GCSE & BTEC Options

Students will make their GCSE options in Year 8; this decision has been made by staff, Governors and Trustees for a number of reasons, the key ones being:

  • Government reforms have made GCSEs more difficult and there is greater content. Enabling students to start studying the skills required for GCSE at the start of Year 9 will improve the grades they will get. They will also have more time to focus upon their chosen subjects during Year 9.
  • Students will be more motivated in Year 9 as they will be studying the subjects that they have chosen.

Our aim in redesigning the curriculum is to provide more choice in subjects and pace in Year 9 and it should therefore allow us to cater even better for individual needs.

Students should have no reason to feel anxious at this time, but they should start to consider which subjects they enjoy most and in which subjects they are likely to achieve the best outcomes. Only a very few 6th Form pathways and possible careers will be narrowed by these choices; many courses can be followed despite not having studied the subject at GCSE. However, choosing subjects where aptitude and motivation will lead to high achievement will open an increasing number of options later on.

Yr8 Options Evening 2024

To view the options available, please click on the link below: