Readers, homework club and fixtures get underway

Whole School Assembly


15.9.17 Assembly

We started the week with a whole school assembly.  The first challenge of the assembly is getting 1,350 students plus staff into the sports hall!  I really value the opportunities we get to meet as a whole community; it reminds us of our responsibility to everyone else in it.  I spoke to our students about the summer’s exam successes and how hard work now will yield great rewards in the future.  I also shared our school priorities for the year and challenged them to play their part in ensuring we meet them:

  • 80% 5AC inc. E&M.  0.8 Progress 8.
  • Assessments provide focused feedback upon how to improve.
  • Eliminate low level disruption from our classrooms.
  • Eliminate gaps in progress between different students.
  • 6th Form progress to be above the national average.


Homework Club

15.9.17 Library

I have ben delighted to see so many students stay behind after school to complete their homework.  Many students, like those above, use our wonderful library, or they work in our learning cafe or Year 7 area.  I have been very impressed by the work ethic of our students in our first week back.


Harrison Honoured

15.9.17 Harrison Honoured

Ella Mellitt (House Captain) wrote:

On Sunday 10th September Alfie and I attended the memorial service of Arthur Leyland Harrison, a Naval officer in WW1, on the cliffside of Paignton at his memorial stone. I was honored to be invited as one of the Harrison House Captains so that I, along with Alfie Fenn, could represent the school. His story of bravery is moving and it’s only a small thank you from us at TA to have a house named after him. In 1918, Harrison led the Zeebrugge raid, and even after a serious jaw injury, carried on and gave up his own life to see the operation through. Around 30 people came to remember Harrison, including a current Naval Captain even with the horrific weather.


Music Grade Exam Success

15.9.17 Robert Green Music Success

The Music department were absolutely delighted to hear the news that Robert Green in Year 10 successfully passed his Grade 3 Drum Exam over the summer holidays.

Robert has been working towards this exam since January and has put in many hours of work that resulted in him successfully passing. Robert’s teacher, Mr. Brinson, has said that not only is this an outstanding result, but Robert also managed to achieve full marks in the question and answer element of the exam which can be one of the most challenging aspects of the exam, and the fact that Robert achieved full marks really is an incredible achievement.  We’re extremely proud of what Robert has achieved and look forward to hearing how he does in his Grade 4 exam later this year.


Sports Roundup


15.9.17 Football

On Wednesday the new TA second team squad took on South Devon College in a friendly before their first league game against Yeovil College next week.  TA started brightly and were dominating before falling 1-0 behind. TA continued to dominate playing some fantastic 1 and 2 touch football and were leading when Joe Constantinou smacked the ball home from close range.  TA were 2-1 up just before half time when the South Devon goal keeper missed the ball played through which rolled under him after a challenge by Ben Clarke, this was the end of the scoring.  It was a great team performance and showed plenty of positives for next week.


Students of the Week

15.09.2017 SOTW

The first students of the week for this academic year pictured with myself, Mrs Nicol, Mr Chadwick and Mrs Powell are; Thomas White, Katie Packer, Jack Parker, Izabelle Pollard, Brad Fraser.


 Six in Six

15.9.17 6 in 6

Before the summer holiday our new Year 7 students were set a challenge to see who could read six books in six weeks. They were asked to write a review for each book they read. A massive 76 students rose to the challenge and read six books, some even read more than six. The variation of books reviewed covered many different genres and topics. The standard of the reviews produced was remarkable and the literacy team thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the amazing work.  A huge well done to all the students who met this challenge, this is a great start to their time at Torquay Academy.