Why work at TA?

Torquay Academy is an exciting and rewarding place to work. We expect our students to work very hard and all of our staff lead by example; a growth mindsets approach applies to everyone in our community!

We know that a world class school can only be built by having the very best teachers. A lot of time is spent ensuring we all improve – every teacher has two weekly coaching sessions: one in class and one analysing the lesson. One twilight each term focuses on T&L and we have biweekly TAPD (Torquay Academy Professional Development) sessions. We kick off the year with a Teaching and Learning Conference at a local hotel. You will be working with colleagues who share a passion for teaching. We implement Teach Like a Champion strategies and take time practising them to ensure we are at our best when we “go live” in the classroom.

“Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better.” Dylan Wiliam.

In 2015 Torquay Academy was one of the three most improved schools in the South West. In 2016 our results placed us as placed us as the second highest performing school in the South West.  Student progress in English and Maths far exceed national averages.  In spite of this success every member of staff at TA knows that we can do even better for our boys and girls in the future.

If you join TA you will be signing up to the belief that “everyone succeeds” and that “every student who joins TA is capable of going on to university”. If you join a school it is important you share its goals and values; Doug Lemov describes this as a strategic choice:

“the process of both teachers and school choosing each other explicitly based in part on shared mission and a set of core beliefs — is our work measurable? Does knowledge matter? How important is writing? How much orderliness is required? Do we care how classrooms are arranged? Do we care what books teachers choose to read? Do we care how they read them? When schools are explicit about these things, and seek likeminded teachers who want to be “good” by the same definition, the prime beneficiaries are often the teachers themselves”.

We care about all of these things. If you do as well please get in touch (you can do this even if we are not advertising as we maintain confidential lists so we can contact you when a job opportunity arises). I am always delighted to talk to colleagues who are interested in joining our community and signing up to our Vision.

Steve Margetts



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10 Reasons to Work at Torquay Academy

1. Our staff know that Torquay Academy is a place that is able to change young people’s lives so they can achieve whatever they aspire to be.

2. We believe that every student who joins Torquay Academy has the ability to go to university.

3. “Everyone Succeeds” applies to all members of our community.

4. We aim to have a brilliant teacher in every classroom; weekly coaching and outstanding CPD will support you to improve as a teacher.

5. An open door to the Principal – a staff voice is valued and listened to.

6. A SLT who are all focused upon children and pedagogy – they all teach.

7. An aspiration to become one of the best schools in the world.

8. We have a focus on eliminating all gaps in progress and achievement: with hard work, there are no limits.

9. A hard-working and highly motivated team of staff working with great students who value what you do for them.

10. An excellent induction before you start working with friendly and supportive colleagues in an inspirational building.

and a free breakfast every morning that you can eat with our brilliant students!


Person Specification

An exceptional individual who believes in the power of education to change a child’s life.


T&L Conference 2015