Delicious Food, bug boxes and lots of thank yous

Year 11 Mock Practical’s – Hospitality and Catering

Exam 1

I just wanted to share with you some of the photos from the Mock Practical’s the Year 11s did last week… these are a mere snippet of the photos we took over the two days. They worked so well and did us all proud!

Exam 2


exam 3


Exam 4



Screenshot 2021-03-31 at 22.20.43

Let me introduce Phoebe Denbow, our Miss Hannigan, in rehearsals for our Year 7 production of Annie.  Phoebe joined us through the PAA audition places at the start of Year 7.


Appreciation postcards

2021.3 postcard

This week staff and students have been writing appreciation cards to each other.  We are all very thankful for what others within our community do to support and help us.  These cards are a small token of that appreciation.


Year 7 Bug Boxes

01.04.21 Y7 Bug Boxes

Great to see our Year 7 students completing their bug box practical work ready to take home for the Easter holidays. I’m sure there will be lots of happy bugs making use of these wonderful creations now that spring is well on the way!


Easter Egg Hunt!

01.04.21 Easter Egg Hunt1

Our Year 9s came into school today in mufti as a reward for their amazing effort and behaviour. Mr Grinsill told them that they would have an Easter egg hunt at break time and they would be searching for a giant egg filled with sweets. At the end of a busy break he then let the students know it was just an April Fools. He was not a popular man!! He redeemed himself by repeating the challenge during break 2, but this time with a real egg!



01.04.21 Easter Egg Hunt2


30 day challenge


This week Hannah Carr in Year 9 has completed the 30 day fitness challenge posed by Devon School Games.  She has now uploaded her form as part of the Devon Virtual Games.  One of the activities she enjoyed was her Doga sessions!



Year 8 Awards


Awards were given out by Mr Chadwick this morning to students to celebrate successes in each of the tutor groups.












Governor’s Silver Certificates

01.04.21 Governors Silver

Year 7 – Millie Sneap and Jemimah Jones


Governor’s Bronze Certificates

01.04.21 Governors Bronze

Year 7 – Daisy Faulkner and Amelie Berriman


Principal’s Gold Certificates

01.04.21 Y7 Principal's Gold

Year 7 – Eve Cameron, Lisa-Marie Szewczuk, Lyra Bowstead, Keeley Enston, Olivia Walters and Brooke Tully


Principal’s Silver Certificates

01.04.21 Y7 Principal's Silver

Year 7 – Jack Hicks, Ollie Coleman, Emma Matthews, Dean Conway, James Evers, Leah Hope, Diego Zulhayir and Oscar Hughes


01.04.21 Y9 Principal's Silver

Year 9 – Shania Blades


Principal’s Bronze Certificates

01.04.21 Y7 Principal's Bronze 01.04.21 Y7 Principal's Bronze (2)

Year 7 – Isabelle Roberts, Lily Corderoy, Aliyah Smith, Wojcjech Tabaczuk, Erin Bond, Ryan Bridgman, Kirah Clee, William Jackosn, Erin Giffard, Paige Clements, Connor Howard, Chloe Hills, Charlie Porter, Faith Batham, Leon Bell, Madi Chandler, Harry Taylor, Ruby Donaldson, Leo Helmore Nelly Siuchninski, Cerys Lowe, JAck Woolley and Austin White


01.04.21 Y9 Principal's Bronze

Year 9 – Bogdan Pamfile, Taylor-Ann Floyd, Phoebe Lown, Harrison Clarke, Millie Randall and Melissa Arscott


01.04.21 Y10 Principal's Bronze

Year 10 – Kezia Stanley


Students of the Week

01.04.21 Y7 SOTW

Year 7 – Toby Clark and Ruby Donaldson


01.04.21 Y9 SOTW

Year 9 – Amelia Washbrook



Year 10 – Katie Bowyer


01.04.21 Y11 Students of the half term

Year 11 Students of the Half term are Lottie Prowse and Ben Arscott who have made a phenomenal return to in school learning and have achieved the highest number of house points in year 11.



House Stars of the week

Year 7

Christie – Ben Charters

Darwin – Marley Drew

Fawcett – Niamh Coker

Harrison – Poppy Hedworth

Kitson – Ben Watts

Nearne – Ben Phillips


Year 8

Christie – Amelia Read

Darwin – Jayden Langhorn

Fawcett – Alex Thomas

Harrison – Grace Dicken

Kitson – Joshua Walsh

Nearne – Oliver Keating

Pengelly – Dylan Nock


Year 9

Christie – Jasmine Huxtable

Darwin – Erin Loader

Fawcett – Aidan Stapleton

Harrison – Mia Church

Kitson – Skye Warner

Nearne – Elsie Taylor


Homework Stars of the week

Year 7

Christie – Oliver Jones

Darwin – Jayden Morris

Fawcett – Amy Harrison

Kitson – Aliyah Smith

Nearne – Charlie Knight


Year 8

Christie – Bethany Evans-Rogers

Darwin – Oliver Boyce

Fawcett – Cameron Bolton-Caulfied

Harrison – Sophie Packer

Kitson – Harvey Thomas

Nearne – Maddy Fairhurst

Pengelly – Clara Gooderham


Year 9

Christie – Max Beer

Darwin – Sophie Denison

Fawcett – Jeb Whatley

Harrison – Isabel Blamey

Kitson – May Connolly

Nearne – Lacee Kiff

Pengelly – Hannah Carr


SPARX Leaderboards




Tassomai Leaderboards

Y7 Tassomai Leaderboards (2)Y8 Tassomai Leaderboards (1)Y9 Tassomai Leaderboards (1)Y10 Tassomai Leaderboards (1)Y11 Tassomai Leaderboards (1)