Studying Hearts, art, back in The Platform and rounders…

A Level Biology

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This week the A level Biologists have been completing part of their practical assessment. They have been studying the mammalian heart and need to relate the real-life structures seen during the dissection to the function of pumping blood around the body.


Year 11 Art Assessment

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The quality of our students’ art work is always just incredible and a privilege to be able to see.  This is just a selection of the amazing work our students have produced.



Year 10 rounders


Our Year 10 girls have been taking advantage of the lovely weather as our after school rounders club has started for the summer term.



Back in Action

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The sixth form music performance students are delighted to be in The Platform performing now that the covid testing has finished. Here is their recent assessment performance of Champagne Supernova, Oasis. Although our performance students are disappointed to miss out on gigging, having such incredible facilities to perform in at school goes some way in making up for it!


PAA Update

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Rehearsals for the upcoming Performing Arts Academy productions are really gaining momentum. The performers and production team are keeping their fingers crossed that we will be able to stage live performances before the end of term. Here is an update from the Y7 rehearsals and Henry McManus in Year 8.


Governor’s Silver Certificates


Year 7 – Amelie McCaul


Governor’s Bronze Certificates


Year 7 – Daisy Faulkner, Amelie Berriman, Charlie Pettit, Eve Cameron, Bella Giffard, Lisa-Marie Szewczuk and Abigail Mealin


Principal’s Gold Certificates

Year 7 – Eve Cameron, Lisa-Marie Szewczuk, Lyra Bowstead, Keeley Enston, Brooke Tully, Amelia Rogers, Norbert Tomsia, Summer Faulkes, Ivy Hodgson-Hunt, Jack Hicks, Liam Baillie-Hogan, Joe Taylor, Charlie Grimley, Oliver Jones, Ema Kestell, Bartosz Mitula and Noah Butler


Year 8 – Joe Hosking and Megan Sellick


Year 9 – Hannah Carr


Principal’s Silver Certificates




Year 7 – Jack Hicks, Ollie Coleman, Emma Matthews, Dean Conway, James Evers, Leah Hope, Oscar Hughes, Daytona Vickers, Lottie Davis, Lily Phillips, Laila Heavens, Ben Charters, Gabrielle Buys, Oliwia Tuczynska, Ben Phillips, Alfie Mahoney-Billis, Harry Smith, Amy Harrison, Jacob Crago-Gould, Scott Knight, Ashton Wilkinson, Louis Rowe, Caitlin Large, Benjamin Watts, George Scrimgeour, James Reynolds, Cerys Lowe, Chloe Hollis, Colby Britton, Lenny Mugliston, Isaac Knowles, Poppii Marhsall, William Denega, Harrison Hogg, Nelly Siuchninski, Callum Jackson, Jayden Trevelyan and Emma Matthews




Year 8 – Kevin Vieira, Daisy Gibbings, Sophie Packer, Lacie Benson, Samuel Stimpson, Curtis Poynton, Beatrice Corline, Merissa Farrington, Ryan Hooper, Illiana Lidstone, Enrika Vasiliauskaite, Cleo Fry, Kevin Vieira, Daisy Gibbings and Joshua Walsh


Year 9 – Shania Blades, Ellie Denby, Penny Richards and Grace Povey


Principal’s Bronze Certificates






Year 7 – Isabelle Roberts, Lily Corderoy, Aliyah Smith, Wojcjech Tabaczuk, Erin Bond, Ryan Bridgman, Kirah Clee, William Jackson, Erin Giffard, Paige Clements, Connor Howard, Chloe Hills, Charlie Porter, Faith Batham, Leon Bell, Madi Chandler, Harry Taylor, Ruby Deonaldson, Leo Helmore, Austin White, Ava Shobbrook, Naomi Redmond, Leah Jones, Jaden Morris, Austen Bradshaw, Emily Meloy, Sara Santos Martins, JJ Cossey, Albie Baker, Evie Hambleton, Billy Wilcox, Arisa Bedjo, Charlie Green, Grace Milloy, Elvin Fellows, Josie Todd, Finley Allnutt, Alex Coates, Orlando Maric, Sara Mills, Lilly-Ann Hughes, Dylan Breslan, Filip Frankiewicz, Molly Stacey, Lily Corderoy and Chloe Hills





Year 8 – Alfie Slater, Jessica Taylorson, Jasmine Evans, Maisy Green, Samuel Eaton, Elliot Lawton, Henry McManus, Lilly John, Immi Festorazzi, Joshua Kenneford, Woody Ronson, Shaun Pinto, Kara Wills, Aleah Coombes, Tia-May Anderson, Phoebe Hewings, Sam Hext, Jayden Gardner, Lexi Silvester, Calen Thomas-Tyrer, Josh Spencer, Emily Graham, Isabella Aguado-Georgian, Luca Cronje, Libbie Green, Kian George, Thomas Pattison, Josh Spencer, Alfie Harnett, Mitchell Watkins, Harvey Thomas, Roberta Bankes-Fay, Caleb Spriggs, Mollie Macfie-Jones, Jake Pettit, Daisy Bond, Alfie Slater, Jessica Taylorson, Maisy Green, Jasmine Evans, Samuel Eaton, Henry McManus and Elliott Lawton




Year 9 – Bogdan Pamfile, Taylor-Ann Floyd, Phoebe Lown, Harrison Clarke, Millie Randall, Melissa Arscott, Fraya Hyde, Tim Corbett, Jamie Nunn, Ella Ryan, Oakley Hayes, Keryn Giffard, Harrison Horrell, Andre Derdiyok, Gabriel Prior, Kole Gjikolaj, Timika Kenneford, Sophie Bastow, Harrison Clarke, Taylor-Ann Floyd, Joe Lawrence and Vensan Crushcov


Year 10 – Thomas Johnson, Kai Fowler and Ella Sandbrook


Students of the Week


Year 7 – Lottie Davis and Bartosz Mitula


Year 9 – Evan Kinghorn

Year 10 – Holly Roberts

Year 11 – Alfie Toomey and Graham Mitchell


House Stars of the week

Year 7

Christie – Kodi Wilson

Darwin – Lucas Berry

Fawcett – Emily Banks

Harrison – Alex Coates

Kitson – Daytona Vickers

Nearne – Jack Hicks

Pengelly – Molly Burns


Year 8

Brunel – Luke Le Huray

Christie – Bebe Giles

Darwin – Leah Scott

Fawcett – Mia Langley-Doyle

Harrison – Caleb Spriggs

Kitson – Oscar Tankielun

Nearne – Sam Hext

Pengelly – Mason Jessup


Year 9

Brunel – Matilda Bindon

Christie – Ava Sams

Darwin – Ben Gosnell

Fawcett – Callum Oldham

Harrison – Mia Church

Kitson – Emily Phillips

Nearne – William Hemus

Pengelly – Ella Ryan


Homework Stars of the week

Year 7

Christie – Ashton Wilkinson

Darwin – Summer Thompson

Fawcett – Abigail Mealin

Harrison – David Wanstall

Kitson – William Jackson

Nearne – Louis Rowe

Pengelly – Emily Owen


Year 8

Brunel – Honey Buckingham

Christie – Owen Houghton

Darwin – Elspeth Herring

Fawcett – Callum Yeates

Harrison – Maddison Rees

Kitson – Caden Somerset

Nearne – Oliver Keating

Pengelly – Jake Pettit


Year 9

Brunel – Honey Darke

Christie – Shania Blades

Darwin – Ethan Sanders

Fawcett – Blair Jones

Harrison – Sophie Caton

Kitson – Cole Shobbrook

Nearne – Karolina Lagodzinska


Sparx Leaderboards




Tassomai Leaderboards

Y7 Tassomai LeaderboardY8 Tassomai Leaderboards


Y9 Tassomai LeaderboardsY10 Tassomai Leaderboard