Year 9

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Year 9 Knowledge Organiser Cycle 3:

Y9 Q3 KO


Daily work

Maths – 45 minutes

Sparx – compulsory homework to be completed, plus students should complete the optional and target sections of the work (approximately 15 minutes).

Hegarty clips – these will be emailed to students so they have bespoke work set for them.  Watch the video and complete the online quiz (approximately 30 minutes).


English – 45 minutes

Complete knowledge organiser quizzing (30 minutes).

Tassomai – complete daily goal (15 minutes)


Science – 60 minutes

Complete knowledge organiser quizzing (30 minutes).

1 x 20 Educake Online questions. 3 will be set per week and 2 will be chosen by you (30 minutes).

Tassomai – complete daily goal (15 minutes)


Reading – 30 minutes

Each day there will be 15 minutes of tutor reading which you will be able to watch via our school’s YouTube channel.

Each day you should read a personal reading book for 20 minutes.

Every week there will be a Commonlit article to read which will relate to an area of your learning in English and beyond. You should read the article and complete the multiple-choice comprehension questions.


Existing homework – 60 minutes

Complete homework book and knowledge organiser work as per current timetable.


TA Dictionary – 30 minutes

Each day you should choose a ‘word of the day’ which you can select from your TA Dictionary. This could be a word you have encountered in your studies or a word you are curious to learn more about.

Many of you will be familiar with the Frayer model which has been used across curriculum areas. You should write the word in the middle, then fill in the sections around the outside. Firstly you should write the definition of the word in the appropriate section. In the next section, you should note the characteristics of the word or draw an image to represent the concept. In the next, you should list examples of the word in a sentence. Finally, you should list non-examples of the word.

Frayer model