School’s First Ever Distinction in Automotive Studies

Caitlin Reader Motor Mechanics Distinction

16.6.17 C Reader

The current Year 11s have completed their Automotive studies which included an arduous tour through 15 assessments ranging from practical tasks through written papers and online tests onto an extended project. They achieved a very impressive haul of grades, topped by Caitlin Reader who achieved the school’s first ever distinction grade. To reach this she had to average over 85% in the many assessments.  Those who have had the pleasure of teaching Caitlin know that she is a very conscientious student who always tries to do the best that she can. Mr Foulds, her teacher is delighted with Caitlin’s dedication and approach which took her out of her comfort zone and achieve this accolade. Well done, Caitlin.


Glorious sunshine in our glorious grounds

16.6.17 Summer day19.6.17 grounds 2

When the sun arrives students are able to fully benfit from our beautiful campus.  I enjoy seeing groups of students say outside enjoying each others’ company.  Lets hope the weather lasts!


Music Grade Exam Success

16.6.17 Jake Gamble

The Music department were absolutely delighted to hear the news that Jake Gamble in Year 8 successfully passed his Grade 2 Drum Exam last week.   Jake has been working towards this exam since January and has put in many hours of work that resulted in him receiving 81&; this earned Jake a Merit. Jake’s teacher, Mr Brinson, has said that not only is this an outstanding result, but Jake also managed to achieve full marks in the sight reading element of the exam which is not only one of the most challenging aspects of the exam, but Jake has only been reading music for the past few months so this really is an incredible achievement.

We’re extremely proud of what Jake has achieved and look forward to hearing how he does in his Grade 3 exam next year!



16.6.17 Kasey Fairhurst

On Sunday the 11th of June at Torbay Leisure Centre, Kacy Fairhurst attended her Taekwondo grading.  It took around 1 hour and 30 minutes which involved Kacy doing her patterns, release moves, blocks and kicks, breaking board with hands and feet, sparing and theory.  Then in the week whilst at her Taekwondo lesson,  Kacy’s instructor , Mr Adam GIbbs,  presented Kacy with her red tag belt and certificate for passing her grading.  Well done Kacy


Science Experiment

16.9.17 T Hanley Science

I popped into a Year 7 lesson this morning to listen to Mr Hanley explaining to his Year 7 class about waves.  He then took the class to the back of the room where he put a bar of chocolate into the microwave.  They were able to measure the length of the microwaves by finding the areas of the bar that had melted and measuring the distance between them.  I, and his students, found it fascinating!


6th Form Music Students

16.6.16 6th Form music meeting

I met with our Y12 music students this morning and they took me through their plans for our Summer Festival.  They have already given great thought to how the afternoon will be organised; I was really impressed by how carefully they had considered each aspect of putting on the festival.  It will take place after school on 13 July – more details to follow soon.


Strawberry fields forever…

16.6.17 strawb 416.6.17 strawb 3

A group of our Year 7s have been exploring more of our outside spaces at Torquay Academy.  They have created their own potting area where they could grow their own strawberries. The students had previously filled it with lining and potting soil. This week they planted their strawberries and any spare ones they put into smaller pots in the greenhouse.   Next week they will be making holes in the lining material to allow the strawberries to come through more and also checking on the developments in the greenhouse.

It’s really good to see the group working together on this project.



Principal Certificates


Principal Bronze : (not in order) Alice Reshad,  Ameisha Taylor, Courtney Richards, Lewis Crocker, Mia Sharman, Luke Brailsford-Dunn, Louis Capstick, Kieran Parker, Crystal Thompson, Tilly Skeffington, McKenzie Horrell, Kody Darke, Elizabeth Finch, Sophie Rick, Lizzie Harris, Kelan Stanners, Molly Palk, Rosie Barnes, Ryan Wilson, Emily Hunt, Archie Endicott, Maria Gabl, Dominik Dyczkowski, Chloe Nickels, Halle Larcom, Ella Squibb, Natalie Crawford, Max Squires, Alvin Ho, Millie Boyd, Elliott Mills, Milena Tikuzyte, Ellis Clarke



Principal Silver : L-R,  Michael Brooker, Archie Bindon, Myah Brett-Wilson, Sienna Pethard, Amber Kennard, Katie Walker, Maddie Alder-Howson, Molly Brooksbank, Noah Handford, Oliver Middleton, Shaun Peter, Aaliyah Hardoyal, Emily Mahoney-Billis




 Principal Gold :  Jamie Watson, Sean Andrews


Governor Certificates

16.06.2017-GOV BRONZE

Governor Bronze : Madeleine Reeve, Emily Johns, Azize Isufi, Charlie Moore 


16.06.2017-GOV SILVER

Governor Silver : Benjamin Arscott


16.06.2017-GOV GOLD

Governor Gold : Emma Harrison 


Students of the week

16.06.2017 SOTW

Students of the Week this week are :  Maria Gabl,  Billy-Jay Taylor,  Codie Rees, Natasha Frew