Online resources


This is central to your email and Google Drive.  All accounts have a number at the start of the email address. This number is the last two digits of the year when you would have started in Year 7.

Year 7 20
Year 8 19
Year 9 18
Year 10 17
Year 11 16
Year 12 15
Year 13 14

Next is the first initial of your name followed by your surname. In some cases there are more than one account with this username and the student’s full name will be used, for example, 19ASmith or 19AdamSmith if there were 2 or more ASmith accounts in the year group.

If you have forgotten your password please send an email to from a working email account and one of the team will reset the account and email back to you.



If you forget your login, email your class teacher, Mr Spencer or Mr Thatcher and one of them will reset it. or


Hegarty Maths

If you forget your login, click the request password reset request and then email your class teacher and Mr Thatcher to let them know you need a password re set. or


Educake – Science

Log in with your login code and password.  Answer the questions set for you.
If you forgot your code or can’t access email and we will reset it.


Tassomai – Science and English

First go to

Register using the school code XQKCI9N4 (all capitals – the I is a capital i as well).

You can then register with your name and school email address before coming up with your own password.

Don’t panic if you can’t remember which class you are in – just choose the one you think is correct from the drop down list.

It would be great if you can then download the Tassomai App to your phone. Log in using the password you chose when you registered. Get playing the quiz!

If you need to add either your Science or English class click ‘account’ on the app ‘add classes’ and tick the class you need and hit ‘submit’.

Do 5 daily goals per week for each subject you have assigned to you.

If you forget your password just click “forgot password” option & check email for reset link (check your junk folder if you don’t get an email). Any problems email or email if you have problems accessing English questions


This is languages

Log on with given password if this doesn’t work e-mail or



(intermediate level)
username = tqacademy
Password = *******

If you haven’t got the password e-mail or



English Commonlit
Click log in and enter your username and password if you remember.
If you have forgotten create a new account following these steps:
Click login, click new user, click I am a student
Enter your class code from the list below and hit enter
Enter a username and password and write these down on the set-up account page
You now have access again to commonlit reading
If you are stuck email or

Year 7 – 5Y3K87
Year 8 – 9QVBZW

Year 9 Class Codes:
9Q5 – K9QZ38
9Q6 – ZZJ5VD
9Q7 – YKVP5K
9T5 – W9D575
9T6 – 7VQE5R
9T7 – JEVKP8
9T8 – 5KEY76


Accelerated Reader

Accelerated reader – click here

Login to AR via the link above using the username and password you were reminded of in English lessons this week. If you don’t know your login details please email who will send them to you.

Accelerated Reader is a resource for Year 7 students only.


Other Interventions

PowerUp intervention can be accessed via the link below. The teacher’s email required for access is and then using the same login details as in school. 

Achieve3000 can be accessed via the link below or through a google search


Focus software – Product design
Login: student@torquayacademy32097
P/W: x3ubhtyu8
Product Design: Daydream Revision book software

Email or if individual login details needed
A Level Media – Edusites

Username: tqms___a (your given number)
Password: tqms___b (the same number as your username)
Remember to access the AQA resources only.