Inspiring students, video conferencing and a baby fox

Inspiring Home Learning

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This week I had a few wonderful hours as I visited a number of our students to deliver certificates and chocolate bars to our students who have really gone above and beyond with their home learning.  I would have loved to have had time to visit more of our wonderful students who are all working so hard every single day.  As this half term comes to a close, I continue to be inspired by our amazing students who are still making great progress in these strange circumstances. I am so very proud of them all.



Fun Friday

After half term we will be holding a house juggling competition for students.  Here you can see our Heads of House showing how (not) to do it!  There have been accusations of foul play made about Mr Chadwick…




I love seeing what our students are getting up to beyond their home learning as they take part in so many different enrichment activities.  The winner of last week’s raffle was Lottie Hodgson.


Amazing Art

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The Art department loved these detailed drawings by Honey Evans in Year 9. Honey has been working on a Nuts and Bolts project, next she is going to work on some drawings of insects then fuse her ideas together to create a Steampunk insect! Honey is looking forward to making her creation out of clay when we are back at school.

Plus there have been lots of other creative ideas flooding in, here are a few more.

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Home training

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Our Director of Football, Mr Hogg, has been taking training sessions online.  They have included team discussions, game models and most important their live physical sessions.


6th Form futures event


Mrs Hosking held an online conference for our Year 12s and their families this week.  It was an exceptionally well-attended meeting and it shows how engaged our students are in planning for their futures.


TA baby fox


This little fox was spotted walking past the main reception door this week.


Textile artwork

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During enrichment time our students have been produced some amazing pieces of work with Mrs Lynch.


IMG-9924 (1) IMG-9922 (1)


Governing body meeting

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As always I am exceptionally grateful to our governors for their diligent service to the school.  This week we held a virtual full governing body meeting.  We are all getting used to working in news ways.


Sparx Leaderboards



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