Farewell to Y13, table tennis visit and DofE awards…

Farewell to Year 13


Year 13 came back into school this afternoon for a farewell assembly. We had lunch together followed by the assembly.  In the assembly, we were treated to three amazing performances by the Year 13 students.  The first of the three videos below is a song they have written. I think that, like them, it is brilliant!



I will admit to them having a special place in my heart as they were the first Year 7 group to join the school after I started.  I could not be more proud of the young men and ladies they have grown into.  I would like to wish them the very best for the exciting adventures that lie ahead of them.

2015 Y7


Year 10 D of E Bronze Awards


Congratulations on completing Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Awards to the following Year 10 students: Tee Gaisford, Aimee Evans, Abi Jones, Lily Connor, Lila-May Harrington, Harvey Bates, Sam Foley, Sheldon Brown, Gareth Mufford, George Prew, Sebastian Grute. An amazing achievement during a very difficult period when many activities have been disrupted by the pandemic. Well done!

Year 12 D of E Awards


Congratulations to the following Year 12 students for completing DofE Awards: Jack Manley (Silver), Lizzie Harris (Silver), Daisy Poole-Crampton, Mark Routledge, Rory Deakin, Grace Prew (all Bronze). These are the first ever DofE Silver Awards achieved by TA students, plus some well-earned Bronze Awards completed. Well done everyone!

National Table Tennis Coach visit to Torquay Academy


Ryan Jenkins, National Youth Table Tennis Coach, visited our school over three days to give extra training to Jakub Piworar, Year 8, who will be competing in the European Junior Championships this July. This was a very prestigious visit to the school as National Coaches are in great demand and their time is precious. Working together for a total of 12 hours, over three days, the training was very intensive but it ensured that Jakub received top quality tuition and worked very hard, competition of this nature is difficult to find in this part of the country. Jakub said “it was great to have the National Coach at my school and home club. I meet Ryan Jenkins mostly nearly every weekend in Nottingham, at the National Squad training sessions, but having him here in Torquay Academy was very special for me, especially as he will be with me at the European Championships in July”.Mrs Piwowar – Torquay Academy Table Tennis Coach – It was a very valuable and useful time for all of us. We all learnt from each other and can now work together in shaping Jakub’s development.

Ryan added “I thoroughly enjoyed my three days at Torquay Academy with Jakub and the wider club. The welcome I received was great and I thrived on the enthusiasm of the players and coaches. The school has great facilities and I was very happy to see what Jakub has at his disposal on a normal weekly basis.I will return and build upon these few days with future visits.  Thank you to Mr Margetts and Mr Harries who helped us make this visit possible”.

Prom dresses


On Tuesday we welcomed our Year 11 girls back into school to look at the many prom dresses that were so generously donated by our community.  They were able to try on many of them and I was delighted to see them leave so happy with the dresses they will be wearing in a few weeks.




This half term has seen the year 8 art students studying the amazing work of the street artist Shepard Fairey. The students have explored a variety of different techniques and approaches in this unit of work including photography, digital art, colour reduction and creating their own ‘Obama’s Hope’ style poster.
The students have totally embraced the project, which is part of a wider programme of work exploring Urban Art. Mrs Lynch is delighted with their efforts. Well done year 8!!






UK Dance Success

28.05.21 Olivia Dance Success

Olivia Painter in Year 9 took part in the UK Dance Schools’ Final via Zoom on Sunday 23rd May.  She had to perform a ballet routine for the judges who adjudicate the technical abilities of the dancer as well as the application of the choreography.  Olivia did fantastically well and came 3rd overall.  Olivia has previously trained at The Royal Ballet School as part of the Junior Associates programme and looks like all of her hard work and commitment has paid off.  Congratulations Olivia!


Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Practical Exams


This week our Year 11s undertook their practical exams, they were fantastic and produced some amazing food!




Here’s a selection of footage from our recent Greenpower trip to Goodwood. It was a real honour to be able to complete and drive around such a historic track!


Year 9 Hospitality & Catering


Another impressive effort from the year nine Hospitality and Catering students. They produced the most beautiful dishes with a focus again on developing their pastry skills and presentation techniques to appeal to the customers of their bistro. I was particularly delighted to see the process involved in producing a rose from a strawberry and the finishing touches in the application of the icing sugar to the dish. Well done Year 9!


Fun Friday!

Fun Friday - 28.5.21


There were lots of students and staff staring each other down today!!


Year 7 House Rounders and Year 8 House Cricket

sport blog

After what seems like an age because of the lockdowns, we were finally able to get back to the serious business of house sports competitions this week. First up was the Year 7 House Rounders and the Year 8 House Cricket. Over 120 boys and girls descended onto the sports fields to represent their houses, what was also nice to see was the amount of support they were given by their form tutors and other teachers. Anyway, after some hard-fought matches, all played in the right spirit the results of overall house competitions are below, well done to all who took part, you did your houses proud.


Year 7 House Rounders
1. Pengelly
2. Darwin
= 4. KItson and Harrison
5. Christie
6. Fawcett
7. Brunel
8. Nearn
Year 8 Cricket
1. Fawcett
2. Harrison
3. Brunel
4. Christie
5. Darwin
6. Kitson
=8 Nearn & Pengelly
Congratulations also go to Callum Yeates and Liam Cartwright who were the winning pair in the house cricket with a score of 22 between them.


Here is a video of Serena flipping her pancake in Child development today. They were cooking their second course of their nursery lunch which they had to prepare for a section of their coursework.


Governor’s Platinum Certificates


Year 7 – Millie Sneap


Governor’s Gold Certificates


Year 7 – Eve Cameron and Amelie McCaul


Governor’s Silver Certificates


Year 7 – Amelie Berriman, Charlie Pettit, Brooke Tully, Lisa-Marie Szewczuk and Lydia Bevan


Governor’s Bronze Certificates


Year 7 – Oliver Jones, Bartosz Mitula, Noah Butler, Summer Faulkes, Liam Baillie-Hogan, Joe Taylor, Charlie Grimley, Phoebe Denbow and Lexi Weller


Year 8 – Kevin Vieira and Megan Sellick


Principal’s Gold Certificates


Year 7- Ben Phillips, Ollie Coleman, Dean Conway, Amy Harrison, Nelly Siuchninski, Harry Smith, Harrison Davies, Lenny Mugliston, Christian Cornforth, Wlliam Denega, George Scrimgeour, Isaac Knowles, Caitlin Large, Toby Clark and Callum Jackson


Year 8 – Samuel Stimpson, Lacie Benson, Olivia Kirby and Daisy Gibbings


Year 9 – Shania Blades, Mia Denby, Grave Povey and Ellie Denby


Principal’s Silver Certificates


Year 7 – Lily Corderoy, Billy Wilcox, Harry Taylor, Owen Ingram, Isabella Roberts, Evie Hambleton, Leah Jones, Leo Helmore, Ben Poston, Jaden Morris, Jessica Nicholson, Filip Frankiewicz, Kade Kelly, Austen Bradshaw, Madi Chandler, Adam Wright, Josie Todd, Elvin Fellows, Arisa Bejdo and Sara Mills


Year 8 – Isabella Aguado-Georgian, Olivia Wood, Calen Thomas-Tyrer, Shaun Pinto, Libbie Green, Mitchell Watkins, Luca Cronje, Caleb Spriggs and AJ Alexander


Year 9 – Jazz Povey, Danny Frankum, Sophie Bastow, Vensan Crushcov, Gabriel Prior and Jamie Nunn


Year 10 – Kezia Stanley


Principal’s Bronze Certificates


Year 7 – Leon Mugliston, Sammy Lock, Connor Fortune, Lola Cornock, Athena Rosser, Kacey Young and Kye Giffard



Year 8 – Tyler-Jay Stirling, Alfie Porter, Taylor Holton, Lacy Nicholson, Leah Scott, Lexy McLaurin, Cameron Sturtridge, Sean Crawford, Elliott Mills, Wiktoria Pacholska, Mason Jessup, Verity Griffiths-Howarth, Oliver Huxtable, Jay Jay Henderson, Libby Davies, Logan Churchward, Coral Stewart, Oliver Tillen, Igor Piewiszko, Summer Hapgood, Poppy Wallace-Fisher, Milo Marshall, Oliver Reeves, Luke Le Huray, Jakub Piwowar, Isabella Davies, Skye Richards, Bethany Evans-Rogers, Elise Pile, Harry Watt, Alice Holt, Damien Bratusa, Leo Webley, Mikey Davies and Isabella Davis


Year 9 – Sophie Dension, Ethan Sanders, Amy Hoskin, Charlie Pope, Megan Dorling, Oliver Sutton, Tyler Bayliss, Max Beer and Ethan Sanders


Year 10 – Mason Payne, Zoe Manley, Kieran Towell, Clayton Gagg, Lottie Hodgson, Chloe Sillis and Madelyn Palmer-Kerslake


Students of the Week


Year 7 – Bastian Johns-Kouadio and Bella Giffard


Year 8 – Michalina Jarosz


Year 9 – Jeb Whatley


Year 10 – Holly Smith

Year 11 –

Sixth Form –

House Stars of the week

Year 7

Brunel – JJ Cossey

Christie – George Scrimgeour

Darwin – Lucas West

Fawcett – Theo Hardman

Harrison – Chloe Hollis

Kitson – Letoja Hoxha

Nearne – Tessa White

Pengelly – Filip Frankiewicz


Year 8

Christie – Jay Jay Henderson

Darwin – Thomas Pattison

Fawcett – Liam Cartwright

Harrison – Maddison Rees

Kitson – Caden Somerset

Nearne – Lacey Nicholson

Pengelly – Mia Keenan


Year 9

Brunel – Ewan McLachlan

Christie – Katie Williams

Darwin – Gabrielle Jeneway

Fawcett – Lilly-Anne Winterton

Harrison – Harrison Shaw

Kitson – Preston Scanlan

Nearne – Jack Alcock

Pengelly – Kieran Dale


Homework Stars of the week

Year 7

Brunel – Olivia Riches

Christie – Liam Baillie-Hogan

Darwin – Charlie Frankum

Fawcett – Simon Drost

Harrison – Alex Hilton

Kitson – Leigha Smith

Nearne – Bella Sherwood

Pengelly – Oliver Nunn


Year 8

Christie – Alfie Slater

Darwin – Mikey Davies

Fawcett – Alex Thomas

Harrison – Jack Butcher

Kitson – Tammy Westacott

Nearne – Skye Richards

Pengelly – Alex McDowall


Year 9

Brunel – Timika Kenneford

Christie – Kane Adamson

Darwin – Ben German

Fawcett – Lily-May Bruton

Harrison – Evan Kinghorn

Kitson – Tommy Aldous

Nearne – Robin Pightling

Pengelly – Shelby Astley-Rubin


Sparx Leaderboards





Tassomai Leaderboards

Y7 Tassomai Leaderboards

Y8 Tassomai Leaderboards


Y9 Tassomai Leaderboards

Y10 Tassomai Leaderboards (1)