Swimming Success, Exciting Experiments & Certificates

 Swimming Medal  for Archie

10.3.17 Archie Bindon Swimming

Year 8 student  Archie Bindon had great success at the Super Sprints swimming gala at Plymouth Life Centre last Saturday. He swam well in all his races and broke his personal best in all four strokes. The highlight was his breaststroke where he produced a blistering race winning the Devon Championships by beating his nearest rival by a whole second and third place by three. Well Done, Archie!


Chemistry Investigation

10.3.17 Chemistry investigation

This photo shows Vernon, Edwin and Andrea, three of our A level chemistry students, investigating the process of free radical halogenation. They told me this is an important area of study in the sixth form because free radicals are highly reactive chemicals which can cause the ozone layer to break down. It’s a reaction that needs ultraviolet sunlight to work, and the hole in the ozone layer can let through too much harmful UV light. They said by studying this topic they are able to understand how air pollution can be reduced.


 CSE Champions of Torbay

10.3.17 E Watling Event

Recent weeks have seen eight students from across the Academy meeting with the CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) Champions for Torbay. This is a group of professionals who work together to raise awareness of the signs of CSE and how to protect young people from being exploited.  The Champions wanted to have the views of young people and focus on their needs.  So far two meetings have been held with the Academy’s students.

An App is currently being created for Torbay’s young people. Their ideas for the App were essential advice on how to spot the signs of CSE, support and important contact numbers, an email facility, links to websites, Youtube clips and for it to have age related tabs.   They have also been busy helping to create the logo that will represent the Torbay campaign.   The CSE Champions were very impressed with the level of maturity, confidence and amazing ideas from them.  It is wonderful to think that Torquay Academy students are key in helping to protect other young people in Torbay.

Students involved are : Ollie Mellitt,  Oli Cartwright Lomax,  Harrison Beer, Courtney Sparks, Gemma Thomas, Daisy Poole Crompton, Eloise Jackson, Tomas Parry



Principal Certificates

It was a real pleasure to hand out a large number of certificates out this week to deserving students.


Bronze – (not in order) Tay Stevens, Jessica Mitchell, Daniel Pratt, Jacob Knapman, India Chalk, Olivia Bridgman, Archie Hodgeson-Hunt, Michael Brooker, Charlotte Edinborough, Aaliyah Hardoyal, Finn Beer, Miles Hindom, Sean Andrews, Thomas Porter, Kelsey Cresser, Rory Dooley, Taylor Benefer, Callum Turner, Amber Kennard, Bruce Harby, Hannah Dale, Megan Withey, Antonia Standen, Keeleigh Grimes, Tanesha Powell, Shannon Crawford, Lewis Rusby


10.3.17 Principal Silver

 Silver – Jamie Watson, Madeleine Reeve, Noah Handford, Rhyanna Lewis, Jayde McAllister, Tia Alcock Burness 


10.3.17 Principal Gold

Gold – Morgan Tout 


 Students of the Week

10.1.17 SOTW

Students of the Week with Mr Chadwick and Mr Withers are; Linda Aspbury, Kayleigh Wilson, Amy Gater and Demi Lindsay