Welcoming New Students & Celebrating with the Leavers

Year 6 Transition Day

Welcoming a new year group of students is always one of the highlights of the year.  It was a great pleasure so see so many excited faces this week when our new Year 7s joined us for the day on Thursday.  They had a wonderful day getting to know their new classmates and having time to become more familiar with the school.  They spent the day in a number of lessons.  The above video shows a group performing after only 30 minutes of practice!

Year 6 Parents’ Evening

Year 6 Parents' Evening
On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings we were delighted to welcome the parents and carers of the Year 6 students who will be joining us in September.  Over 240 visitors joined us on both evenings to meet Mr Jones, the Progress Leader for Year 7, and our tutor team.  Information booklets were handed out to assist with the smooth transition from Year 6 into Year 7.  It was a pleasure to meet with the new parents and to welcome them into the Academy community.

Mufti Day

Mufti Day
We had a Mufti Day on Wednesday where students came into school in non-uniform to raise money for their chosen charities, Torbay Holiday Helpers and Rowcroft Hospice.  Staff also took part – I did receive many compliments for my T shirt, I am considering putting them into production!
The photograph shows me with Luke Lewis and Cameron Knowles who were talking to me about their new band.  There will be more news next week about that.
Summer Extravaganza

I would like to invite you to our Summer Extravaganza 2015. The Extravaganza is an event we hold each year to celebrate the incredible talent we have in our Creative Arts department. The event involves a main stage where musical acts perform as well as an art exhibition which shows off some of the spectacular work our boys and girls have created over the past year.  Our students have been working extremely hard over the past couple of months to make this year’s Extravaganza the best yet. We have been overwhelmed by the large number of pupils who have taken it upon themselves to prepare a large variety of musical performances as well as some outstanding art work, which will be featured in our exhibition.

The Extravaganza is taking place on Tuesday 7th July, 2015 and will run from 3pm until approximately 6pm. The event is  free and I hope you will be able to join us in celebrating the range of talent our creative arts students have to offer.


Sixth Form Familiarisation Day

Sixth Form Impact Day

Wednesday this week saw the return of many of the Year 11 students we said goodbye to last week, as well as some new faces from other local schools. They came into school to experience what life in sixth form will be like and to get a taste of the subjects they will be studying next year. Throughout the day the students listened intently, asked insightful questions and were generally delightful company. The feedback from the students showed that they had enjoyed the day as much as the staff and we all very much look forward to working with them for the next two years. They left with the the words Torquay Academy Sixth Form, ‘Futures Are Made Here’, ringing in their ears.

Year 13 Leavers’ Celebration – Friday 19th June 2015

Year 13 Leavers Year 13 Leavers

It was with a mixture of joy and sadness that we said goodbye to our first cohort of Year 13 students last Friday.  We had an assembly at 2pm and that was followed by an evening of Tenpin bowling and a meal at Jingles restaurant. Throughout the whole day and indeed the last two years, the students were a credit to themselves and the Academy.   There has been a real shift in focus with them over the last year and the talk in the common room is now more about University and Gap years than it is about football. Although the subject of us winning the Devon Cup does occasionally come up!   All that remains to be said the those leaving is all the very best for the future, wherever it may lead, stay in touch and Mr Harries will do Tenpin bowling coaching at a reasonable rate for you!


Sixth Form Annual Hairdressing Competition – 2015

Sixth Form Hairdressing
As part of their Level 1 and 2 hairdressing qualification our Sixth Form girls took part in their annual competition this week. The standard of entry from all of the girls was very high but as with all competitions there has to be one winner.  In the level 1 category Abbie Moody won with an original creation.  In the level 2 category this years winner was Alanna Darke. All of the girls should be congratulated on the very high standard of their entries and should be looking forward to next year’s competition, although there will be stiff competition from the new students taking hairdressing as their sixth form option.

PSHE Drop Down Day

On Tuesday 30th June we had our final PSHEe day for this academic year, organised by Miss Martin. The year 7 and 8 students were treated to a theatre production by the Soloman Company and then students reinforced their knowledge of drugs and alcohol with sessions in class.     The day  for the year 9 students was based on ‘Living in the Wider World’. We had Proud2be and a group of adults with a range of disabilities to look at diversity and difference.   In addition to this,  issues surrounding ‘Keeping safe’ were addressed by the Fire Service,  Linx  – looked at mental and emotional health, Checkpoint – drug and alcohol awareness.  PCSO Rushworth with Inspector Costin and PC Honeywill w reinforced the issues surrounding sexting.  This was  co-presented with – ‘VirtuallyS@fe’. http://www.torbayvirtuallysafe.co.uk/.

The presentation highlighted issues such as reporting incidents quickly so that support can be delivered before things take hold and the victim loses control. Consequences for repeat offending, which could result in Police conviction/caution and how the Sex Offenders Register could play a part and affect their working and social lives. How to report or help a friend via CEOP, VS@fe, or telling a teacher, parent or a member of the Academy Safeguarding team, or even ringing the Police on 101 for help or advice.
The year 10 students day was focussed on ‘healthy relationships’. We looked at ways to identify whether a relationship was healthy or abusive, safe sex and the consequences of a teenage pregnancy.

Hatty Keane  performed to all year groups across the day as part of the ‘Inspire the Kids Tour’ which involved some of her music.  Her manager also talked about how he was born in a poor part of London and through sheer hard work he now owns one of the fastest growing music companies in the UK.
Kath Williamson of the Fire Service said “the students were great in terms of their behaviour and attitude, again, and a credit to the school”. Thank you to Miss Martin for arranging this important and very informative day.


Sixth Form Impact Day 30th June 2015

Sixth Form students enjoyed a varied programme of activities based upon investigating into the issues behind the headline stories in the News. They started by spending quality time with their tutors exploring current topics in the news. This led to several intense and stimulating debates.

“We started by looking at the horrific murders on the beach in Tunisia. This soon led to a heated discussion about the impact of radicalisation on our young people in western cultures.”
After a session with singer Hatty Keane and her promoter, Michael, finding out about careers in the Music and Media business, students were challenged to research the issues behind a selection controversial newspaper articles. Their task was to present the moral, social, cultural background behind the article to their peers and promote discussion amongst the group. The students embraced the challenge and by Period 4 we were all gathered for healthy discussion (and heated debate!). It was a joy to observe the interest they showed in each group’s topic which ranged from badger culls and milk boycotts, the dangers of legal highs, sex changes, race imitation to sexism in the lab and radicalisation of our youth.

A lunch of DIY Wraps and ice pops was followed by a final session of team-building and communication activities. The Egg Drop proved particularly challenging and demonstrated the resourcefulness of our students. Of the 6 eggs dropped down the C block stairwell (sorry Mr Dumbell!) only one broke!

The students were a pleasure to work with, showcasing their ability to think independently and reflect upon the world around them in a mature and responsible manner.

“We found the day very informative and interesting as we were able to research events that are taking place around the world. This allowed us to develop our understanding of current affairs. Our team activity session enabled us to work together and have fun, such as the Egg Drop challenge and Human Knot.” Paige, Freya and Shannon.


Torbay Half Marathon

Half Marathon
Business and Admin Apprentice, Lucy Black completed the Torbay Half Marathon with her partner Nathan on Sunday. They were running for The Crohn’s and Colitis Charity and completed the course in  2hrs 39 minutes raising approximately  £500.00 which is fantastic Well done, Lucy and Nathan.