Please try out some of these optional tasks. We hope that you will enjoy doing them with everyone at home.  You can find more detail under each of the following headings:

  • Free audio books
  • Cooking
  • Exercising
  • Documentaries
  • Brilliant Club
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Drawing and art
  • Music and Drama
  • Careers and Unifrog
  • Science experiments
  • Gardening and Nature
  • Fun
  • Free audio books


Archived activities from previous weeks are still available here.

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Free audio books

See our page with recommendations for each year group.



Stay at home school dinners

Jamie Oliver

BBC Good Food



10 best exercises everyday

Couch to 5K

NHS Fitness Studio



BBC iPlayer documentaries

Channel 4 documentaries


Brilliant Club

Selective attention

Real world maths problem solving

Law and Order in Medieval Towns

Student ambassador video


Mental Health and Wellbeing

10 stress busters

Breathing exercise

Mental wellbeing audio guides

Young Minds



Arts and Crafts

100 easy drawing tutorials

Relaxing painting with Bob Ross

Origami Instructions

Mary Rose warship Make and Do

Exploring Animation


Music and Drama

*NEW* The Metropolitan Opera

Royal Opera House

The Shows Must Go On (Fridays)

National Theatre Live (Thursdays)

Royal Shakespeare Company


Careers and Unifrog

*NEW* The Nine to Five with Stacey Dooley

Stephen Seki

Career Pilot




Science experiments

Coins in the classroom

Science at home

Google science journal app

Periodic Table game


Gardening and Nature

Chester Zoo AnimalCams

RSPB Activities to attract birds (including ‘make a bird kebab’)

10 tips for growing veg

Easy vegetables to grow

Saucer vegetables and saucer fruit


Coding and Programming


Girls Who Code


Online learning

*NEW* First News

Learn to type!

Khan Academy

BBC Bitesize Daily



*NEW*  The Royal Mint


Dyson Engineering Challenges

Logo quiz part 2

Harry Potter at Home

Wallace and Gromit’s cracking ideas

Flag quiz