Y7-11 School Life

Everyone Succeeds

The school is built upon the belief that everyone succeeds. We have an incredible reputation for academic success as our girls and boys make exceptional progress and achieve GCSE and A-level grades that set them up for successful lives when they leave us. The majority of our students leave us and move on to university, studying a wide variety of degrees. Our belief is that every child should have the option of studying at University when they leave us as they have the grades, aspirations and understanding of their future life and career.


The academic success of our children is underpinned by our girls and boys being happy and well cared for in school. Each year group has their own playground and dining space and dedicated pastoral staff who are responsible for the students’ well-being.

Quality Teaching

The school’s teachers have spent countless hours developing our curriculum to ensure every lesson is of the highest standard. We are very fortunate to have exceptionally well-qualified teachers who want to teach at Torquay Academy, where due to our focus on exemplary behaviour, they are able to help our students achieve their potential. We invest heavily in ensuring we have both the best teachers, and they continue to get better through a rigorous program of coaching and training. We understand the importance of students having the best teachers delivering the highest quality lessons.

High Expectations

We have the highest expectations of all members of our community in terms of their behaviour and effort. Students are set homework every evening from when they join us and we share this homework with students and parents and carers in advance. Our most successful students enjoy the support of the parents and carers who check they have done their homework and have the correct equipment to learn in school.

The Wider Curriculum

Great academic success and pastoral care should be the bedrock of any school. Torquay Academy is able to offer an unrivalled extracurricular offer to our girls and boys. All students have to join and extracurricular club in year 7. We are blessed with the best facilities, which enable our students to take part in the widest range of activities and compete at the highest level. Our sports teams frequently win local competitions and achieve great success in national cups. We believe passionately in the creative arts and students take part in a wide range of musical and performing arts events. We have an Army and Royal Air Force Cadet Force open to Torquay Academy students where they are able to take part. In the widest range of activities from climbing Mount Snowdonia to flying a plane. Our students built electric cars and they travel around the country racing them. This is just a small selection of our extracurricular provision that will match any independent school in the country.

This website can only give you a glimpse of life at Torquay Academy, we would encourage you to visit the school on one of our open days which you can book here.