Netball World School Champs, Art Exhibition and Pizza

Netball World School Championships

Our netball academy girls from Years 9,10,11 & 12 travelled to Loughborough to compete in the World School Games to take part in a three day tournament. They started their trip off in style with a training session delivered by a Super League netball player, followed by an official opening ceremony.  Our U18 squad then participated in the curtain raiser match against Dubai College.

Throughout the tournament, the girls represented TA to the highest level both on and off the court, playing multiple highly contested matches against teams from across the world in the U15 and U18 age groups. Both teams showcased some fantastic netball, working well together as a team and proving what hard work can achieve! Whilst the results did not always go their way, it was clear to see that Team TA’s level and ability are matched to the top teams. What an achievement.

On top of the netball, the girls experienced so much more on this trip together…rounders, team challenges, congas, a glimpse into life at university, Nando’s, and a minibus sing-off! Memories were made to last a lifetime!!

Well done to our Coaches Player’s of the tournament, Mia Denby (U18) and Eve Cameron (U15) and our Most Improved Players of the Tournament, Ellie Denby (U18) and Matilda Stevens (U15). A special mention also goes to Tammy Westacott/Isabelle Moxham (U18) and Phoebe Smith(U15) who were voted as Player’s Players of the tournament. Miss Lewis and Mrs Westacott are very proud of all of the girls who took part.

U18 Squad: Mia Denby (C), Ellie Denby, Tammy Westacott, Summer Connolly, Elspeth Herring, Isabelle Moxham, Brooke Tully, Millie Sneap

U15 Squad: Eve Cameron (C), Ema Kestell, Amara Phillips, Jemimah Jones, Larna Waller, Maisie Sandercock, Lucy McMahon, Chloe German, Frankie Skelly, Matilda Stevens, Phoebe Smith, Ellie Farthing



Year 10 Art Workshop with Artist – James Lake

Our Year 10 students recently participated in an inspiring one-day artist workshop creating imaginative cardboard head sculptures with the expertise and support of visiting local artist James Lake.

The students have spent the last few weeks preparing for the day by exploring cardboard surface textures and making a supporting framework to build upon. James showcased examples of his work and discussed the unique properties of cardboard, after which students dove into constructing the skeletal framework of their sculptures.
Post-lunch, students meticulously cut, folded, and layered cardboard to craft facial features and intricate designs under James’ patient guidance. The room buzzed with creativity as they worked on their sculptures, adding personality and depth. It provided a great opportunity to use an accessible, free and recyclable medium and build sculpting skills that can be reused throughout the GCSE course. By the end of the day, each student had a unique, cardboard head sculpture which will be showcased later in the year in the Platform.


Empowering Girls

For the past term 4 of our lovely year 9 girls have been participating in the Empowering Girls programme set up by the Devon, Plymouth and Torbay Careers Hub. The Empowering Girls Project has an aim to empower year 9 girls and make them feel more confident and powerful to take up space. The girls were matched with experienced mentors from a range of professions who then work with the girls for 6-7 weeks to build their confidence and aspirations for the future. They tackle difficult conversations such as what they struggle with in school, lovely conversations which consider who their inspirations are and what they would like to do after school. Our four year 9 girls who participated were Freya, Isabelle, Tegan and Maja. All girls have loved working with their mentors and are feeling so much happier and more confident.
On Wednesday 3rd July the four girls, Miss Essam-Wood and Miss Aplin were invited to Winslade Manor to celebrate the achievements of the girls. We listened to three wonderful speakers who were all incredibly inspiring and we were all in awe of the wonderful stories and messages of the speakers. The girls got to meet their mentors again and were able to catch up  and also were able to meet the other mentors in the programme. The girls then all received a lovely certificate to reward them for their hard work and effort during the past term. We know that the work they have put in is just the start of becoming even more confident girls which will support them through their GCSEs and beyond. Well done to all four of you, we are so proud!
We are hoping to continue working with Devon, Plymouth and Torbay Careers Hub to empower more of our wonderful girls.


The Funky Anchovy

A terrific success from our local Pizza mobile Catering Company named the Funky Anchovy ! The Hospitality and Catering students were super impressed by the presentation and demonstration from David Halsey and his mobile wood fired pizza van called Scarlet. In the workshop he discussed the process in starting up his business and how to make it successful, all the relevant information and questions that are part of their qualification … working in the Hospitality and Catering Industry. They were then able to see the way the pizzas are made and got top tips on how to make a classic thin crust Italian pizza . The piece de resistance was then in the sampling of the wonderful pizzas. They were devoured extremely quickly and a resounding success with all the students and staff . Thank you so much to David Halsey for visiting TA and we hope that he returns very soon !


Geography Field Trip

The Year 10 Geographers completed their physical fieldwork over two days at Dawlish Warren last week collecting their data that contributes towards their Paper 3 in the summer of 2025. Students measured sediment sizes along the groynes of Dawlish Warren, completed bi-polar surveys for coastal management and developed their field sketch skills. A great way to put what they have been learning in the classroom to practice.


A Level Art & Photography Exhibition

On Tuesday evening, the Creative Arts Department at Torquay Academy was transformed into a vibrant gallery showcasing the exceptional talents of our A Level Art and Photography students. The exhibition attracted a wonderful turnout, with staff, students, friends, and family members all gathering to celebrate the culmination of months of hard work and creativity.

The atmosphere was electric as visitors moved through the displays, each piece telling a unique story and showcasing the diverse range of techniques and styles mastered by our students. From evocative photographs capturing the raw essence of everyday moments to intricate paintings and mixed media artworks that pushed the boundaries of conventional art forms, the exhibition was a testament to the students’ dedication and passion.

One of the evening’s highlights was the evident pride and joy in the faces of the artists as they explained the inspiration and processes behind their works. This interactive element added a personal touch, allowing guests to gain deeper insights into the creative journeys of the students. It was clear that the support from the school community played a significant role in nurturing their artistic development.

In conclusion, the A Level Art & Photography exhibition at Torquay Academy was a resounding success. It not only showcased the remarkable talents of our students but also highlighted the strength of our school community. Mrs Lynch and Mrs Lithgow are extremely proud of their students’ achievements and very much look forward to seeing what their new A level Creative Arts students produce next year!


Year 8 Celebration Evening

Subject Awards

English – Emily Lock and Edi Ferencz Csibi
Maths – Poppy Sanderson and Harry Pudney
Science – Katie Peryer and Jonathan Siuchninski
Religious Studies – Lily Thomas and George Evans
History – Tanya Neil and Logan Clatworthy
Geography – Anastasiia Tukilush and George Viediernikov
PE – Robyn Higgins and Noah Margetts
Drama – Daisy Board and Cody Burton
Art – Imogen Hartnett and Gustaw Adamsczak
French – Kiara Ujj and George Evans
Spanish – Poppy Sanderson and Brodi Docherty
Technology – Emmy Warren and Matthew Campan
Music – Hattie Gamble and Francis Downer


Effort Award

Chloe-Mae Jones, Noah Margetts, Lilly-Rose Garbett, Kiara Ujj, Cody Burton, Matthew Campan, Mason Findlay-Peers, James Beer, Riain Leal, Maria Nihtyanova, Milan Ujj, Leon Snell, Daisy Board, Kordian Wisnki, Sean Canham, Charlotte Holmes-Vittles, Edi Ferencz Csibi, Gustaw Adamczak, Tyler Evans, Kaitlin Jarvis, Mollie Longthorpe, Phoenix Reeman, Izzy Goldbrough and Louise Porter


Year Team Awards

8B – Alexa Lyons and George Evans
8C – Chloe-Mae Jones and Cody Burton
8D – Daisy Board and Finlay Clark
8F – Saphi Byers and Mason Findlay-Peers
8H – Maria Nihtyanova and Kordian Wisnik
8K – Annie Aldous and Tyler Evans
8N – Leah Hollis and Hayden Quadling
8P – Anastasiia Tukilush and Edi Ferencz-Csibi


Other Awards

Golden Mortar board – Tanya Neil and George Viediernikov
Top House Points – Jessie Mountstevens and Brodi Docherty
Power Up – Ella Weeks and Harry McCarthy
Lexonik – Robyn Higgins and Kaelum Bowness
Sparx – Kiara Ujj and Harry McCarthy
Tassomai – Lilly-Rose Garbett and Edi Ferencz Csibi
Head Boy/Girl award – Molly Hollomby and Cody Burton


Year 9 Celebration Evening

Subject Awards

English – Daisey Johns and James Bond
Maths – Poppy Sims-Walton and Cody Cave
Biology – Grace Green and George O’Hanlon
Chemistry – Faye Cassidy and Ben Jeffs
Physics – Ruby Sellick and Leon O’Connor
Religious Studies – Summer Holmes and Harrison Harkin
History – Carla Lawrence and Ethan Lynch
Geography – Kelsey Drew and Oliver Welsh
PE – Ashleigh Evans and Josh Parkinson
Drama – Imogen Symonds and Joshua Ward
Art – Lena Galazkiewicz and William Kelly
French – Chloe Burton and Ethan Lynch
Spanish – Rebecca Quarshie and Kaiden McClaren
Product Design – Julia Tatarynowicz and Oliver Cocker
Music Performance – Ella Randall and Joe Boyce
Health and Social Care – Millie Swift and Maile Beavis
Dance – Sienna Painter and Chloe German
Construction – Kiel Mortimer and Oscar Mills
Automotive – Emilee Payne and Oscar Leonard
Food – Grace Halsey and Lucas Chappell
ICT – Lucy McMahon and Jack Slater
Business Studies – Phoebe Smith and Barnaby George
Sport Science – Francesca Skelly and Mikolaj Piasecki
Music Technology – Kaiden Mclaren and Darcy Mellish
Media Studies – Charlotte Little and Blayre Holden


Effort Award

Harrison Harkin, Oliver Cocker, Josh Parkinson, Alex Nagy, Connie Kinghorn, Lucas Chappell, Oliver Welsh, Grace Gibbings, Lauren Tanton, Chloe German, Amy Rogers, Harry Paull, Barnaby George, Chloe Burton, Laurentiu Mihai, Ben Jeffs, Emille Payne, Sam Bowden, George O’Hanlon, Kiki Marker, Charlie Wise, Serina James, Freya Coatesworth and Nyla Wakefield


Year Team Awards

9B – Farrah Ambrose and Liam Anthony
9C – Freya Coatesworth and Lucas Chappell
9D – Matilda Stevens and Hamish Herring
9F – Connie McMahon and Lewis Phillips
9H – Sunny Long and Barnaby George
9K – Neve Lithgow and Ethan Lynch
9N – Abigail Yau and Kyron Connor
9P – Phoebe Smith and Alex Nagy


Other Awards

Year Team Award – Connie Kinghorn and Harrison Harkin
Golden Mortarboard – Poppy Sims-Walton and Olly Payne
Lexonik – Amelia Wisniewska and Dan Hutchison
Sparx – Phoenix Furse and Hamish Herring
Tassomai – Neve Lithgow and Kaiden McLaren
Top House Points – Indy Evans and George O’Hanlon
Head Boy/Girl award – Grace Halsey and Ethan Lynch


Year 10 Celebration Evening

Subject Awards

English – Kirah Clee and Amber Dicken and Bayley Woodger and Joe Taylor
Maths – Naomi Redmond and Oliver Los
Biology – Millie Sneap and Lucian Churchward
Chemistry – Lisa-Marie Szewczuk and Noah Butler
Physics – Olivia Riches and Simon Drost
Religious Studies – Sara Santos-Martin and Austin Howell
History – Keeley Little and Albie Baker
Geography – Oliwia Tuczynska and Harrison Davies
PE – Ellie Jayne-Scott and Colby Britton
Drama – Gabrielle Buys and Ivy Hodgson-Hunt
Art – Nelly Siuchninski and Nebil Zorel
French – Poppy Hedworth and Sonny Church
Spanish – Olivia Hosking and Ruby Bovey
Product Design – Emily Owen and Harrison Davies
Music Performance – Emma Matthews and Charlie Porter
Health and Social Care – Maddison Findlay-Peers and Sara Mills
Dance – Phoebe Denbow and Aliyah Smith
Construction – Lexi Hawkins and Dean Conway
Automotive – Tom Thorner and Bartosz Mitula
Food – Laila Heavens and Theo Hardman
ICT – Grace Milloy and Charlie Hope
Business Studies – Oliwia Tuczynska and Norbert Tomsia
Sport Science – Keeley Little and Oliver Los
Music Technology – Olivia Walters and Sonny Paton
Media Studies – Emily Meloy and Ben Poston


Effort Award

Madison Findlay-Peers, Emma Matthews, Cerys Lowe, Isabelle Moxham, Norbert Tomsia, Amelie McCaul, Padma Priya Padmasree Suresh Kumar, Olivia Hosking, Seth Margetts, Sonny Church, Modercai Dzingai, Dolce Zulhayir, James Billingham, Charlie Hope, Lisa-Marie Szewczuk, Naomi Redmond, Willow Kendal, Austin Howell, Bayley Woodger, Oliwia Tuczynska, Olivia Walters, Simon Drost, Caitlin Cornish and Martina Vijayakumar


Tutor Awards

T Hanley – Leah Hope and Oliver Los
K May – Dolce Zulhayir and Phoebe Denbow
E Baker – Oliwia Tuczynska and Ollie Coleman
L Pearson – Darcy Reece and Harrison Hogg
S Martin – Bartosz Mitula and Chloe Hollis
G Penrice – Lily Phillips and Callum Jackson
P Antcliff – Evita Labalaukyte and Kowen Essiful
W Lawrence – Erin Giffard and Filip Frankiewicz
A Clarke – Isabella Richards and Modercai Dzingai
S Daw – Paige Clements and Harry Smith


Other Awards

Year team award – Charlie Grimley and Rayan Nafim
Golden Mortar board – Lily Phillips and Simon Drost
Sparx – Cerys Lowe and Charlie Pettit
Tassomai – Emma Matthews and Noah Takahashi-McGilvray
Top House Points – Sara Santos Martins and George Scrimgeour
Head boy / head girl award – Ivy Hodgson Hunt and Harry Smith
Lucy Foster Maths – Olivia Hosking

Sixth Form Celebration Evening

Subject Awards

Art – Coral Rogers, Katie Packer and Freya Boote
Biology – Lauren Carr, Klara Cornforth, Kelsey Hawkings and Leo Dunkley
Business Studies – Danny Frankum, Ellie Denby, Harvey Bates and Holly Bastow
Chemistry – Josh Hawkings, Joe Oborn, Tyler James Nunn and Emilie Cartwright Lomax
Economics – Kole Gjikolaj, Mia Denby, Ryan Johns-Kouadio and Maddy Brewer
English Literature – Gabriel Prior, Penny Richards, Holly Smith and Rae Makinson
Further Maths – Bogdan Pamfile, Will Harrison and Alan Kumeiga
Geography – Matt Budavolgyi, Joel Copping, Harvey Bates and Tyler James Nunn
Health and Social Care – Mia Bewers, Shelby Astley Rubin, Angel Fox and Ellie Holloway
History – Amelia Washbrook, Penny Richards, Holly Smith and Maddy Brewer
IT – Will Reed, Josh Jackson-Heritage, Kiera Davies and Daniel Green
Maths – Vensan Crushcov, Younes Bestandji, Lydia Ladd and David Robinson
Media Studies – Evie Heron, Max Beer, Boris Pugh and Scarlet West
Music Performance – Ben German, Anya Page-Dove, Rose Hoyte and Lorenzo De Paoli
Music Technology – Oliver Phillips, Erin Allen, Lucia Aguardo-Georgian and Kai Fowler
Performing Arts – Katie Packer and Finlay McClements
Photography – Melissa Piper Hollie Hand Victoria Bulwicka Freya Boote
Physics Will Harrison Bogdan Pamfile Alan Kumeiga Paige Amphlett
Product Design Hannah Carr Joel Copping David Robinson Oscar Yelland
Sport Ellie Denby Danny Frankum Jack Skedgell Elisha Perrow


Tutor Awards

AJW – Elizabeth Cameron and Charlie Nunn
CEO – Josh Thompson, Lauren Carr, Kelsey Hawkins and Katie Bowyer
DCK – Katie Williams
EVD – Jamie Nunn and Amy Wilson
KJH – Hannah Carr and David Robinson
MXP – Klara Cornforth, Matt Budavolgyi, Grace Cayford and Josh Furze
NAJ – Coral Rogers, Hollie Hand, Katie Packer and Rae Makinson
NAR – Jack Alcock, Danny Frankum, Jack Howlett and Lewis Vinson
SJW – Ben Gosnell and Owen Greenwood
SXP – Oliver Phillips, Callum Edwards, Dylan Weatherburn-Bird, Dan Maw and Poppy Rogers


Effort Award

Kai Alexander, Shelby Astley-Rubin, Layla Batten, Max Beer, Younes Bestandji, Rachel Breach, Matt Budavolgyi, Lauren Carr, Danny Frankum, Ben German, Kole Gjikolaj, Hollie Hand, Joshua Hawkings, Evie Heron, Gabrielle Jeneway, Jamie Nunn, Anya Page-Dove, Olivia Painter, Oliver Phillips, Penny Richards, Ava Sams, Josh Thompson, Lily Unsworth, Katie Williams, Lucia Aguado-Georgian, Harvey Bates, Freya Boote, Elizabeth Cameron, Emilie Cartwright-Lomax, Erin Colclough, Mya Green, Ellie Holloway, Rose Hoyte, Lydia Ladd, Toby Leaver, Jacob Mason, Lila Nyari, Katie Packer, Elisha Perrow, Poppy Rogers, Holly Smith, Bradley Thomas, Lauren Wills and Sophie Wright


Other Awards

Year team award – Penny Richards, Kole Gjikolaj, Ryan Johns-Kouadio and Lizzie Cameron

Year 10 Construction at Exeter College


House Update


DofE Bronze Qualifying Expedition success

Last weekend 41 Year 9 students completed their DofE Bronze award qualifying expedition. The students walked with full rucksacks, carrying their tents, stoves, clothing, food and any other equipment they needed for their two day, overnight expedition. For the qualifying expedition, the students needed to plan their own routes for each of the two days, day one starting at Bantham Beach car park and ending at the campsite at Higher Rew Farm near Salcombe, and Day 2 from the campsite to either East Prawle or for those who wanted to test their stamina further, to Start Point. They needed to ensure their routes would total at least 6 hours of expeditioning. To make it harder Mr Adams insisted that the team’s routes must go inland at least once. so it wasn’t just a case of following the SW Coast Path.
So the expedition weekend came, and the students knew this was the time to put their route planning skills to the test. Now it was time to navigate and follow these well planned routes! With eight teams setting off Mr Brett and Mr Adams had to do two trips to Bantham in the minibuses, and Miss Essam-Wood was at Bantham to set the teams off in 20 minute staggered starts. Each of the teams set off in good spirits. Their routes had to take in the first checkpoint at South Milton Sands where they encountered Mrs Lancaster, then Hope Cove where the groups saw Miss Baker. The next checkpoints were Bolberry Down, where Miss Mewett was awaiting them and finally Soar Mill Cove with Mr Gratton. They were happy to see familiar faces at various points on their hike, not least because it meant they were on the right track!
The groups had to ensure they took the required 6 hours on expedition. If a team got in far too early they would not pass their Expedition section, as DofE rules state ‘that time planning objectives must be met.’  A couple of teams, who had Ten Tors experience, realised early on that  they were setting off very fast, so had to drop the pace and take breaks. One team got slightly lost, but all teams managed to get to camp in the required time. At the campsite the students set up tents and made a range of culinary treats – mainly pasta and tomato sauce based!  After dinner and the necessary washing up afterwards, some students got a game of football going whilst others played chase games with Mr Adams’ 7 year old son Freddie! It was surprising that they all had the energy after the 15km plus walk they had completed that day! As the evening set into night the students were all in their tents by 10pm.  A successful conclusion to Day 1!
Sunday morning arrived and was a bit cooler and more overcast than the previous day. Some of the students were happy about that as they hadn’t been as disciplined with their sun cream as they should have been on Saturday! After a hot breakfast the students got packed up and prepared for their departure by looking at their planned routes. The students set off in 20 minute staggered intervals after a discussion with their assessor.  The various checkpoints today meant the students should get to the Salcombe Ferry, where Miss Essam-Wood was ready to greet them, with Mr Brett on the other side of the estuary at Mill Bay, and if all went to plan they should encounter Mrs Lithgow at Gara Rock and Miss Baker at East Prawle.
The hiking today would be the best part of 20km and the sun came out. On the exposed South West Coast Path this didn’t necessarily raise spirits – it just made the hiking more intense! Despite the heat and the gruelling climbs and descents of the path the students really gave it everything.  Packs felt heavier, the climbs seemed steeper and the sun beat down but this group of students never gave up and made this Bronze Qualifying expedition the most successful one yet at TA. Five teams made it to the end point at Start Point with the other three teams making it to their planned end point at East Prawle. A phenomenal effort by all the students who should all be extremely proud of themselves.

Pancakes vs Crepes

This week in year 8 we have been creating our own pancakes and crepes. It has created some fantastic results!




Science club members earn their CREST award

This week our young scientists finished their projects and so the results are in!

To start, Daniel Manners and Logan Payne (year 8) discovered that the colour of a drink really can affect how much you like it. From the people who took part in the trial, a purple colour called grape was the favourite leaving black colour as the least. The boys also noticed that the older members of staff were more likely to have a stronger preference in the colour of the drink: a potential a new investigation next year?

Next, Rosie Bevan (year 7) investigated the amount of energy in different cereals. A more complex set up, Rosie expertly operated the lab equipment to set fire to the cereal and measure the temperature rise of the water held above it. Using a complicated google sheet, we were able to turn this into an energy per gram value where surprisingly COCO Pops was the lowest! Rosie found that the most energy dense cereal tested was Rice Krispies, however the difference between all of them was not that much meaning that any of the cereals tested will provide enough energy for the morning’s activities.

Sticking with food, Gustaw Adamczak investigated the perfect amount of yeast to make bread rise. This thorough investigation involved making four different batches of bread dough each with a different mass of yeast. They were then left to rise in a water bath and the difference was measured after 30 minutes. Results showed an interesting curve on the graph suggesting that the more yeast added the more the bread rose up to a point. After that, adding more yeast had no effect. Gustaw hopes that this investigation would help bakers (and himself) to choose the optimum mass of yeast in their bakes.

Fourthly, Jonathan Oleksy and Olivier Szyszka wanted to get a bath ready ASAP. They used bath bombs and timed how long it took for them to react when they were used whole, cut in half, quartered and finally crushed. The boys did an amazing job collecting their data methodically and overcoming obstacles such as how to accurately cut a bath bomb! The results gave a crystal-clear correlation between the size of the bath bomb and the time taken to react. The quicker you want to have the bath ready, the smaller the pieces need to be.

Finally, we are blasting off to outer space! (or at least to outside the classroom) with Edi Ferencz-Csibi (year 8) who looked at the shape of a rocket’s nose cone and it’s effect on the distance travelled. With a little help, a magnificent rocket was made from a water bottle. Edi’s brilliant idea allowed for him to change the nose shape easily by changing the bottles cap with a ready-made new nose cone attached. Preliminary tests were used to find the best angle and pressure and then launching commenced (see the photos for one of the launches!). Edi’s results proved that the shape did have an effect on the distance it travelled with the squarer shapes travelling less than those that were curved. Thanks to Mr Hadley for letting us borrow the launcher.

Now that the students have achieved their Bronze CREST Award, they will receive their certificates early next academic year. They have been great fun and I look forward to what the students produce next year!

Many thanks to Niki Lawford for helping to run this year’s investigations.

Mr Spittle


Year 9 Leaders in Cricket Award

Our Year 9 female students successfully organised, coached and umpired a Year 7 & 8 Cricket House Competition last week. Each pupil demonstrated several important leadership qualities throughout the day and as a result of their hard work, they have been awarded their ‘Leadership in Cricket Award’. Well done to the below students who have received this:

Kelsey Drew, Connie McMahon, Phoebe Smith, Indy Evans, Chloe German, Eden Nelson-Mills, Halayna Hussain, Neve Lithgow, Lottie Roberts, Sienna Painter, Matilda Stevens, Francesca Skelly, Larna Waller, Lucy McMahon, Lora Cadman, Emilia Hunt, Scarlett Finley-Squires, Julia Tatarynowicz and Aleksandra Treder


Maddy’s Mark Rugby

Several Year 9 girls had an action packed Saturday travelling to Sandy Park on a rugby trip. They were treated to a tour of the stadium, Exeter Chiefs Women’s training session and front row seats to watch the Women’s Premiership Rugby Final. The girls represented Team TA to an exceptional standard and thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience!


Chemistry with Mr Gale

Mr. Gale’s A-level Year 12 chemistry class has been continuing to learn about the fascinating topic of organic chemistry. Their focus has been on the reactions of aldehydes and ketones, which play a crucial role in the topic “Colour by Design”.

By understanding how these molecules react, students have been explaining their unique properties. They have used their knowledge from previous topics to predict how these molecules will react, and have been testing this firsthand through a range of experiments. This has allowed them to observe the formation of new types of molecules and to grasp the mechanisms behind these reactions, particularly the important concept of nucleophilic addition.

These reactions are the foundation for designing and creating new molecules with specific properties, which is vital for developing dyes and pigments used in the everyday products that surround us.



Students of the Week

Year 10 – Jonah Prince and Lizzie Blackmore

Swimming Gala

The annual TA swimming gala was held on Thursday at Plainmoor swimming centre. Students competed in 4 different strokes with the top for from each race making it to the finals. The day went extremely well with our year 9 sports leaders doing a fantastic job of running the event. Students were awarded points for their finishes in each stroke with the cumulative score deciding overall 1st 2nd and 3rd places. Well done for all the participants.

Year 7 girls
Gold- May McDonough
Silver-Ruby Turner
Bronze-Tilly Longthorpe

Year 7 boys
Gold- Brogan Holmes
Silver-Charlie O’Connor
Bronze-Cooper Syms

Year 8 boys
Gold -Bodhi Williams
Silver- Noah Margetts
Bronze- Gustaw Adamczak

Year 8 girls
Gold- Emilia Warner
Silver-Chloe Bayliss
Bronze-Scarlett Connelly


Football Presentation Evening

Year 7

Players Player – Giovanni Vaio

Coaches Player of the Season – Emilee Fenner

Under 13

U13 Players Player – Emilee Fenner

U13 Coaches Player of the Season – Evie Ford

Under 14

U14 Players Player – Farrah Ambrose

U14 Coaches Player of the Season – Leela Cartwright

Year 8

Players Player – Sam Sanders

Coaches Player of the Season – Alex Moss

Year 9

Players Player – Harrison Richards

Coaches Player of the Season – Thomas Ross

Year 10

Year 10 Players Player – Farrah Ambrose

Year 10 Coaches Player of the Season – Colby Britton


Prestigious Diamond Award

Year 7 – Rosie Bevan, Edith Mackenzie, Darcy Dainton, Immy Shaw, Frances Roberts, Harry Austin, Lucy French, Ayrton Sharpe, Alana Houlihan and Bailey Taylor

Year 9 Ayden Goldsbrough, Grace Halsey, Bailey Heaward, Oliver Welsh and Laurentiu Mihai

Governor’s Platinum Certificates

Year 7 – Seren Chadwick, Gabi Cobain, Matilda Thorner, Tressa Telson, Isaac Mccabe, Lottie Knight, Jessica Stoyle, Leo Nicholson, Bella Hall, Phoebe Acton, Seren Stephenson, Viktoria Simunkova, Lilly Shaw, Daisy-Mae Rees, Jenson Tandy, Lily Ellis and Elizabeth Francis

Year 8 – Max Warner

Year 9 – Ayden Goldsbrough, Julia Tatarynowicz, Orley Copeland, Liam Anthony, Carla Lawrence, Lexi Jessup, Evie Alford, Grace Gibbings, Barnaby George, Imogen Symonds, Sera Elsa Jomon and Connor Dean

Governor’s Gold Certificates

Year 7 – Jelani Ondo-Chamielec, Leo Shaw, Riley Johnson, William Schmiedinghofer, Catherine Ramesh-Mani, Benjamin Cowie, Jorgie-Jayne Barnett, Elissa Greenwood, Wiktoria Aleksander, Farah Davidson, Flo Evans, Freya Brown, Morgan Fisher, Billie-Jo Dolling, Oakley Mudge, Toryn Bond, Logan Payne, Stefan Manta, Tia Woodward, Samuel Kuc, Tate Reynolds, Oakley Mudge, Brayden Lane, Gracjan Rutkowski,  Aaliyah Akpo and Kierra O’Neill

Year 8 – Heidi Bowers, Allanna Butler, Mason Findlay-Peers, Kaitlin Jarvis, Cody Burton, Elliot Baines, Lewis Collett, Lucie Bowers, Kordian Wisnik, Daisy Humphreys, Talia Street, Alexa Lyons and Louise Porter

Year 9 – Hallie Davies, Cody Jones, Aleksandra Treder, Scarlett Lacey, Serina James, Charlotte Little, Aaron Saunders, Ella Randall, Benjamin Jolly, Isabella Bentley, Thomas Connelly, Nya Bettridge, Jasper Franklin, Harrison Richards, Mikolaj Piasecki, Demi Minty and Analais Biggs

Governor’s Silver Certificates

Year 7 –Alba McKechan, Cordi Williams-Powell, George Pitts, Corey Davies, Bella Hall, Elise Musgrove, Poppy Anderson, Frederick Blagdon, Louie Skinner, Florence Botten, Wiktor Koza, Luna Truong, Cooper Syms, Riley Page and Kumar Hopton

Year 8 – Max Weston, Jayden Hardman, Stella de Rose, Maria Nihtyanova, Tegan Harrison, Molly Hollomby, Sunny Weedon, Halle Walker, Ruby Fitzgerald, Heston Hart, Phoenix Reeman, Bella Hobbin-Mills, Ellie Simpson, Olivia Williams and Katie Peryer

Year 9 – James Bond, Kallie Stewart, Maks Adach, Hamish Herring, Eunan Campbell, Millie-Ann Adamson, Ellie Bowden, Isabelle Kelly, Dan Hutchison, Adam Copping, Millie Swift, Chelsea Milton and Kyron Connor

Governor’s Bronze Certificates

Year 7 – Chantelle Robinson, Faith Hartley, Archie Foss, Mia Piewiszko, Lily Hubbard, Hydie Munday, Ava McArdle, Seren Panther-Glinn and Bradley Wright

Year 8 – Louie Leighton, Stanley Austin, Sonny Hutchings, Riley Meadows, Ivan Masliakovas, Finlay Clark, Alfie Braye, Tom Weaver, Riley Gilmour, Brandon Callow, Neeve Thomson, Cohen Andrews, Kaelum Bowness, Sophie Timms, Emily Colclough, Ethan Veasey, Ella Weeks, Freddie Fenner, Lily Campbell, Bali Mudge, Sienna Holton, Chloe-Mae Jones, Thomas Cox, Toby Hamilton and Charlie Jackson

Year 9 – Eva Spicer, Declan Smith, Lily Hawkings, Mason Mitchell, Zak Turner, Nikkita Hookway, Dylan Parker, Kacper Drygiel and Connie McMahon

Principal’s Gold Certificate

Year 7 – Olivia Hooper, Casie Howell, Niah Slowley, Nanma John, George Kasparis and Kara Breach

Year 8 – Ollie Martin, Paris Reid, Riain Leal, Saket Raj, Riley Burton, Oscar Rogers, Poppy Fieldhouse, Erin Glancy, April Hubbard, Olivia Stewart, Brooke Birchall, Emily Kenny and Finley Dawson

Year 9 – Sonny Bond, Oscar Tallon, Kacper Drygiel, Corey Batten, Jason Mewett, Samuel Johns, Evie-May Howell, Bella Blatchford, Layla Loizides, Grace Green, Charlie Burton, Daniel Piper, Poppy Sims-Walton and Ollie Cooper

Year 10 – William Denega, Phoebe Denbow, Bartosz Mitula, Bella Kirby and Rayan Nafim

Principal’s Silver Certificates

Year 7 – Mason Dur and Laila Mills

Year 8 – Sienna Welsh, Olivia Pope, Brook Giles and Lily-Rose White

Year 9 – Thomas Ross, Lora Cadman, Danny Jasmins Averio, Libbie Grindling, Sophia Box, Daisy Cosh, George Luscombe and James Northcott

Year 10 – Isabelle Moxham, Millie Sneap, Bastian Johns-Kouadio, Caitlin Cornish, Ellie-Jayne Scott, Harry Taylor, Alfie Eccles, Aliyah Smith, Joshua Rogers and Charlie Porter

Principal’s Bronze Certificates

Year 8 – Emir Zorel, Bella Horton, Noah Kirby and Blake Young

Year 9 – Summer Butlin and Penelope Taylor


House Students of the Week

Year 7

Christie – Elias Jeffery

Darwin – Lily Jo Prior

Harrison – Sophia Blake

Kitson – Grace Gatting

Nearne – Viktoria Simunkova

Pengelly – Elizabeth Francis


Year 8

Brunel – Euan Miller and Johnny Sandbrook

Christie – Brook Giles

Darwin – Riley Burton

Fawcett – Anya Cosslett

Kitson – Archie Somerset

Pengelly – Finley O’Leary-Black


Year 9

Christie – Harrison Richards

Darwin – Joe Boyce

Fawcett – Freya Mealin

Kitson – Sophia Box

Pengelly – Julia Tatarynowicz


Homework Students of the Week

Year 7

Christie – Alex Iftode

Darwin – Allen Burns-Muir

Harrison – Lily Ellis

Kitson – Seth McCann

Nearne – William Schmiedinghofer

Pengelly – Levi Jones


Year 8

Brunel – Charlie Jackson

Christie – Sophia Peryer

Darwin – Ava Luker-Holme

Fawcett – Isabelle-Rose Pomerville

Kitson – Archie Somerset

Pengelly – Anastasiia Tukilush


Year 9

Christie – Sophia Burnham

Darwin – Charlie Burton

Fawcett – Lottie Roberts

Kitson – Louis Tillen

Pengelly – Orley Copeland


Sparx Leaderboards

Sparx Level Up


Sparx Award for TA

Congratulations! Torquay Academy is in the top 20 schools in the world for on-time completion rates in Sparx Maths! We have been awarded Highest Achiever status for our best 9 weeks of completion percentages from January – May 2024 out of the 2,359 schools using Sparx world wide.. A huge well done to all of our students, staff and parents for their efforts and success!


Tassomai Leaderboards