Lots of effort and appreciation acknowledged via postcards

A Heroic Effort

Year 10 8th place

Our Y10 football battled wonderfully in an attempt to reach the semi finals of the English School Competition.  They faced an exceptionally strong team from Reading who had won many of their previous rounds by 7 to 11 goals!  We knew it was going to be a tough games after we went a goal down following a penalty being awarded after their first attack.  Our boys battled brilliantly from 4 – 1 down to eventually lose 5 – 3.  It has been a magnificent record breaking run by our boys and I am so proud of their attitude and efforts on the pitch.  I, and their many supporters, are extremely proud of what they have achieved this year.


Devon School Games Duathlon Success





TA travelled to Paignton on Wednesday to compete in the Devon School Games.

The Duathlon squad competed in difficult, wet conditions against some high quality opposition. The event consisted of a 4K cycle and a 2K run.

Emma Harrison once again demonstrated outstanding endurance to win her event. This was particularly impressive as she is still in year 7 and was competing against mainly Year 8’s.    Ollie Mellitt became Devon School Games Duathlon Champion for her age group of year 9’s and 10’s with a brilliant performance. She was closely followed by an outstanding Rosheen Payne who won the Silver medal.

TA won Gold in the team event which consisted of 3 boys and 2 girls. Congratulations to Tom White, Vitaly Vaplaks, James McDowell, Ollie Mellitt and Rosheen Payne.   We also had some great performances in both Volleyball and Table Tennis winning numerous games throughout the day.   Well done to all who participated


Year 8 Football

On Thursday afternoon the Year 8’s played Kingsbridge in the South Devon Cup Quarter Finals. On a sticky pitch, the boys comfortably won 4-0 with goals from Reece Shaw (2) Josh Watt & Will Makinson.


Effort Boards

3.3.17 Boards 1

The effort boards show students’ average effort grade from their attendance, behaviour and readiness to learn, homework, and mindset for learning. I was particularly pleased to see that this time there is a far greater number of students achieving the top grades, which means more and more students are putting in excellent effort day in, day out.


Sixth Form Music Assessment Concert

3.3.17 6th F Concert

On Wednesday evening over 100 people turned out to support the Sixth Form Music Concert, which was a formal assessment for all of the Year 12 and Year 13 music performance students. As part of the assessment the students were required to prepare and perform a minimum of 6 songs as a band which were marked on 3 elements. 1. How accurately each song is performed. 2. The performers’ interaction with each other on stage. 3.The audience’s reaction. Not only did each of the students successfully meet this criteria they went above and beyond putting on a show of an extremely professional standard – this was something that has been commented on by a number of the audience and members of staff who attended the concert.

The evening the kicked off with a massive number by all of the sixth form music performance students which really set the tone for the evening. However, before the show even began the audience were treated to a special support act which consisted of Year 9 music performance students, Noah Johnson, Alex Corbett, Ethan Tanner and Robert Green. The performance was so impressive it could have been mistaken as part of the sixth form assessment!

As always the music students never fail to impress and we are extremely proud of each and every one of the Year 12 and Year 13 music team. Well done to Elle-Mae Rodgers, Amy Mealing, Carly Newman, Hannah Allpress, Paige Doyle, Leon Bradley, Laszlo Topaz, Lloyd Higgins, Niall Cabiong, Reece Hingley, Peter Micuda (Year 12) and Harvey Comer, Tomo Neale, George Full, Daniel Williams and Chelsea Peter (Year 13)


Excitement in the Labs!

3.3.17 Blog Y13 Chemistry 3.3.17 Blog Y13 Chemistry3 3.3.17 Blog Y13 Chemistry2

Year 13 chemistry students have been making azo dyes this week. These are colourful compounds made from crude oil and produced by a process called ‘electrophilic substitution’. As you can see, the colours are quite dramatic!


Appreciation Assemblies

Postcard v3


This week I have been taking the year group assemblies.  I have spoken to our students about the importance of appreciation and being thankful.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful staff and students at TA, but we can sometimes take it for granted.  Everyone has been given a postcard and they have written a message to somebody that they are particularly thankful for.


Brandon Bridge Torbay Youth Parliament Manifesto

My name is Brandon Bridge, I am a sixteen year old from Torquay and I want to make Torbay great again. I am a Sixth form student at Torquay Academy and am doing A-levels in History, Biology and Maths.  I was born in Torbay and have benefited greatly from the educational system and guidance from teachers. Because of this I want to improve the place we live in, in both appearance and opportunities for young people.
I will campaign to:

  • Make more youth groups to keep young people entertained and have activities to meet and spend time together.
  • Clean up the bay, litter is a problem in the streets and coastal paths of the bay which is an eye-sore.
  • Change the requirements for voting an example of this could be changing the voting age to 16
  • Found and improve support groups for young people
  • Stop large and ugly buildings from spoiling seaside views
  • Create more part time jobs for Torbay’s young people to build up their CV’s and make our youths competitive against other constituencies.

I am standing to be Torbay’s Member of Youth Parliament because I am suited to the job. I am always up to date with current political events and want to make life better for the average person. When I am in the position my aims will come to fruition and Torbay from Maidencombe to Berry Head will noticeably improve.

Please vote for me in the election coming up between the 6th and 10th of March 2017, I will represent the youth with integrity.

#BayforBrandon #TidyTorbay


Students of the Week

3.3.17 SOTW

Students of the Week this week with me and Mr Chadwick are : Luke Pethard, Noah Handford, Lauren Lloyd, John Paul Mitchell and Sana Shah.