School closed? Not quite true… and staff Fun Friday

Schools closed



The headlines in the media have been that schools are closed.  The reality is very different here at TA and other schools.  We are still open and teachers are still in work to teach the children of key workers.  We have had to create new resources to support children learning from home whilst having to work from home ourselves at times.  We have been distributing food parcels and ICT equipment to those who need it.  We have been calling students to help them with their work or to check on their well-being.  We have managed to find items to support our front line NHS workers.  We are also going to be open all through the holidays.  I would like to thank our wonderful staff, students, parents and carers for their support during this challenging time.


Staff Fun Friday

After a week of great change and disruption, I thought I would share a video made the TA staff – I hope we have kept the spirit of Fun Friday alive!


Food parcels


Over 300 food parcels were made up by Mrs Dickerson and her team.


These were collected by families or delivered by our fleet of minibuses.  I am very grateful to the staff who have carried out these deliveries this week.  All of the staff were very appreciative of the many comments that have been sent into school.


Supporting the NHS


Mr Mellitt, Mr Astle and Mrs Astle are shown here with 159 plastic funnels and 288 pairs of safety glasses that we have donated to Torbay hospital to support their staff.  They are facing a great shortage of personal protective equipment.  We are very pleased to be able to support these key workers.


Students in school

Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 21.12.55

Children on key workers have been in school this week so their parents and carers can continue with their essential jobs that help to keep our community going.  We are staying open over the holidays, including weekends and bank holidays to support our key workers’ children. They complete the set work in the morning and then they have opportunities to undertake other activities in the afternoon, from watching documentaries to being on the climbing wall.

 Students finding new ways of working at home



It has great to see students sharing their new workspaces.  I know it has been a challenge and will continue to be so.


Ethan P


Checking in on students


Our pastoral team have been calling home to check in on students and how they are adapting to the change in working practices.  We are there to support our students and families at all times.  We have been impressed with the huge amounts of work they have been sharing with us.


Finding new ways of staff working as well


Getting the senior team together whilst social distancing and communicating with those having to self-isolate presents challenges as well, but they are overcome!