Maths Mountain, Christmas Concert & Helping Others

 Christmas Concert 16th December 2015 at 6:30pm

Christmas Concert poster 15

Rehearsals are in full swing in the Music Department for this year’s Christmas Concert which is set to see 150 students from Y7 – Y13 take to the stage! The concert will showcase a broad range of music, including many traditional Christmas favourites. Tickets are currently on sale from the school Finance Office. Everyone is welcome to attend.

 Effort Grade Posters

Blog 11.12.15 Effort Grades 4Blog 11.12.15 Effort Grades 3

Students are keen to check out the new effort grades rank order posters, which went on display on Thursday this week. We are reinforcing the message that with hard work, there are no limits.

Numeracy News

Blog 11.12.15 Numeracy News 1blog 11.12.15 Numeracy News 2

We have students at TA who right from the very start are keen to show how great their Maths skills are. Some of our year 7 student turn up after school and partner up with 6th form Maths students from TBGS. We have looked at problem solving and game theory so far which is the kind of Maths that people use for encryption on the internet, how to make important decision with people and money and how to arrive at winning strategies in games. Fascinating stuff if you can keep up, fortunately, they can !!


Maths Whizz Mountain

Blog 9.12.15 Maths Whiz Mountain

Our students have been working on Maths Whizz an online Maths intervention that is focused on the individual needs of students.   An assessment starts the journey on the Maths Whizz Mountain, setting their Maths Whizz age.  When a student has completed a certain number of tasks they can then spend their earned credit in the virtual shop.  Buying a pet and food in the virtual shop for their chosen pet.  Student progress is monitored every time,  then enter the Maths Whizz program.  Students also make badges with their favourite animal and mode of transport which goes onto the mountain.  Students then get a visual idea as to their progress.  Certificates are regularly presented to students who are making good progress.  This intervention can also be accessed from home, enabling parents to see how their child has progressed.


Our Foodbank Collection

Blog 11.12.15 Foodbank 1blog 11.12.15 Foodbank 2

We were given an initial idea from Police Partnership, in which we could hold an event to collect food for our local community centre’s food bank.  Our Head Boy, Dominic Rowe, and Head Girl, Paige Grimes, took charge of collecting the food that we would be able to donate.  As you can see from the photographs the response from our students and staff was phenomenal; it took the local police’s riot van two trips to transport all of the donations.  We have received a very nice letter from the Windmill Centre thanking us for our support.


 Thanks to Head Boy and Head Girl

Blog 11.12.15 Thank you Paige & Dom

The Sixth Form team thanked Paige Grimes, Head Girl and Dominic Rowe, Head Boy, for their excellent work this year in their leadership roles. Both Paige and Dom have made a very positive contribution and gained a great deal of experience in organising a team, working with other age groups, liaising with representatives in our local community and organizing a wide range of Sixth Form enrichment activities.

The process for the appointment of the new Head Girl, Head Boy and prefects for 2016 has now commenced, but Dom and Paige will be a hard act to follow! A huge thank you to both Paige, Dom and the whole Year 13 Prefect team who will now be able to focus their efforts on their A2 examination preparation.


Students of the Week

Blog 11.12.15 Student of the week

Students of the week for this week with Mrs Nicol and Mrs Powell ; Linda Aspbury, Samantha Gourlay, Aleksandra Borysiak, Chanelle Green, Ellie Baker

Student Blog

So far, in English, we have focused on poetry and different forms of poems. We learnt so much and even wrote our own poems! It’s been so fun so far.   I know some types of poems: limerick, shaped, rap, acrostic, ballad, narrative, and a lot more!   We also looked at poems and their meanings. We learnt some poetic techniques like: simile, metaphor, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification and more.
My favourite type of poem is a shaped poem because it looks good and interesting. I also like acrostic poems because it is clear what it is about and it looks interesting.

Aisa Kana, Year 7

The Cake
Earlier this week, Alex Dale and I, cooked a cake with Ethan Tanner for a Science homework. It was made to resemble the topic we were doing: liquids, gases and solids.  When we made the cake we used marshmallow to show different parts. For example, the white marshmallows for empty spaces and also pink ones for the particles.  It was then sugar rush wrapped up in very sweet icing, it was definitely meant for people with healthy teeth and a very VERY sweet tooth. Which our teacher luckily did have!

Alex Dale, Year 8

Pancake Making
Later today I am going to make a pancake with my friends and these are my thoughts on how I’m going to make my pancake. I really can’t wait to make these delicious and scrumptious pancakes. I want to make the best pancakes in the world!  My plans are to be concentrating on what to do and listen to what the teacher says and not to get on the naughty board! I like to be creative. I can’t wait until we cook them.

Leo Loasby, Year 8