Motor racing back on track, exams season and DofE

Back on track!


Last Sunday the school’s in-house motorsport team set off to Glorious Goodwood for their first race of 2021 in the super eco-friendly Greenpower race series where they took to the grid alongside other teams from around the country. Covid conditions meant that not one but 2 minibuses were required to head off from the school gates at 3am, one loaded with the experienced year 10 team whilst the other was taking the year 9 team for their maiden event. Upon arrival some early glitches were overcome to ensure that both cars sailed through scrutineering and were free to start clocking up some all important practice laps. The anxiety and excitement amongst the drivers was evident; particularly within the year 9 team, none of whom had any experience of driving the car at all, let alone on such a prestigious stage! All who drove performed admirably, completing the practise sessions with no issues and significantly more confidence than they started with. Adam Clark and Harrison Shaw took to the grid ready for the first of 4 twenty minute sprint races and were immediately showing good pace, leading from the front. The first race couldn’t have gone better, Pugh, driven by Adam, won just pipping Harrison to the flag by a single second. A one two finish really buoyed the team and made the trip worthwhile!
As the races progressed the drivers competed wheel to wheel with the quickest cars, including one that has just been built by Red Bull F1! However, as the clock ticked away both Pugh and Bindon suffered with energy issues which adversely effected stamina. This led to Bindon not starting the final race to prevent causing any damage to the motor and batteries. The final standings left Pugh in an admirable 4th place and Bindon in 17th.

The true victory was the outstanding teamwork showed right across Team TA which will undoubtedly serve us well at our next race in Cornwall in June.



The exam season begins


They’re A levels and GCSEs, but not quite as we know them…  I feel such pride at how our Year 11 and 13 students have prepared themselves in spite of the year they have faced and the uncertainty surrounding the examinations.  They have worked so hard over the years and I really hope they get the grades that they deserve.



100% Sparx completion…


Every week thousand and thousand of Sparx questions are answered by our brilliant students.  Due to illness or another reason one or two students are not able to complete every question.  This week we had 100% Sparx completion from every single year 9 studen! Well done to them and to the year group team for this impressive feat.


Bronze D of E Success

14.05.21 DofE Bronze

The following Year 11 students finally achieved their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards despite COVID-19 lockdown interruptions. Congratulations to them all!

Madeleine Reeve, Jake Winstone, Oliver Stoneman, Ben Aldous, Sean Andrews, Archie Hodgson-Hunt, Anthony Brooking, Alfie Sams


Brilliant Block Bots

14.05.21 Y8 Brilliant Block Bots

Year 8 students in Design & Technology have been completing projects that they were halfway through making when the last lockdown struck. Now that we are back in the workshops, students have been making excellent use of tools and equipment to finish their block bot stationery holders – wooden painted characters inspired by popular culture. The creativity, originality and overall quality of finish of each product has been impressive – as you can see from the photos below. Well done, Year 8!


Olivia Reaches UK Dance Final

14.05.21 Olivia Dance Final

Olivia Painter in Year 9 has reached the final for the ballet section of the UK dance class competing against other participants from all over the UK.  Olivia was recorded in the dance studio at Totnes Dance School at the start of May, where she attends most days, as this year it is an online competition.  The final will be on zoom in the near future.  We wish Olivia every success in the final and look forward to hearing how she gets on.  Good luck, Olivia!


Plymouth Track and Field


Year 9s Ava, Hannah and Penny competed in the 1st Devon Open athletics meet at Brickfields Arena, Plymouth.  Ava entered 200m, 75m hurdles & shotput.  Hannah 100m(pb), 200m(pb) & shot put.  Penny 300m.

The girls put in excellent performances after a long break from competing & look forward to further events this summer.


Annie dates


With the pathway to reopening on course, we are hopeful that the Year 7 musical will take place!  There are two dates in the diary for July.  More about the performances later, but in the meantime please enjoy them rehearsing.

Year 8 Top Effort

14.05.21 Y8 Top Effort1 14.05.21 Y8 Top Effort2

Year 9 Art Students


This past week has seen Year 9 art students busy learning about the art of painting with watercolours. Students have been experimenting with creating washes, building layers of colour and creating some amazing paintings looking at fruit. The students will extend their skills over the next couple of lessons and learn about additional approaches including, wet on wet, resist and dry brush techniques. Mrs Lynch has been very impressed with the work that the students have produced and looks forward to seeing what they will produce over the summer term.


Chance to Shine

image_6483441 (1)

Our Year 8 girls have had the opportunity this week to work with Anne-Marie from Chance 2 Shine. She delivered a cricket lesson to the girls which they really enjoyed!


Fun Friday


This week students were given a quiz that involved members of staff’s graduation photos…  They had to identify the fresh-faced member of staff and guess the exact degree they studied.


Governor’s Gold Certificates

IMG_8367 (1)

Year 7 – Jemimah Jones

Governor’s Silver Certificates


Year 7 – Amelia Berriman, Eve Cameron, Daisy Faulkner and Seth Margetts


Governor’s Bronze Certificates


Year 7 – Agata Sadlik, Lyra Bowstead, Amara Phillips and Amelia Rogers


Principal’s Gold Certificates


Year 7 – Madison Findlay-Peers, Lottie Davis, Sam Alcock, Charlie Knight, leah Hope, Daytona Vickers, Emma Matthews, Olivia Riches and Callum Cliff


Year 8 – Kevin Vieira, Callum Yeates, Sophie Packer and Ryan Hooper


Principal’s Silver Certificates



Year 7 – Mya Hoskin, Liam Trapp, Emily Owen, Gideon Prowse, Gregg Hindom, Paige Clements, Faith Batham, Naomi Redmond, Molly Burns, William Jackson, Jessica Mitchell, Jayden Field, Ruby Donaldson, Leon Bell, Jack Woolley and Harry Marsden



Year 8 – Lauren Catt, Dylan Nock, Elspeth Herring, Michaline Jarosz, Alfie Walker-Fenner, Tammy Westacott, Cleo Fry, Riley Batten, Maddy Fairhurst, Rebecca Glasson, Aliyah Smith, Cameron Bolton-Caulfield, Tammy Westacott, Henry McManus, Harvey Squires, Aleah Coombes, Lily Lewis-Shermer, Jake Green, Alfie Slater, Jasmine Evans and Emily Chamberlain

IMG_8352 (1)

Year 9 – Shelby Astley-Rubin, Karl McMahon and Phoebe Lown


Principal’s Bronze Certificates


Year 7 – Maisy Moran, Faith Wagstaffe, Toby Lee, Niamh Coker, Katie Rowe, Isla Aldworth, Daniel Eales, Emily Banks, Caitlin Williams, Zack Shaw, Jasmine Hayman and Alex Hilton


Year 9 – Callum Oldham, Jemima Holt, Erin Loader, Maverick Milton, Joshua Robinson, Livvy Tysall, Bradley Russ, Erin Allen, Charlotte Sweeney, Joshua Batham and Emily Tucker


Year 10 – Gareth Mufford, Jack Howlett, Marcus Griffiths and Alisha Morris


Students of the Week


Year 7 – Oliver Jones and Aliyah Smith



Year 8 -Finn Mallen


Year 9 – Ellie-Mae Mitchell



Year 10 – Jack Howlett



Sixth Form – Aaron Barnes


House Stars of the week

Year 7

Christie – Oscar Hughes

Darwin – Sara Santos-Martins

Fawcett – Benjamin Poston

Harrison – Olivia Hosking

Kitson – Phoebe Denbow

Nearne – Chloe Hills

Pengelly – Leon Bell


Year 8

Brunel – Rebecca Glasson

Christie – Alfie Harnett

Darwin – Serena Iordache

Fawcett – Rose Phillips

Harrison – Lexy McLaurin

Kitson – Chloe Rae

Nearne – Amari Hadley

Pengelly – Shaun Pinto


Year 9

Brunel – Timika Kenneford

Christie – Phoebe Asplen

Darwin – Abi Anderson

Fawcett – Callum Oldham

Harrison – Josh Hawkings

Kitson – Cole Shobbrook

Nearne – Monica Mitula

Pengelly – Shelby Astley-Rubin


Homework Stars of the week

Year 7

Christie –Poppii Marshall

Darwin – Adam Wright

Fawcett – Isabel Towell

Harrison – James Reynolds

Kitson – Benjamin Watts

Nearne – Keeley Enston

Pengelly – Ruby Donaldson


Year 8

Brunel – Presley Driscoll-Wilding

Christie – Harvey Wootton

Darwin – Thomas Harrison

Fawcett – Lexi Silvester

Harrison – Emily Chamberlain

Kitson – Harry Hollomby

Nearne – Thomas Stimpson

Pengelly – Alfie Porter


Year 9

Brunel – Ava Mitchell

Christie – Chayden Talbot

Darwin – Jack Darke

Fawcett – Darcy Thompson-Wade

Harrison – Ellie-Mae Mitchell

Kitson – Skye Warner

Nearne – Erin Pound

Pengelly – Coral Rogers


Sparx Leaderboards

7MostImproved14 8MostImproved14 9MostImproved14 10MostImproved14 11MostImproved14

Tassomai Leaderboards

Y7 Tassomai LeaderboardsY8 Tassomai Leaderboards


Y9 Tassomai LeaderboardsY10 Tassomai Leaderboards