We are very keen to  make and keep contact with former students of our school, whether that be when the school was named Audley Park, Torquay Community College and, of course now, Torquay Academy. It is nice hear what ex-students have been doing since they left the school.

If you attended Audley Park, Torquay Community College or Torquay Academy we would really appreciate you signing up to our alumni network, please do  this by clicking HERE and see the ways that you can reconnect with your old school and inspire our current students.

We are looking to develop our connections with you and will be holding a number of Alumni gatherings throughout the year.

If you would like to visit the school to see the changes that have been made since you studied here please do not hesitate to contact our alumni co-ordinator, Gareth Harries: 01803 317129 or e-mail