Year 7 online learning tool is Sparx.

Website:  https://torquayacademy.sparxmaths.uk/

Username & Password:  Username is namesurname all lower case.  Passwords are all private passwords, which can be changed by the teacher if they are lost.

What to do:  There are 6 set tasks, each containing a varying number of questions. This should take up to an hour to complete each week. Students are expected to complete 20 mins on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
The tasks must all be completed by Friday each week.



Online homework is set for Years 9-11 only:

Website:  www.educake.co.uk

What is it?  On line exam question practice.

Passwords:  On a sticker on student’s black homework folder.

What to do:  30 questions (10 biology, 10 chemistry, 10 physics) must be completed by midnight every Friday.  N.B. Teacher’s name may not be student’s teacher – please still do the work.


Website:  www.tassomai.com

What is it?  On line quizzing App to help remember key facts.

Passwords:  Login is student’s school email address.  Click “forgot password” and check email spam bin for link.

What to do:  5 minutes every day including during the holidays.  10 minutes every day in year 11.




KS4 weekly homework is done on line:


Listen to set videos and answer all the questions.


KS3 extension to KO:


House points are given for any worksheets that are completed.