PSHE Day, Sister Act, Debating Society and GCSE Prep


On Friday we had the second of our three PSHE days for this year.


Year 7

Year 7 students looked at some ways to keep healthy, including what makes a balanced diet to how to deal with change and setbacks. Students also looked at ways that the media can impact them, including ways for them to judge is something on TV or on line is appropriate for them to watch and how to ensure our online relationships are safe. Students looked at what makes a family and how varied they can be and that these differences and others should be celebrated. Students also looked at ways to manage money, including budgeting and how to identify if something really is value for money. Students ended the day with the first of a series of lessons on Alcohol and Drug use. In this case, they looked at the impact of energy drinks.


Year 8

The Year 8 students had all 3 of their sessions on Alcohol and Drug use on this day. The first session looked at the use of illegal drugs and the attitudes and beliefs that students had in connection to drug use amongst young people. The second looked at the long and short-term consequences of possession, supply or intent to supply an illegal drug. The final session looked at the impact and health risks of alcohol and cannabis use. Other sessions involved how we can use coping strategies to support our mental wellbeing, the role of a parent and discrimination. Students also had an introduction into different forms of contraception.


Year 9

As part of their Relationship and Sex education Year 9 looked in more depth into the different forms of contraception. Students also looked at the issue of domestic abuse, consent, how to form safe friendships online, ways to protect their identity and issues surrounding sexting. Students also took part in a careers session looking at what skills will be important in the future and how to ensure that they have these skills.


Year 10

Year 10 looked at the impact poor choices can have on their health and wellbeing and some strategies to manage their lifestyle to improve their performance. They also looked at the role of a parent and how and when to make the decision to have a baby. Students also looked at healthy relationships, the role of marriage within a relationship and how to manage unwanted attention. Students also had 2 Drug and Alcohol sessions. The first looked at how alcohol affects our decision making and how to manage the risks associated with its use. The second looked at how our decisions related to substance use can be influenced and how to develop strategies to manage these influences.


Sixth Form

Sixth Form students followed a carousel of workshops focusing on their futures. They learnt all about the wonders of university life, the option of pursuing an apprenticeship and how to maintain their well-being in the meantime. Furthermore, students participated in the annual Learn2Live event that raises their awareness of road safety.



Year 11

The Year 11 students used the time to focus upon the examinations that have coming up in the New Year.  Some subjects ave exams in January and other has continuous assessment that the students focused upon.

Year 11 (1) Year 11 (2)


Year 7 Student Council


This week we launched our new Year 7 Student Council. After an application process involving a written application to tutors and a ballot within tutor groups, the following students were selected. They will meet regularly with Mr Jones to share the student voice and discuss issues related to the Year 7 Hub.


Sixth Form Debating Society


This week saw the inaugural meeting of the 6th Form Debating Society. Twenty three students attended to debate the proposal: ‘This House believes that feminism has gone too far.’ After some very impressive and well-researched opening speeches we had a lively debate that ranged over a wide variety of viewpoints.

All the students were extremely impressive and articulate in the expression of their ideas and opinions with everyone in agreement that Finnegan Jessulat had won the prize for best speaker–even more impressive given that Finn only moved to England from Germany three months ago. Next week we will be debating the proposal: ‘This House believes there should be a second referendum over Brexit.’



Performing Arts Academy


Years 9, 10 and 11 are working incredibly hard in the singing, acting and dance sessions.  Have a look at the amazing routine by the Year 11s who are performing a song from Sister Act.





Online parents’ evening


This week we had our fist online parents’ evening.  Due to COVID-19 we have moved to online appointments.  The initial feedback we have had from parents and teachers was that the system was very easy to use and the evening was a great success.


Gold Effort!


It was fantastic to see a record number of Year 7 students achieving a First Class effort grade for Cycle 1. 43 students were awarded the top classification for their attendance, behaviour, mindset for learning and homework. We are all very proud of the start you have made to life at TA!


Sparx XP Leaderboards

Students are checking their position on the Sparx XP leaderboard that was released on Monday. Some incredible totals – some students have earned over 10000 XP in cycle alone!

27.11.20 Sparx XP Leaderboards


Girls’ football back on track


Unfortunately, our Girls’ First team has been hit with students isolating over the past month.  It was lovely to see the full squad back in training this week.


Mindset for Learning

Year 7


Lyra Bowstead and Madison Findlay-Peers have been recognised by their teachers as demonstrating an outstanding mindset for learning in every subject. This is a measure of their determination, resilience and willingness to challenge themselves in class. Well done to you both!


Year 8



Year 8 Outstanding mindset for learning – Bea Corline


Students of the Week


Year 7 – Madison Findlay – Peers



Year 8 – Marissa Farrington



Year 9 – Kole Gjikolaj



Year 10 – Toby Leaver



Year 11 –


House Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel – Christian Cornforth

Christie – Callum Jackson

Darwin – Lilly Phillips

Fawcett – Isla Aldworth

Harrison – Harrison Hogg

Kitson – Wojcjech Tabaczuk

Nearne – Willow Kendall

Pengelly – Isabelle Roberts

Year 8

Brunel – Honey Buckingham

Christie – Coral Stewart

Darwin – Roberta Bankes-Fay

Fawcett – Callum Yeates

Harrison – Sophie Packer

Kitson – Damien Bratusa

Nearne – Thomas Stimpson

Pengelly – Shanice Rees

Year 9

Brunel – Josh Thompson

Christie – Penny Richards

Darwin – Danny Frankum

Fawcett – Steven Jeffs

Harrison – Sam Kelly

Kitson – Pierce Gerring

Nearne –

Pengelly – Grace Povey

Homework Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel –

Christie – Harry Taylor

Darwin – Charlie Green

Fawcett – Emily Banks

Harrison – Chloe Hollis

Kitson – Orlando Maric

Nearne – Harrison Davies

Pengelly – Bella Giffard

Year 8

Brunel – Finn Mallen

Christie – Elliot Lawton

Darwin – Jessica Taylorson

Fawcett – Zak Roberts

Harrison – Lauren Catt

Kitson – Samuel Eaton

Nearne – Kevin Vieira

Pengelly – Emma Roadnight

Year 9

Brunel – Craig Mintern

Christie – Phoebe Staples

Darwin – Erin Loader

Fawcett – Ed Fogarty

Harrison –

Kitson – Fin Gaisford

Nearne –

Pengelly – Bogdan Pamfile


Sparx Leader boards








Tassomai Leader boards

Y7 Tassomai LeaderboardsY8 Tassomai Leaderboards


Y9 Tassomai LeaderboardsY10 Tassomai Leaderboards

Y11 Tassomai Leaderboards