay Academy


With the summer holidays fast approaching, I have decided to postpone my featured house of the week items until September and give my final blog item over to the Year 7 students.
Our Year 7s – who have been with us for almost three terms – have developed a strong affiliation for their tutor groups and houses. Many have taken part in inter-tutorial events, all have achieved house points and some have even been involved in making promotional videos for those students who will be joining in September. Every student is convinced that their house is the best and would like to share their views and recommendations through the medium of this blog.
There follows a selection of statements made by our Year 7 children, all of whom are tremendous ambassadors for their respective houses. And who better to inform us about what is means to belong to a particular group than the students themselves?

Jemimah Jones 7K:
Kitson is the best house to be in because we never give up and will always accept a challenge.

Pheobe Denbow 7K:
I think Kitson is the best house because we can adapt to any situation which is placed in our way.

Austin White 7P:
The people in Pengelly are:
Never give up
Educated. (This spells out our motto Be Inquisitive)

Lyra Bowstead 7P:
Being inquisitive means to ask questions. I love asking questions because it gives me some excitement. Pengelly is the best because we have Mr Chadwick as our head of house.

Ellie-Jayne Scott: 7B:
Brunel is a safe haven for everyone to. It is a place for confident and shy people, larger and thinner people.  In my personal opinion, all of the houses are amazing.

Kyla Ridgewell 7H:
We haven’t won any competitions yet but I’m 101% sure we will. I love being in Harrison because we represent courageousness.

Austin Howell 7H:
Harrison is great because it is named after Arthur Harrison-a war hero who didn’t give up. Our motto is Be Courageous.

Amelie Berriman 7C:
Christie is the best house because we are winners. We win almost every time. The reason we do so well in Christie is because we work as a team-team Christie.

Mya Hoskin 7C:
Our motto is Be Creative which means a lot because we all enjoy giving ideas and we can all be creative.

Harrison Davies 7N:
Nearne is the best house because of the amazing tutors and Eileen Nearne who gives us our name.

Amelie McCaul 7N:
Nearne is the best house because we have the best tutor-Mr Davies and we all care for each other.

Niamh Coker 7F:
Fawcett is the best house as it is filled with kind, courageous people who are not afraid of a challenge and I think we all live up to the standards of being adventurous.

Madison Findlay-Peers 7F:
Fawcett has people who are kind, unique and stars.
A kind person changes everything for Fawcett.
We are all unique people; every one of us has our own personality.
Caring is what we do; we stand on our feet.
Everything we do is by our motto.
To be adventurous.
That is what makes us unique.

Erin Giffard 7D:
It means a lot to be in Darwin as there are so many possibilities. We have pride in our house and make smart decisions.

William Denega 7D:
Being industrious implies a hard work ethic. This school provides many opportunities for this kind of behaviour.

The above statements are just a small selection of the praise our current Year 7 students have for the house to which they are assigned. I am confident our new Year 7s will show comparable enthusiasm and passion.
Miss Risk, Head of Houses.


International Call Up – Wales Hockey

image0 image1

Miss Lewis received confirmation this week that she has been picked to represent Wales U23 over the summer. She will be attending a training and games camp in Ireland for the test series.
Well done and good luck, Miss Lewis.


Cadets Go Mountain Biking


The Cadets enjoyed a trip to Haldon Forest to go mountain biking with their new bike trailer.  They all had a brilliant time!



Athletics Success for Ava & Hannah

21.07.16 Ava & Hannah

Year 9s, Ava & Hannah, attended their annual awards evening at South Devon Athletics Club. They both received awards for their achievements in the club’s Grand Prix events, the Devon indoor sports hall league and the league cross country.

The girls have put in excellent performances throughout the year at all the events despite a year of on & off training & competitions.  Well done, girls!


Mr Christophers gets a message


Mr Christophers is a huge Plymouth Argyle fan and this morning he received a card and a video message from their manager, Ryan Lowe.  To say he was pleased is a bit of an understatement!

Students of the Week


Year 7 – Phoebe Denbow



Year 8 – Tammy Westacott



Year 9 – Rose Bradley


Prestigious Diamond Award


Year 7 – Eve Cameron


Governor’s Platinum Certificates


Year 7 – Seth Margetts, Brooke Tully and Lydia Bevan


Governor’s Gold Certificates


Year 7 – Amara Phillips, Abigail Mealin, Ema Kestell, Amelia Rogers, Agata Sadlik and Ivy Hodgson-Hunt


Year 9 – Hannah Carr


Governor’s Silver Certificates


Year 7 – Bartosz Mitula, Noah Butler, Lexi Weller, Callum Cliff, Amara Phillips, Joshua Rogers, Ellie-Jayne Scott, Ben Charters, Kodi Wilson, Lily Phillips, Letoja Hoxha and Jack Hicks


Year 8 – Callum Yeates, Sophie Packer and Enrika Vasiliauskaite


Governor’s Bronze Certificates



Year 7 – William Jackson, Diego ZulhayirCharlie Knight, Lenny Mugliston, James Evers, Henry Tregea, Amy Harrison, caitlin Large, Mya Hoskin, Poppii Marshall, Jaccob Tripp, Jamie John Palmer, Aliyah Smith, Nelly Siuchninski, Ben Phillips and Shelby Spencer


Year 8 – Illiana Lidstone, Lexi Silvester, Michalina Jarosz, Marissa Farrington and Elliot Mills


Year 9 – Ellie Denby and William Reed

Principal’s Gold Certificates


Year 7 – Lily Corderoy, Kade Kelly,Simon Drost, Jack Woolley, Elvin Fellows, Leah Jones, Zack Shaw, Ben Poston, Evie Hambleton and Isabell Roberts


Year 8 – Finn Mallen, Jessica Taylorson, Calen Thomas-Tyrer, Josh Spencer, Caleb Spriggs, Grace Dicken, Sajor Camara, Karl Burton, James Ferris, Maddison Rees and Thomas Stimpson


Year 9 – Fraya Hyde, William Howard, Erin Loader, Danny Frankum, Jazz Povey and AJ Sims


Year 10 – Kezia Stanley

Principal’s Silver Certificates


Year 7 – Ryan Bridgman, Laura McCondichie and Saffron Kelsey


Year 8 – Milo Marshall, Jack Flay, Matthew Oborn, Mikey Davies, Summer Connolly, Lexy McLaurin, Jack Butcher, Skye Richards, Reece Spink, Alex McDowall, Cameron Sturtridge and Alfie Porter


Year 9 – Amy Hoskin, Phoebe Staples, Bradley Russ, Megan Dorling, Charlie Pope, Sophie Denison, Tyler Bayliss and Maverick Milton


Year 10 – Jack Howlett, Thomas Johnson, Ella Sandbrook, Kai Fowler, Marcus Griffiths, Gareth Mufford and Frankie Cuss

Principal’s Bronze Certificates


Year 7 –  Alesha McLaughlin and Harvey Cooper

Year 8 – Olivia McCormack, Kenzie Livermore, Rhys Phillips, Bradley Crook, Taylor Reynolds and Owen Houghton



Year 9 – Joshua Hawkings, Benjamin McCarthy, Summer Mansell, Evie Heron, Reef Beer, Zac Rowlad-Steele and Aidan Stapleton


Year 10 – Sonny Houlahan, Olivia Kenyon, Mason Payne, Adam Pac, Riccardo Iordache, Maddison Watt, Toby Leaver, Elizabeth Cameron, Charlie Nunn, Maddie Hele, Amelia Batten, Stephen McMullen, Boris Pugh, Caitlin Kirby, Holly Bastow, William Hall, Kayla Williams, Ellis Kendall, Charlie Trapp, Tyler Silvester, Ben Eales, Jasmine Armour and Angel Fox


House Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel – Finley Allnut

Kitson – Oliver Los

Nearne – Willow Kendall

Pengelly – Whole Form


Year 8

Brunel – Henry McManus

Christie – JayJay Henderson

Darwin – Roberta Bankes-Fay

Kitson – Tammy Westacott

Nearne – Bailey Driscoll-Wilding

Pengelly – Whole Form


Year 9

Christie – Courtney Dowen

Kitson – Pierce Gerring

Nearne – Will Hemus

Pengelly – Whole Form


Homework Stars of the Week

Year 7

Kitson – William Jackson

Nearne – Harrison Davies


Year 8

Brunel – Chloe Brown

Christie – Isabella Georgian-Aguado

Kitson – Bella Lester

Pengelly – Brooke McKenna

Year 9

Kitson – Francis Breslan


Sparx Leaderboards