Parents’ Evening, D of E & Performance at Princess Theatre

Year 7 Parents’ Evening

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Pictured: Miss Melrose during one of her appointments

This week was our year 7 Parents’ Evening, giving our Year 7 parents the opportunity to speak with subject teachers to discuss the progress and targets of their children.

The evening was extremely well attended (our biggest Parents’ Evening to date) which I must thank the parents for.


Year 11 Student Helps Transform Lives by Donating Hair

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Pictured: Year 11 student, Lucy Holmes, after her hair cut

Year 11 student, Lucy Holmes (pictured) bravely had her long brown hair cut off in support of the Little Princess Trust, who provide real hair wigs to children suffering hair loss.

After meeting a friend of the family, Roxy aged 10, who has stomach cancer and has sadly lost her own hair, Lucy was inspired to help.

Lucy decided to have her hair shaved off in a bid the raise money, awareness and to provide a hair for a wig that has the power to transform a young person’s life.

Lucy has so far managed to raise £231.80. When talking to Lucy, she explained “It felt weird to have my hair cut off because it’s been a part of me for my whole life. When I saw myself in the mirror it made me cry because I realised how hard it must be for the young people that lose their hair. I am proud of what I have achieved and hope it helps to raise awareness about the disease”.

We usually do not allow students to have extreme haircuts at school but on this occasion, Lucy has shown great selflessness to try and raise money and awareness for a fantastic cause, so I allowed her to do this. Well done Lucy!


Year 7 Take Advantage of Palm FM’s Rent-a-Matt

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Pictured: Palm FM radio presenter, Matt Rogan, posing for our Year 7 art students

Our year 7 students took advantage of Palm FM’s rent-a-Matt scheme yesterday and enjoyed having presenter, Matt Rogan, as a model during their art class.

They are currently studying drawing techniques and having Matt as their model gave the students the perfect opportunity to put their new skills to the test.

Students had Matt in all kinds of poses, whilst they carried out a series of gesture drawings, blind contour drawings and even had Matt posing around the room so that they could draw him in motion.

Year 7 student, Holly Duncanson, said “It was a surprise to see Matt because he is usually a voice on the radio. He was really funny when he was pulling lots of silly poses for us to draw”.

Matt enjoyed his time as a model he said “It was a lot of fun but made me realise that I can’t sit still for very long. I was rubbish at art in school so was really impressed with the students’ drawings and the way they listened to their teacher.”

In exchange for Matt’s services, we will be making a donation to the RNLI.



First D of E Assessed Expedition for Torquay Academy

11 girls set out early on Saturday morning heading for Bantham and the start of their very own personal challenge. They had planned their route and activities to be undertaken along the way during the previous weeks.

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Pictured: A fine start for both teams

Saturday was a good day for walking and the teams were checked through various locations as they moved along the coastal footpath towards Salcombe. They both made good use of the time with one team recording a video and stills which they will make up into a presentation; the others were working on a song to record their adventure.

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Pictured: (left) One of the two teams walking in a lane near the campsite and (right) the other team looking particularly happy with their achievement of having arrived at the campsite just as the sun was starting to get low in the sky.

The night was cold, around 6 degrees, so getting going the following morning was an effort but the teams all made the start in reasonable time. The trek for the second day was from Mill Bay out to Gara rock and then on to Prawle Point before turning towards Start Point. The weather closed in early and gave each team a dilemma or two.

Both teams worked well and made some very sensible and mature decisions which were in the best interests of their safety, balanced against their desire to explore more of the coastline. On their trek they recorded sightings of a pair of Ravens and a Seal and pup!

By the time they got back to Start Point the wind was rocking the Minibus and the view was not as clear as they had hoped due to the driving rain. They all said that the sense of achievement was overwhelming, however tinged with not a little tiredness and hunger. They had an amazing weekend which will provide lifelong memories and many good stories.


Students Perform at the Princess Theatre with Trinity

Video: Students performing at the Princess Theatre with Trinity at the weekend

As part of their UK tour, Trinity performed at the Princess Theatre where they extended a special invitation to the Torquay Academy students to perform with them on stage. Six students joined the band on stage and were thrilled with the opportunity.

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Pictured: Students with the band after the concert

Year 13 student, Matt Cotton said “The band were really welcoming and made us feel at home on stage. We were humbled to be given the opportunity to perform with them, even though it could have backfired as we had very little rehearsal time.”

What a fantastic experience for our students.


Year 9 Whole Class Performance

Video: Year 9 whole class performance

Year 9 students performed to their peers during their assembly today. The class have been working on their performance during the last four music lessons and put the final arrangement together only yesterday!

The performance included a keyboard section, bass guitar section, drum kit, snare drums, percussion, two lead pianos and a trumpet player. Students delivered a polished performance of Kijé’s March by Prokofiev, a Russian composer who wrote the original piece for troops involved in the Cold War.

Head of Creative Arts, Miss Pappin said “It was such a high quality performance at such an early stage during the unit of work. Every single student in the class had a role to play, making the performance particularly impressive. The way they worked so well together as a whole class, was evident in their performance today.”



Year 4 Students Visit Library and Science Labs

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Pictured: Year 4 students from Shiphay Learning Academy using our Library and Science labs

Year 4 Students from Shiphay Learning Academy were invited into school today to experience our Library and Science Labs after a successful visit from their Year 5 students last week.

Year 4 Student from class Wagtail, Deanna Rowe, was exited to be in our Science lab and said “It’s awesome learning how to use a Bunsen Burner!”

Whilst in the Library, Elizabeth Cameron, Ava Bovey and Erin Colclough said “We like finding out about things that we didn’t already know, like the Capital city of Italy… Rome.”

The students behaved impecably and were a credit to Shiphay Learning Academy.



Online Safety Message from PCSO Rusworth:

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Do the Check

Do you feel comfortable with the online activity of yourself or your children?

With the online world ever evolving, especially popular sites such as Facebook, it is important to keep up to date with important E-Safety guidelines.

PCSO Martin Rushworth has provided us with the latest Facebook advice for parents, recommended by the Devon and Cornwall Police service.

Covering key areas such as ‘Do you know who your friends are?’ and ‘How to be in control of what you share online’. The leaflet provided gives lots of important advice of how to be in control of your online profile.

To read the guidance or for guidance on other areas of online safety, please visit the E-Safety section on our website.



Lexia Club

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Pictured: (left) Lexia club in full flow and (right) our new learning tree

Our Lexia club has been really popular since the start of this term. Open before school every day, students have been enjoying improving their literacy skills, with the help of Mrs Gardener and Mrs Rowan.

Lexia is a programme designed to accelerate the reading, spelling and comprehension of our students and allows staff and students to monitor their own progress on a weekly basis.

Certificates have been awarded to those students who have already moved up a level.

Year 7 student, Luke Brailsford-Dunn said “I like that there are different levels to work through because you start at a level that suits you and build up as you learn more.



Students Earn Call up to Torbay Schools Football Team

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Pictured: From left: Year 9 students Joe Constantinou, Myself, Joe Belston and Josh Clarke

I am delighted to hear that three of our Year 9 boys have been selected to represent Torbay in the Torbay Schools’ Football Team.

Not only have the boys been selected to represent our Football Academy, which is an achievement in itself, they shone during a series of trials which has made them stand out amongst 90 other students to be selected for the final Torbay Schools’ squad.

Our boys will play Torquay United in their first fixture next week and will come up against Exeter, Plymouth and Cornwall in the School Boys’ Representative Cup later in the season.

I look forward to sharing their progress in the coming weeks.


Wanted: A Modern day Robin Hood

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Pictured: Students enjoying Archery club

It’s great to see so many Year 7s and 8s turning up to archery club on a Friday afternoon.

The sessions, run by the Torquay Company of Archers, are a great way to get into archery or for those returning to the sport. If there are any more budding Robin Hoods out there, come along to the Sports Centre on a Friday between 3.15 – 4.15pm for a free session where you will receive one to one coaching!



Year 8 Tri Tournament

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Pictured: Our Year 8 rugby team

The Year 8 rugby team played Paignton in a 10 a side rugby match. It was an even start to the match with the ball being taken into mauls and rucks and turned over to either side. James McDowall did some great runs and with an excellent side step scored the first try. Paignton then scored from a quick tap penalty. From the kick off Paignton gained position and were certain to score had it not been for Ollie Parsons with a try saving tackle. The ball was then picked up by James McDowall who scored again for TA. Paignton were able to get a last minute runaway try meaning the game ended 2-2.

The next game was against Westlands. Ollie started the scoring with a drive through the defence after picking the ball up from the back of a ruck. Luke Owens did some good pick and goes and passed the ball out well from the back of the scrums. Rhyan James Simmonds carried the ball well from an offload from Luke, He was meters from the line when tackled but close support from James meant he was able to pick up and score his 3rd of the day Cameron Orton then stepped through a couple of tackles meaning the game ended 3-1 to TA. Well done to all the boys that played.



Year 9 Netball – Written by Cody Marker and Nicole Doris

Torquay Academy netball team won 3 out of 5 matches. We won against Brixham 7-1, Dartmouth 8-1 and KEVICC 3-2.

All the girls played outstandingly well considering that most of our team were unable to make training in the past few weeks.

Our newest players, Katie Leigh and Martha Farkins played really well and have both fit into the team quickly.

On behalf of the team, we would like to thank Mrs Low, Mr Grinsill and Charlie for coming to support us.