TA Remembers, national cup successes and busy Year 7s

A Cadet-led Tribute at School Remembrance Day

In a display of unity and respect, our school community, led by the dedicated efforts of our cadets staff and students, came together to commemorate Remembrance Day with unwavering commitment.

The cadets, embodying the values of discipline and honour, played a pivotal role in orchestrating a solemn ceremony that paid homage to our fallen heroes. Their meticulous planning and precise execution ensured that every aspect of the event resonated with the gravity it deserved.

Cadets, staff and Students across all years groups actively participated, contributing thoughtful reflections around the school’s halls.

The depth of their engagement reflected not only their creativity but also an understanding of the historical significance of Remembrance Day.

The cadets disciplined drill performances, bugler and drummer added a poignant visual element to the ceremony, underscoring the dedication of our youth to preserving the memory of those who sacrificed for our freedom.

In essence, the combined efforts of our cadets and school students transformed Remembrance Day into a powerful and moving experience. Their commitment to honouring
our heroes not only bridged generational gaps but also served as a reminder that as a community, we stand stronger when we remember and respect our shared history.


Mr Whelan led assemblies throughout the week to explain why we wear poppies, explaining the remembrance ceremony and to share his experiences and tales of his comrades.


Remembrance Day art Installation

The last two weeks have seen a hive of activity in Mrs Lynch’s art room, where many of our very talented art students have been busy creating some exciting and unique artwork to commemorate and mark the anniversary of ‘Remembrance Day’.

Year 8 students have been exploring colour theory and working with water colours to create their very eye-catching sunset paintings with silhouetted soldiers. Many of them have added their own sentiments and messages to personalise their work.

Students from years 9, 10 & 11 spent half a lesson drawing a poppy onto fabric to create a stunning wall hanging, Mrs Gibbings very kindly stitched all the work together and the individual textiles pieces look stunning set against the deep red backcloth.

Finally a big thankyou goes to Saffron Kelsey and a few others who helped Mrs Lynch create the ‘Remberance Day’ Manniquin Art Installation.  Mrs Lynch says she is extremely proud of all her art students efforts, what a fitting display.


Primary School Music Workshops

On Monday our sixth form musicians delivered three music workshops to the Gulls. Puffins and Penguins (aka Y5 classes) at Barton Hill Academy. As part of their current diploma unit, Music in the Community, the students are required to plan and deliver a music workshop to their chosen target audience. The students started preparing in September by leading various musical activities with our KS3 students and before long they were delivering a whole 75 minute workshop to our Y7 music classes.

The workshops began with either a performance of Riptide or As It Was by the sixth formers, followed by an assortment of multitasking warm up activities. After this the Y5 students were invited to choose an instrument to learn and the sixth form students lead breakout groups on guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion and vocals. Each workshop culminated in a huge class performance with each one of the Y5 students performing alongside our sixth form musicians. Feedback from the day has been overwhelmingly positive and our sixth form musicians are proud and humbled to have inspired so many youngsters to take up a musical instrument and develop a passion for music in the same way they have.


House News – Battle of the Brains

Our annual Battle of the Brains house competition has taken place and as always, teams of four Year 7 students from each house battled against each other to answer a series of general knowledge questions in order to get through to the next round. There were a huge number of volunteers wanting to represent their houses and the enthusiasm from students was incredible. The final took place on Friday between Nearne and Pengelly-watched by the whole of 7N and 7P, house captains, Mr Gratton and Mr Chadwick. Both teams had already knocked out two other houses to be in the position to play and so naturally
tensions were high. Additionally, this was the first time Nearne had been in a final and the team were desperate to win. The game was really close, even coming down to a tie break question! Ultimately the Pengelly team comprised of: Mya Sellick, Esme Poole, Kumar Hopton and Cooper Syms were victorious over a very disappointed Nearne team: Olive Szyzka, Heidi Milner, Maddison Wood and Benjamin Cowie.

There were prizes for both the winners and runners-up and sweets for the whole of 7P. This marks Pengelly’s fourth successive victory; can they be beaten?


Year 7 Food Technology

The year sevens have been producing the most delightful cheese and bacon scones. They focused on all the skills and techniques essential to create delicious and tasty savoury scones. Well done to you all.


Salad Servers

Our Year 12 Product Design students have been busy designing and creating salad servers in the style of influential designer Phillippe Starck, who designs for Alessi.
In order to create these creative and practical utensils, our Year 12s have used a range of skills, including sketch, CAD on 2D design, CAM using laser cutting and thermoplastic heat bending with moulds.
Take a look at the results!


Another very busy week for the Torquay Academy Cadets

On Tuesday another thrilling adventure to the DCCT (Digital Combat Cadet Training) range. The DCCT range offers cadets a unique opportunity to hone their marksmanship skills, using high-tech simulated firearms. This training not only instils discipline and focus but also allows our cadets to understand the importance of precision in the armed forces.

Simultaneously, the RAF cadets had a different kind of training day. They visited 200 Sqn for drill training, an essential component of their preparation for the upcoming Remembrance Parade. Learning drill techniques helps instil discipline and coordination, essential skills for any member of the Royal Air Force cadets.

Wednesday’s parade was a sight to behold, with over 150 cadets participating. The formation of the cadets was a testament to the discipline and unity they’ve developed throughout their CCF journey.

Year 8 cadets took part in Drill and Command Tasks. Wednesday was all about continuing to master the basics. They focused on drill and command tasks, learning to left and right turn with precision and execute orders effectively. This foundational training is essential as it instils discipline, teamwork, and leadership qualities.

Years 9 and 10 carried out Section Drills and Fire and Manoeuvre. The older cadets, in Years 9 and 10, engaged in more advanced training. They delved into section drills and fire and manoeuvre exercises. These activities are crucial for developing tactical skills, teamwork, and the ability to handle real-world military scenarios effectively.

In conclusion The CCF program at Torquay Academy is not just about military training; it’s a platform for young individuals to grow and develop into responsible, disciplined, and confident leaders. The experiences our cadets gain in the CCF extend far beyond the academy and prepare them for success in their future endeavours. As these dedicated young cadets continue to hone their skills, they exemplify the values of discipline and teamwork. Their commitment to these activities and their dedication to one another make them a formidable and inspiring group, and we look forward to seeing their continued growth and success in the CCF program at Torquay Academy.


Year 7 Science with Miss Foster

This cycle in Science – Scientific Skills – they have been familiarising ourselves with equipment, safety in the lab, how to plan investigations and also separating techniques of mixtures. They have so far looked into filtration, chromatography, distillation and evaporation to separate both soluble and insoluble substances from solutions. Miss Foster’s class put these techniques to practice this week by making their own copper sulphate salt crystals. Firstly, they practised their equations for neutralisation to understand the products they would be making.
They then planned our experiment:
And finally, they left our copper sulphate solutions to evaporate the water and crystallise.
Miss Foster has been so impressed with the Year 7s this cycle, putting all of their prior learning to practice with our scientific investigations. Keep it up!


Sport with Mr Grinsill

This week in Year 9 Sports Science lessons, they have been continuing to look at the different components of fitness. Each student will then complete a series of tests that test that fitness component and compare their scores with normative data.

Students are currently building an understanding of how these components of fitness can help in their physical performance in sports as well as identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Students are also learning how to take part in these tests and ensure that they are fair.

Students are developing a profile of themselves and identifying their strengths and weaknesses and then as they move through the course, they will identify key components for their sports. They will then start to develop training programmes in order to develop these and look to improve their own individual performance.


A Level Chemistry with Mr Gale

It’s been a busy week in Mr Gale’s A-level chemistry classes. Year 13 are drawing towards the end of studying the chemistry of different types of batteries – including car batteries, lithium batteries and fuel cells. As part of this, they have been learning about the chemical reactions that go on inside the battery, all of which involve the loss or gain of electrons. This process, known as redox, causes a flow of electricity as the electrons move.

In the photos, year 13 are investigating the redox chemistry of vanadium-based reactions.

Year 12 chemists have been studying the empirical formula of different compounds. This involves carefully weighing the reactants and products of a reaction to measure the changes in weight. From this, they can work out precisely how many atoms of each type have combined together, which allows them to work out the chemical formula of the substance. In the photos, year 12 are using an analytical balance (which is accurate to one-tenth of a milligram) to weigh substances.


Careers Focus of the Week

Today (Friday 10th November) is “World Science Day for Peace and Development” which became an official day of recognition in 2001 by UNESCO. The purpose of this day is to highlight the important role that science plays in society, particularly as it relates to the emergence of public issues in modern times. In addition, the day is meant to promote the importance and relevance of science as it pertains to the daily lives of average people.

Each year, the committee that puts on the event chooses a theme for the World Science Day for Peace and Development that closely relates to the emerging needs and topics of science in society.

At Torquay Academy, our students have the opportunity to explore the development of science around us in our Science Club. Not only do students get the chance to complete experiments that they don’t see in their classrooms, they also work towards the CREST Award. This award, run by the British Science Association, is a scheme for STEM project work that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers.

With the help and support of teachers and our technician, students explore every day uses of science and plan their own research project to delve into this topic. Previous research projects have included “How does the pH of a fizzy drink affect the flavour?”, “Which soap is the most effective against bacteria?” and the never-ending dilemma “How to make the perfect cup of tea?”.

Science club runs every Tuesday (Week A) in G205 with Mr Spittle and Mr Hanley.


Student of the Week

Year 7 – Alana Houlihan and Lucas Vesely
Year 8 – Dolly Gagg and Trent Blackmore
Year 9 – Carla Lawrence and Alex Nagy

Year 7 Netball CVL

On Tuesday, two teams from the Year 7 Netball Academy attended their first ever central venue league at Paignton Academy.

Team 1 played against Torquay Girls Grammar, Churston Ferrers Grammar school and Paignton Academy. The girls did incredibly well and really started to work together. There were some fantastic goals and interceptions and it was lovely to see the progress we have made since September so clearly on court. The overall coaches player for team 1 was Rosie for fantastic man on man marking, and finding good space when attacking.

Team 2 played matches against Teign, Churston Grammar and Paignton Academy. They showed excellent knowledge of the rules and positions of the game and really started developing their communication with each other towards the end. Overall coaches player went to Seren for some fantastic interceptions and never giving up with her defence inside the D.
It was fantastic to see so many of our young players enjoying the game, and putting everything we have worked on into practice. Well done girls!

Team 1: Seren Chadwick, Matilda Thorner, Tia Woodward, Elena Bolton, Poppi Jones, Rosie Bevan, Alana Houlihan, Lily Langler

Team 2: Seren Stephenson, Lilly Haughton, Kara Breach, Isla Bryant, Lottie Knight, Madison Wood, Heidi Milner, Esme Poole


Year 8 Boys into the last 16 in the country

After a long trip to Thatcham on Thursday, the boys returned comfortable and deserved winners in the National Elite Cup. TA dominated the game from start to finish and could have been out of sight by half term, but took a 1-0 lead into half time; great work from Jamie Tully earned us a penalty which Stan Austin slammed in. After the break, TA’s dominance continued and Alex Moss converted from a good Lee Stevens corner. Kennett scored a speculative goal from distance to get back into the game before great wing play from Zak Haridi set up Oscar Read to score the third and put the game to bed. A solid performance from the boys on a tricky surface.

Year 10 Boys Football vs St Boniface

On Tuesday Year 10 took on St Boniface in round 3 of the national cup. TA had a point to prove after their defeat to Ivybridge before half term. TA started brightly and controlled the game. TA were very dominant in this game from the start and found themselves 3-0 up thanks to Charlie Green within 15 minutes. At this point Mr Grinsill was able to give plenty of game time to others. TA eventually ran out 5-0 winners with the other goals coming from Diego Zulhayir and Albie Baker. TA will now play the winners of Tiverton or Taunton in Round 4 at home.

Starting Line up: Britton, Margetts, Thorner, Johns-Kouadio,, Hindom, White, Lee, Zulhayir, Baker, Green, Sandeman
Subs – Billingham, Billingham, Alcock, Alnutt, Hogg.

House Students of the Week

Year 7

Brunel – George Pitts

Christie – Lily Langler

Darwin – Lucy French

Fawcett – Codi O’Shea

Harrison – Sophia Blake

Kitson – Max Kapusta

Nearne – Frazer Lewis

Pengelly – Niah Slowley


Year 8

Brunel – George Evans

Christie – Harry Lee

Darwin – Kaitlin Jarvis

Fawcett – Emilia Warner

Kitson – Reef Whayman

Nearne – Oscar Read

Pengelly – Emily Cooper


Year 9

Brunel – Summer Lawford

Christie – Francesca Skelly

Darwin – Chloe Brown

Fawcett – Charlie Wise

Harrison – Demi Minty

Kitson – Millie Swift

Nearne – Bella Williams

Pengelly – Julia Tatarynowicz


Homework Students of the Week

Year 7

Brunel – Frederick Blagdon

Christie – Harry Austin

Darwin – Jessica Ferguson

Fawcett – Emelia Wood

Harrison – Seren Stephenson

Kitson – Catherine Ramesh Mani

Nearne – Oliver Forsdyke

Pengelly – Logan Hewitt


Year 8

Brunel – Allanna Butler

Christie – Thomas Cox

Darwin – Lilly-Rose Garbett

Fawcett – Phoenix Reeman

Kitson – Brodi Docherty

Nearne – Emily Watts-Simpson

Pengelly – Freddie Fenner


Year 9

Brunel – Ben Jolly

Christie – Josh Ward

Darwin – Ellie Farthing

Fawcett – Kaiden Mclaren

Harrison – Olly Whittred

Kitson – Chloe Burton

Nearne – Phoenix Quetelle

Pengelly – Any Rogers

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