Challenge Partner Review

As a member of Challenge Partners we receive a Quality Assurance (QA) Review and our trained staff participate in a reciprocal reviews.

The review involves a visit from a team of senior leaders and headteachers from other partner schools, led by an Ofsted-accredited inspector. Their role is to engage in a dialogue with our staff, evaluate the quality of education and identify where improvements could be made.

In March 2018 the findings (which are only allowed to be one grade above your current Ofsted ratings) were:

School Improvement Strategies: Outstanding

Outcomes for Pupils are: Outstanding

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Outstanding

Areas of Excellent Practice:

Teaching & Learning Cycles

Curriculum & Assessment


The Quality Assurance Review found indicators that Torquay Academy appears to have moved beyond the Good grade as judged by Ofsted in the school’s previous Ofsted report and is working within the Outstanding grade.

Please click on the link below to view our Challenge Partner Review which took place in March 2018:

Torquay Academy Review Report March 2018