Torquay Academy is currently open

There are increasing numbers of staff and students who are self-isolating for a variety of reasons. We are continuing to focus upon teaching students in school and preparing resources in case we are forced to close. I am sure you will appreciate the initial focus is on the examination groups.

If your child is absent from school at the moment I wanted to highlight some work that they can be getting on with now in order to continue with their education.

  • Maths
    • Sparx – Year groups 7-11 will still have their compulsory homework to be completed, plus they should complete the optional and target sections of the work.
    • Students studying A level Maths and Further Maths should check their emails as teachers will email groups with work.
  • Science :
    • Year 7 and 8 to complete homework using knowledge organisers.
    • Year 9 and 10 complete homework using knowledge organisers. Also log on to and complete set questions.
    • Year 11 Log on to and complete set questions. Also log on to Tassomai and complete the daily goal every day. Also complete weekly revision tasks from revision timetable & revision guide.
    • Year 12 email your teacher for specific work.
    • Year 13 to carry on working to your Exam Run In timetable.
  • English:
    • Years 7 and 8 Complete daily private reading and reading journal. Complete knowledge organiser quizzing.
    • Year 9 Complete set reading tasks for cycle 3 on Complete further additional reading tasks on of your choice. Complete knowledge organiser quizzing.
    • Year 10 Use BBC Bitesize to revise Macbeth and complete past questions:¬† Complete knowledge organiser quizzing.
    • Year 11 Complete run-in timetable tasks in Mastery Pack on paper. Complete more past literature and language exams from Mastery Pack using flashcards to support on paper.
    • Year 12/13 complete past essay questions from homework booklet/mastery pack using flashcards to support.
  • All other subjects:
    • Completing work from the Knowledge Organisers in line with timetabled lessons
    • Completing all relevant homework tasks

As the situation evolves we will keep all parents updated. Please continue to read these communications and we will be in touch as required.

It is vital that you ensure we have your up to date contact details on our system. Please do contact us should you believe your details need updating.

If you have any concerns about your child accessing the internet should the school be closed please let us know. Either call or email