Year 6 to 7 Transition

Year 7 Intake September 2020

Due to the situation with the coronavirus, we have had to do things very differently this year with regards to our transition process. Normally Mr Jones (Head of Academic Progress for Years 7 & 8) would come and visit you in your Primary schools to introduce himself, parents would be invited to a Parents’ Evening at the school where they would meet key staff and students would join us for an induction day here at TA to meet their tutor and all the other students in their year group.

Instead of this we have put together a virtual transition process online each week where Mr Jones has been sending out emails every Wednesday. One of the really useful things that has come out of this process is the students have been able to ask questions. Mr Jones has managed to answer almost all of them. We thought it would be really useful if we shared them with you as there may be questions you have which can be answered here.

Some of your questions have been answered by our current students and some of them have been answered by Mr Jones. Below are a selection which you might find helpful and a full list can be found by clicking on the links below.

Ask a Year 7 a question

Q. How did you approach your first day at TA and what was it like?

A. I was nervous, but excited. I just made sure that I was positive and friendly to everyone and used all of the chances I had to mix with and meet new people.


Q. How much homework do you get each night?

A. You will have 1 hour and 20 minutes of homework everyday. This will be English and Maths each day and two other subjects.


Q. Is making friends easy?

A. I found it much easier than i expected it to be. Going to Rugby club helped me to make some really good friends.


Q. What subjects do you do?

A. In Year 7 I do English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Design Technology, French, PE and Music.


Q. Did you get lost in the school because it is so big?

A. At first I was unsure about where to go but the staff helped me and now it is very easy!


Q. What is the food like? Is homework club helpful?

A. I love the paninis from the snack bar. I always go to homework club as it means I can do all of my work before I go home.


For a full list of questions please click on the link below.

Ask a Year 7 a question


Ask Mr Jones a question regarding anything that worries you about joining TA


Q. Finding my way around school

A. There are always lots of teachers and staff in the corridors during lesson changeover to help you. They wear yellow jackets so that they can be seen easily.


Q. Losing my old friends

A. I am sure you can stay in touch with your primary school friends. Arrange times to meet up with them throughout the day at school if they are coming to TA.


Q. I am a little nervous

A. This is perfectly normal and I am sure many Year 6 children are feeling the same.


Q. Being bullied

A. TA does not accept any type of bullying. If you do have issues make sure you tell your teachers or tutor and we will make sure we help you in every way we can.


Q. Older years

A. Year 7 have their own area and playground so you don;t have to interact with the older years at break and lunch times. If you do have any issues, make sure you tell a member of staff and they will help you.


For a full list of questions, please click on the link below.

Ask Mr Jones about your worries