Students Enjoy Activities in Curriculum Enrichment Week

Curriculum Enrichment week

This week has been our curriculum enrichment week. It has been an opportunity for the students to work in a particular subject area for the whole day. This has allowed the teachers and students to explore the subjects in more detail and to develop a deeper understanding. In addition a number of trips and visits have been organised to further enhance the students’ understanding and enjoyment of various subject areas. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable week for the staff and students who have all worked incredibly hard all week.

Year 9 Cream Tea Challenge

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Pictured: Students making the scones for their cream teas

Year 9 students were challenged with designing a concept of a take away cream tea which would retail in a local restaurant. Concepts included summer, winter, Mad Hatters tea party, Harry Potter, Charlie and the chocolate factory and many more.

The task involved designing packaging, considering environmental impact and how the product would look and taste. They also had to produce a menu card to describe the theme of their creations.

Students not only design and made their take away cream teas but also designed an app to help the consumers know how to recycle the packaging.

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Pictured: Mr Bindon presenting the 3 winners with their prizes

Vice Principal, Mr Bindon, was on hand to award the three overall winners with certificates and goody bags. Winner, Kimberley Elliott-Cudd received a goody bag with everything needed for her own cream tea, whilst second place Cameron Westwood and third place Jodie Madelin received goody bags with craft materials for their efforts.

Food Technology Head of Learning Area, Miss Wallace-Stanley said “The students showed real creativity and skill throughout the day and really impressed me with their unique designs.

Blog 28.11.14 c

Pictured: Fairfields students with their finished cream teas

Fairfields students also took part in the challenge (pictured) and worked tremendously well together, designing and creating some great concepts for their cream teas (Pictured).

Leon Illyas and Mya Conner were the winners of their group with their Bush Tucker Trial Themed Cream Tea (pictured below).

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Pictured: Year 7 students with their masks

On Monday the Year 7’s in English enjoyed a Shakespeare Day. They completed a variety of activities representing Shakespeare’s era.

Tasks included building the Globe Theatre in which Shakespeare held several of his plays, Shakespearean insults, role play and mask making.

The students enjoyed getting involved with all of the sessions and it gave them a taster of when they will have the opportunity to study Shakespeare in greater depth as they progress through their time here.



Maths Round Up from Ms Foster

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Pictured: Bridge building with Mr Bindon
The Maths Department offered a carousel of activities to students in years 7, 9 and 10 this week.

First up was solving the Maths Murder Mystery by code-breaking with Ms Foster – for those students who didn’t work it out, it was Mr Thatcher, in room 7, with the oversize textbook!

The next challenge was to build a bridge out of 6 sheets of newspaper with Mr Thatcher, this was tested using weights and the greatest load supported was 7.5kg.

Mr Jones offered a useful activity in planning a bathroom, involving estimating, costing and symmetrical design.

Mr Humphrey delighted and amused students with his ‘Maths Pub Quiz’, including such questions as: In the song ‘The Twelve days of Christmas’, how many legs were given to me on the 12th day?

Blog 28.11.14 h

Pictured: The joy that Maths brings

Playing with play-doh, water and flour allowed students to compare capacity, weights and measures during Mr Jefferies’ activity

Students were able to make and decorate a gift box ready for Christmas using compasses and protractors with Mrs Thomas.

Mr Penrice asked students to pretend to be jumping fleas to solve position problems.

Students were able to make an ‘unfair dice’ with Mr Brett – let’s hope they don’t use them to cheat!

Finally, Mr Gratton taught students origami, making colourful quadrilaterals and other 2D shapes (pictured below).

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Pictured: Origami shape building

Year 8 Art – Festival in a Day

Blog 28.11.14 k

Pictured: A collage of students festival work.

In Mrs Lynch’s Art lessons Year 8 students were challenged with designing a ‘Festival in a Day’.

Students worked in teams and went about designing their own pop festivals, programmes, tickets, t shirts designs etc. The students had to present their work during period 5 and prizes were given to the most successful teams.

Students enjoyed the project and fun was had by all!


Sixth Form Students Inspired by Music trip to Bristol

Year 12 and 13 BTEC level 3 Music performance students travelled to Bristol on Thursday for two packed days of busking, sound checks, visits to professional recording studios, meet & greets with bands and an awesome gig at one of the best venues in the country, The Fleece.

Blog 28.11.14 l

Pictured: Our students with the lead band member of Mad Dog McRea

The highlight of the trip was the meet & greet session with the well-known band Mad Dog McRea. The students prepared questions and interviewed the band member for part of their music performance unit. Head of Learning Area of Creative Arts, Miss Pappin said, “The band could not have been more accommodating. They were so generous with their time and provided the students with some excellent tips and words of advice. The lead band member even gave Jasmine one of his hats! It was an awesome trip with awesome students.”


Team Building

Video: Students working as a team on one of the team building challenges

Year 7 have been team building this week. Groups of 30 students completed 4 different activity bases each with a different theme. Trust, communication, problem solving and cooperation. Each group split into 2 sub-groups who then competed against each other. Students learnt how to work together to achieve the best outcomes. The emphasis throughout was on developing communication skills. The skills learnt can then be taken back to the classroom and used to support learning.

Blog 28.11.14 m
Pictured: Students trying to complete one of the team building tasks that involved being passed through a giant rope spider’s web

Year 7 student, Willow Cronje, said “I‘ve really enjoyed the day. It has been quite tricky trying to solve the different tasks but is easier working in a team because everyone has lots of good ideas.”



Science Round Up from Mrs Hammond and Mr Gale

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Pictured: Pictures during the Science sessions



Year 9 visited Paignton Zoo on Monday and spent a very informative time learning about the conservation work that the zoo does. As well as learning about the animals that the zoo cares for, they found out about the research they carry out. This includes breeding programmes for several endangered creatures and overseas work to care for species in their natural environments.

They learned that many of our everyday products have environmental impacts. For example, every smartphone contains a mineral called coltan, most of which is extracted from one mine in Rwanda. The mine is expanding and threatening a mountain gorilla habitat.

The highlight of the day was when Ewan Northcott got to handle a horn which had fallen off one of the zoo’s rhinos naturally. This horn was about 50cm long and because of the demand for rhino horn in oriental medicine, it would have been worth £365,000 on the black market.



The Year 10 students had the opportunity to complete part of their controlled assessment for their Science GCSE. The triple scientists were investigating factors that affect the behaviour of woodlice whilst the double scientists looked at how temperature can affect the dissolving of salt. The students worked very hard and collected some good quality data that they were able to analyse to complete their task.



Thursday was the turn of the Year 8 students to spend some time in Science. The purpose of the day was to develop their scientific skills, which will help them with the new Science curriculum as it is heavily underpinned by a Working Scientifically theme. The students carried out an investigation into the energy in food. They burned the food and measured the temperature increase in water from the heat generated. Using this information they were able to calculate the specific heat capacity. The second session involved carrying out a series of reactions using copper to observe the colour changes that occurred. The next session was a cupcake case investigation looking at factors that would affect how they fall and reach terminal velocity. Their final session was to research each element of the periodic table, and present it so they can build a giant version in the science department. The students were able to find some interesting facts



The final day was for Year 7. 240 excited students carried out a series of 5 workshops ranging from making and packaging soap, building spaghetti towers in STEM to Helicopters and building an egg lander safe enough to drop an egg without damaging it.

Blog 28.11.14 p

Pictured: Students with their egg landers

The students were enthusiastic and worked well on each task. Throughout the day they have developed their investigative skills, communication skills and being to work well as a member of a team to complete a task successfully. They have enjoyed their day and it has fuelled their love of Science.


PE Round Up


Blog 28.11.14 q

Pictured: Some of our girls (and Mr Brinson) enjoying a Zumba session earlier today
A number of Sporting activities took place over the course of this week. Zumba instructor, Kelly Saunders, gave our girls an energetic routine to follow as they took part in a Zumba session earlier today.

Blog 28.11.14 r

Pictured: Students at Warriors gym today enjoying a boxing session

Football Academy boys and others keen to improve their levels of fitness or experience boxing went to Warriors gym where they were put through their paces. The boys spent time working on fitness through Boxercise activities, footwork drills, conditioning exercises, sparring in the ring and a lot of punch bag work.

PE Teacher and Progress Leader of Year 7 Mr Jones said “It was a brilliant morning at Warriors where the boys were given a very thorough work out. They have had a taster session into how hard these athletes work and several showed a real flair for it. Despite the hard work, all of them really enjoyed it. A big thanks to Paul & Zane Turner at Warriors, the boys went back to school buzzing from their experience”.

Blog 28.11.14 s

Pictured: Students enjoying the orienteering task this week

Year 7 students enjoyed an orienteering task which involved photographic clues that students used in order to find a series of symbols around the school.

Some were harder to find than others but the Year 7’s didn’t give up and their orienteering skills certainly improved as the task progressed.



Health Day

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Pictured: (left) students showing their support for Rowcroft with their Rowcroft Wristbands and (right) staff from Torquay Fire Station during a session with our students

This was a wonderful day where we invited six organisations within the Health profession to educate our Year 9’s on how to be happy, safe and healthy.

We had visitors from the Breast Care clinic, Rowcroft Hospice, Outreach nurses, Torquay Fire brigade and a very experienced worker talking about the danger of legal highs.

The students were great as they responded with enthusiasm to the activities and tasks set up for them and showed just how much information they had absorbed and retained. A great big thank you to those people who contributed to making the day so much fun and engaging.


Year 10 Visit Exeter University

Blog 28.11.14 v

Pictured: Students during a lecture at Exeter University

The whole of year 10 visited Exeter University this week to gain an insight into what University life is all about.

Our students were shown around the campus by current undergraduate ambassadors as well as attending a lecture on all aspects of student life, including finance and how higher education can be so beneficial to a young person’s future. In the afternoon the students were also given the opportunity to use the university’s interactive equipment to participate in an interactive question and answer session.

The day was very inspiring for our students and they felt that their aspirations for the future have grown, as well as developing a greater understanding of university life. Students are also less worried about the financial aspects of committing to higher education.

Following the visit a large number of students expressed a genuine interest in attending university and feel more determined to achieve their targets at GCSE and beyond.

The students were impeccably behaved throughout the day and gained positive comments from the university staff about their attitude, behaviour and enthusiasm in the activities. They were an absolute credit to the Academy.


Humanities Round Up from Miss Cape and Mr Toorneini

Pictured: Wow, what a week! Pictures from our Enrichment week


Monday and Tuesday

On Tuesday, Year 8 students set out for a day at Chepstow Castle in Wales (passports were not needed). Whilst we were there we sketched the surrounding areas, investigated the attack and defence methods and explored the history of the castle. The only difference between the two days was that Monday was glorious sunshine and Tuesday rained all day!


History and English students in year 12 and Jere Ovenden (Year 13 ) went to London to visit the Imperial War Museum. As part of their studies the students have been analysing World War One literature and exploring the Holocaust. The trip was their chance to gain further information. We finished the day by having pizza, going in a very brief tour of London and visiting the South Bank Christmas market to see the pretty lights and to have free Churrios!


This was the only day we stayed ‘home’. Year 10 took part in a RE and Citizenship debating moral issues including Capital Punishment, Abortion, Euthanasia and Animal Testing. There was also a band called Twelve24 who explored values through the use of song. They kindly put on a short concert at lunchtime which was well attended and enjoyed by all year groups including staff.

Video: Twelve24 performing to our students earlier this week



Year 9 hit Dawlish Warren Beach for a day of Geography in action. The students sketched the physical and human features, evaluated the coastal defences, mapped land use and took part in a question and answer session with the National Nature Reserve Park Rangers. In the afternoon there was a sand castle competition on the beach which Mr Margetts enjoyed attending. (Winner to be announced in next week’s blog.)

As a department we would like to say a big thank you to all the staff that helped out and an even bigger thank you to the students who made our week so enjoyable. We are already planning our next trips out!



Christmas Concert Rehearsal

Blog 28.11.14 w

Pictured: Students rehearsing for this year’s Christmas Concert

Students have been taking part in lunch time rehearsals in preparation for Carols on Tour and our Christmas Concert.

After the popularity of last year’s Carols on Tour, we have been taking bookings from lots of local care homes and even Torbay Hospital. The residents and patients were lifted by our students last year and we hope to have the same impact this year.

Our Christmas concert is on Wednesday 17th December. Tickets will be available soon so watch this space.



Year 11 Pre Public Exams

Blog 28.11.14 x

Pictured: Our Year 11’s hard at work

Year 11 students are making preparations for their examinations in the Summer Term. This week they have taken Pre-Public Exams in all their GCSE subjects. The week began with a study skills day which introduced them to a variety of revision techniques and resources. Earlier in the term we purchased revision guides for all GCSE subjects which they have been using to revise from.

The rest of the week Year 11 have worked extremely hard, revising in silence when they did not have an exam or in some cases sitting up to 4 and a half hours of exams in a day.

Their effort and approach to these have been exemplary and they are congratulated.

The results day for the Pre- Public Exams is Wednesday 10th of December, the day before Year 11 Parents Evening where the result will be discussed with students and parents.



Torre Primary School Visit

Blog 28.11.14 y

Pictured: Students from Torre Primary school enjoying using the Bunsen burner for the first time

Torre Primary school students visited us today and took part in skill enhancing lessons in Science and Literacy.

The sessions introduced the students to new skills including how to carry out a scientific experiment using a Bunsen burner and in the library, gaining new research skills.

The students were a credit to their school and were a pleasure to teach.


Year 8 Students Play Liverpool FC representing Exeter Academy U13’s

Blog 28.11.14 z

Pictured: Year 8 Student Cole Harford, in his Exeter City FC Tracksuit

Year 8 students, Cole Harford and Joe Belston are playing against Liverpool FC Football Academy this Sunday, representing the Exeter City FC U13’s Football Academy.

Cole, who has been with the Academy for over 4 years now which involves training 3 times a week, said “Liverpool are one of the toughest teams we usually play. I’m nervous and excited for the game on Sunday and I hope we can get a good result. Liverpool is my favourite team, so I hope I can impress them”.

Good luck boys!



Year 10 and 12 Primary School Football Festival

Blog 28.11.14 za

Pictured: Festival organisers from years 10 and 12

On Thursday afternoon Torquay Academy hosted and organised the year 5/6 Matches Partnership Football Festival. Students from years 10 and 12 (pictured) arranged a selection of different skills stations concentrating on passing, shooting, dribbling and ball control for 120 young students from a variety of local primary schools.

Pictured: Students during the sport festival on our 3G pitch

The afternoon ran very smoothly and the students from Torquay Academy were outstanding leaders and ambassadors for the school.