Sixth Form Day, Studio Magic, Pancakes and Sports Awards

Sixth Form Familiarisation Day

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Pictured: Our future Sixth Form students enjoying a Study Skills lesson with Miss Cape

This September’s Sixth Form students were invited into school this week for a familiarisation day.

Students enjoyed a full timetable of lessons, an introduction to the Sixth Form and staff and were introduced to the curriculum they will be following when they start in September.

Head of Sixth Form, Mr Harries, said “It was great to see our Year 11 students back in school, lovely to see new students from other schools and we look forward to working with them all in September.”

For those of you that have not yet applied and would be interested in joining our Sixth Form, please contact Mr Harries who will be happy to talk through the options available to you.

For information on courses and applications, visit the Sixth Form area on our website.


D of E Practice Expedition

Our Duke of Edinburgh students ventured out on a practice expedition at the weekend in preparation of their final one next weekend. Below, Mr Brett tells us how they got on:

Blog 11.07.14 b
Pictured: Students getting close to nature

The day started well with a warm summer’s morning to learn some of the basics that are needed to follow a map and move through some wonderful British countryside. The cows came to see what all the fuss was about. The route took the students along the banks of the Dart towards Totnes. After lunch, with confidence up, the students started to navigate on their own and even made it to camp slightly ahead of schedule. They pitched their tents and cooked their food without a hitch, which was good as they were hungry after a hard day’s trekking.
Blog 11.07.14 c
Pictured: A well-earned break after a hard day’s trekking

Day 2 was as hot as before. Everyone managed a good breakfast and were ready to move off in good time. The route would take them onto the opposite bank of the Dart and then to Greenway before heading for Brixham. Plenty of skill was put to good use on the navigation and the teams managed to stay on course for Brixham, even if it was more challenging than they had expected. Unlike the rest of Devon the sun shone on the team all afternoon and they pulled into Brixham on time.
Blog 11.07.14 d
Pictured: Back to work, trekking through the woodland

A good practice completed. The team are already planning the Main Expedition which will take place in a week’s time along the coast. Clearly they had a good, if exhausting, time as both teams are determined to encourage others to take up the challenge and their aims for the Full Expedition reflect this.

Good luck on the final Expedition!


Year 5 Parents’ Evening

Blog 11.07.14 e
Pictured: Me during talks with Year 5 parents

I was delighted to see so many parents this week as we held a Year 5 Parents’ Information Evening.

The aim of the evening was to explain my plans and vision for the future of the school as well provide an insight into life here at Torquay Academy and why we are so over-subscribed.

These are exciting times at Torquay Academy and I was fantastic to see that so many local parents are interested in sending their students here in the years to come.

If you would like to visit the school, see our top class facilities and here our plans for the future, we are holding two open days:

• Thursday 2nd October 8.30 – 10.00am and 4.00 – 7.00pm
• Friday 3rd October 8.30 – 10.00am

I look forward to meeting with you.


GCSE Photography

Blog 11.07.14 f
Pictured: Megan Ebsworthy’s self portrait

Year 10 student Megan Ebsworthy, currently in the first year of her GCSE Photography course, has been studying the work of photographer and artist Evan Sharboneau who specialises in layering and super imposing images onto different backgrounds.

Pictured above, Megan has managed to emulate his work to a very high standard by merging her own self portrait with a collection of love letters.

Excellent work, Megan, well done!


Year 8 Science – Studio Magic

Blog 11.07.14 g
Pictured: Year 8 students investigating the structure of a pigs eye

Our year 8 students have been studying the theme ‘Studio Magic’; this has involved learning about light and how the lens of a camera and the human eye respond in very similar ways.

In order to explore this topic further, students dissected a pig’s eye during their Science lessons, as they are very similar to a human’s.

Year 8 student Kieran Bailey said “It was interesting to learn how the eye works and how we actually see. We managed to remove the lens of the eye and saw its magnifying effect by putting it on a sheet of writing which was really cool!”



Blog 11.07.14 h
Pictured: Mrs Gibbs with a perfect demonstration of how to flip a pancake.

Year 7 students made American pancakes during their Science lesson this week, as part of the topic ‘Cooks’. Through studying this topic, students were able to see the changes in cooking, by adding bicarbonate of soda to the mixture.

This was a tasty and fun Chemistry lesson and a great example of the chemical reactions that take place in cooking.


Sports Update

Sports Awards 2014 – Celebrating Sporting Success!

Pictured: Photos throughout the evening

This week was my first experience at TA of the much loved Sports Awards Evening and I was really impressed with our students and the PE staff for organising such a fantastic evening.

Now in its third year, the theatre was at full capacity with our students that had been nominated and their justifiably proud parents. This is testament to the amount of sporting talent we have in this school.

PE Teacher and co-organiser, Mr Jones said “The Sports Awards Evening is a great way for us to recognise and celebrate the effort, success and commitment of our students towards every aspect of PE and sport. The event has continued to grow as our sporting activity and success increases year on year. Everyone nominated for an award should be very proud and congratulations to all involved in the evening.

I would like to thank Mr Jones Mrs Low for putting together such a professional evening and congratulate all of our boys and girls who were nominated for an award.


Torbay Trojans American Football

Blog 11.07.14 i

Pictured: Year 10 boys in PE looking the part, dressed in American Football kit

Year 10 boys were visited by Torbay Trojans American Football Club who took over their PE lesson this week.

Introduced by Mr Gascoyne, the Year 10s have been enjoying American Football sessions during PE and were really excited to by the visit.

After brushing up on their technique and learning some new plays, the session finished with a match, where students even enjoyed wearing the American Football kit (pictured).

If you are interested in trying American Football, click the link below to be taken to the Torbay Trojans website:


Year 10 Girls Bench Ball

Blog 11.07.14 j
Pictured: Year 10 girls PE playing Bench Ball

Our Year 10 girls adapted their own PE lesson this week adding their own rules to the game of Bench Ball.

Mrs Low gave the responsibility of leading the session to the girls, encouraging their teamwork, critical thinking and organisation skills. The girls took to the challenge and organised the session well, making sure everyone was involved and even incorporated some new rules.

One such rule (see above) was that they could only throw the ball backwards, which meant the girls had to communicate even more than usual to be successful in the game.


TA Bowls Team Finish on a High!

Blog 11.07.14 k
Pictured: TA bowls team with Upton Bowls Club member Brian Smith

The A and B Bowls teams finished the season on a high this week, both winning their last games of the season. They won both the 5th and 7th place finals.

The Academy now has both its captains, Dan Smith and Robbie York, playing regular competitive Bowls for Upton Bowls Club each week.

We would like to thank Upton Bowls Club for the use of its facilities. We would also like to thank Upton’s members, including Brian Smith (pictured), for all of the time they have given to coaching our students throughout the season.


The Week in Weather

Blog 11.07.14 l

Pictured: The hail shower earlier in the week

This week’s weather summary comes from Mr Toorneini:

We experienced some odd weather this week. There has been clear skies with lots sunshine, some rain and clouds and some showers of very large hail stones. I am sure everyone has noticed how humid it has been.

The warm and humid conditions are expected to continue into the weekend with dry weather. Temperatures will stay in the 200Cs for both Saturday and Sunday; night time temperatures will also remain high.