Student Voice

TQ Voice is represented by a student Chair person and a team of students from Year 7 through to Year 13, supporting different areas within the school.

The aim of TQ Voice is to enhance the quality of life of students and staff from a student perspective. It hopes to ensure that students’ opinions are considered in the day to day teaching, administration and future plans of the School.

TQ Voice – A new structure is being put in place to enable students to develop responsibility and leadership within the context of the school. There is a wide range of roles within this structure to involve students across the Year groups. The roles will be developed to support many areas of the school and provide opportunities to enhance teaching and learning in various different ways.


TQ Voice aims to:

  • Represent the views of all students in our school.
  • Participate in real decision making.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop skills and confidence.
  • Introduce and develop initiatives which promote ‘Student Voice’ across the school.
  • Communicate our work clearly to students, staff, governors and the wider school community
  • Work with staff and students to improve the quality of relationships, teaching and learning, environment. e.g. students as learning partners, students as researchers, peer mentors


As part of the above we aim to show impact - student voice is about action, making sure that success and achievements are visible to students, staff and the community.  Links with the core work of the school – students are involved in teaching and learning in the classrooms and raising aspirations. Trusted students - have trust as a starting point, rather than something that they have to earn.  Our commitment through a student voice a budget -this supports that the work of the students’ and the council, showing trust and that the student voice is taken seriously. We will communicate regularly through different channels - students are encouraged to lead on keeping up good communication with students, teachers, parents and governors. Whilst a new structure is being developed TQ voice are currently meeting twice a half term and the meetings are split into KS3 / KS4 & 5.