Vision 2020

The Year 7s who joined Torquay Academy in September 2013 are our class of 2020; TA 2020 sets out our ambitions and aspirations thereby providing us with the vision for the future of the school. TA 2020 describes the school we aspire to have as a beacon in the heart of our community in 2020 where everyone succeeds.

The document will outline where we want to be and school leaders at every level will detail how we are going to get there. Areas needing improvement will be identified, openly discussed and there will be a shared responsibility to address the issues.

Some aspects of the vision will be achieved quickly, others will take more time, but I can assure you that we will be working relentlessly to achieve it for the benefit of all of our students.

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“The recently-appointed principal and his senior leadership team are highly effective and have made a very good start on bringing about improvements. They share with trustees and governors a clear vision of future success in which high achievement and good teaching can flourish. “

Ofsted 2014