Home Learning – SEND

Struggling with Home Learning? The SEND Team wants to offer you some advice on how a few adaptations can be made for using your computer at home.


“I want my device to read documents to me out loud”

Sometimes hearing what you have to do or listening to your work read back to you is really helpful.

Here are some ways to make your devices read text to you:

How to make devices read text to you


“I want my device to type what I say”

If you aren’t fast at typing or you need to read and type at the same time it can help to just say what you want and let your device type it for you. This can help if it takes you a long time to write things down or you find it easier to say what you mean. Give it a try and see if it helps.

How to make devices type what I say


Programmes and Apps to help during home learning

Working on a computer for a long time can be a difficult thing to adapt to, especially when you learn are used to learning in a different way. These are some helpful programmes, features and websites that you can use to help with the transition.
Remember! Check with your parent or guardian before downloading any new software to your device.


Flux: https://justgetflux.com/

Flux is a free application that you can get on Windows, Apple devices, and on Android devices. Flux makes the colour of your computer’s display change according to the time of day that you are using your computer. It removes the blue light that your computer, tablet or phone uses in the screen, reducing headaches and strain on your eyes whilst also helping you to get to sleep easily when you have stopped working.


OpenDyslexic: https://www.opendyslexic.org/

OpenDyslexic is a free font that you can download on Windows, Apple devices, and on Android devices. It increases readability for readers with dyslexia as the letters have a unique shape with a bold bottom. You can quickly figure out which part of the letter is down, helping you to recognise the correct letter and helping to keep your brain from rotating them around.


Sora: https://soraapp.com/welcome


Sora is the online reading website and application that the school subscribes to and is available on any web browser, on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and even on games consoles. You can access this using your Office 365 login credentials. If you don’t understand a word you are able to find the definition by highlighting the word. The books also have the option to listen to the audiobook. Listening to this at the same time as reading will mean that you are able to understand the content. Alternatively, you could play the audiobook whilst you complete some creative tasks like colouring in or painting.


Immersive Reader view on Microsoft Word:

If your teachers are giving you work using Microsoft Word, you can use the Immersive Reader to help you to follow the work with fewer distractions. Follow the steps below to access this on the web-browser version of Microsoft word:

1. Click on “View” on the tool bar.

Step 1


2. Click on Immersive Reader.

Step 2

3. You can scroll through the work on the document. You can also click on words to have them read out by the voice over

Step 3

You can edit your preferences by selecting the “Text Preferences” button in the top right-hand corner. This allows you to change the font, background colour and the size of the font.

Text preferences

You can select “Grammar Options” to turn on syllable breaks and labels for word classes (e.g. adjective).

Grammar options

Clicking on the arrow will expand your window to full screen so that you can focus even further.

Reading preferences

Clicking on the arrow will expand your window to full screen so that you can focus even further.

Full screen


Natural Readers


Natural Readers is a professional text to speech programme that changes any written text into spoken words. It also highlights the words as it reads. You simply need to upload the document or PowerPoint, or alternatively copy and paste the text into the box and click “Play” in the top left-hand corner. You can also change the voice to one which best suits you.




Colorveil is available on Windows devices and is useful if you find using an overlay effective. The application adds a customisable colour filter over your desktop, internet browser, document or program. You can easily turn it off too.