Army Visit, New iMac Suite, WW2 Stories & Football Success

Open Day Success

Blog 03.10.14 a

Pictured: Parents in the library yesterday morning during one of my welcome talks

This week we opened our school for two days for families who were interested in their children joining our school.

I was delighted to see hundreds of families turn up over the two open days to see our wonderful school. Everyone I spoke to was full of praise about what they saw, which is very encouraging for the school’s continued growth.

In addition to our open evening we opened the school during the day to allow parents and students to see the calm learning atmosphere we have fostered.

I would especially like to thank our students and prefects who helped during the Open Days. By sharing their thoughts about the school and answering questions from parents and their chilrden during the tours, they offered a student’s insight into life at TA.


Army Adjutant General’s Corps Visit Year 11 and 12 Students

Blog 03.10.14 b

Pictured: One of the AGC team with our Year 11 students

Five members of the Adjutant General’s Corps (AGC) unit in the British Army came into school this week to speak to our Year 11 Business Studies and Year 12 Public Services students.

The AGC is the administration unit of the army, otherwise known as Human Resources. Both students and staff were educated about this specialised sector of the army that many of us didn’t even know existed including the opportunities available in their unit.

We were very grateful for the time they spent with us.



New Apple Mac Creative Suite Unlocks a World of Possibilities…

Blog 03.10.14 c

Pictured: (right) Year 10 students Ryan Bailey and (left) Leon Bradley using the new iMac Creative Suite for the first time this week

We have installed a new top of the range iMac Creative Suite in our Creative Arts department this week, comprising of 12 Apple iMac computers and accessories to go with them.

Students were excited by the new suite and got straight to work during their lesson exploring the software packages that come with them.

Ryan (pictured) said “I’m looking forward to using the computers to make my own beats. Better equipment means better education!”

Unlike Ryan, Leon (pictured) had never used an Apple computer before and said “I initially found the layout confusing at first but I am really impressed with how much you can do with them”.

The iMacs are linked to our music studio and I am looking forward to sharing some of our student’s work in the near future.


Students Explore WW2 Family Links

Blog 03.10.14 d

Pictured: Year 7 student Oliver Lomax-Cartwright with his Grandad’s war medals

Year 7 students, as part of their Opening Minds lessons, have been learning about family ties and were studying the Second World War, uncovering some fascinating personal stories.

Oliver (pictured) brought in his Grandad’s war medals, a rare model ‘Red Baron’ aeroplane and cigarette tin that have been passed down to him to keep safe.

Mrs Gisburn was so impressed with Oliver’s knowledge and enthusiasm on the subject that she asked Oliver to talk to each Opening Minds class to share his story.

Oliver explained “My Grandad lived in Germany and helped the British during World War 2 by telling them the German’s Plans – like a spy.

Oliver visits his Grandad every Wednesday and they often talk about the war, he said “I’m really proud of my Grandad.” When asked by a fellow student if Oliver would go to war he had arguments for and against but said “War isn’t good, you have so much to live for and from my Grandad’s experience, war is not a good thing to be involved in.”

Blog 03.10.14 e
Pictured: Year 7 student Holly Duncanson (far right) showing her fellow students her WW2 baby gas mask

Similarly to Oliver, Holly (pictured) had a fascinating WW2 artefact that she brought in to share with her class.

Holly has inherited a gas mask for a baby, which her Great Nan used (fortunately only to practice with) during the WW2 era.

Holly said “I thought it was fake at first because I’ve never seen anything like it before but was really surprised and excited after doing some research to find out it was real!”

Staff and students were excited to see such a rare and unusual object, although it brings with it a stark reminder of the harsh reality of war.



Year 7 Student Praised for Punctuality

Blog 03.10.14 f

Pictured: Year 7 student Ben Dowen receiving a certificate from assistant Principal, Mr Penrice, for his punctuality

Starting secondary school can sometimes be challenging for our Year 7 students; a new bigger school, a new timetable, lots of new teachers to get used to can make the first few weeks daunting and make it hard to settle in. However with support our Year 7 students have been rising early to these new challenges.

Ben is one such student who, with the help of Mr Penrice and the pastoral leaders, has been getting in to school well before the expected time of 8.27am every morning.


European Languages Day

Blog 03.10.14 g

Pictured: Miss Melrose dishing out some International delicacies

Students enjoyed a rather unusual day today, as they participated in the European Day of Languages.

An initiative set up by the Council of Europe, European Day of Languages encourages everyone to learn more languages, at any age, in and out of school, with the wider aim of achieving greater intellectual understanding of the rich cultural heritage of our continent.

Activities, led by Miss Melrose and the Modern Foreign Languages department, were enjoyed by students during and after the school day. Students enjoyed quizzes and language based activities during break time and indulged in some international delicacies during lunch time.

Lewis Rusby attended the lunch club and said “I learnt that there are some pretty weird foods in the world. I liked the Spanish pickled tomato but was surprised because I don’t usually eat foods like that”.


Year 9 Students Design New Rugby Kit

Blog 03.10.14 h

Pictured: Year 9 students Oli Cawood (left) Louie Smith (right) with Head of PE Mr Gascoyne and their new kit design.

As part of the All Schools funding scheme from the Rugby Football Union, we have secured funding for the design and supply of a new Rugby kit as well as specialised coaching sessions for our students.

Year 9 students Oli and Louie (pictured) attended a workshop this week held by Canterbury Teamwear at Torquay Athletic Rugby Football Club to design the brand new TA kit for our Year 9 rugby team.

During the workshop, the boys were shown the design process in full and spent the day with the Centerbury team to design a new TA kit (pictured).

The boys have incorporated a palm tree into their design to represent the English Riviera and have also altered the TA logo so that the main figure is holding a rugby ball. Two slogans have also been added: ‘Don’t give up’ and ‘Success for All’.

The kit will arrive in February, where unfortunately only one of the boys, will attend a Twickenham and show the kit off to up to 80,000 fans before the England v Italy match.

Louie said “I was very grateful to have the responsibility to serve my fellow students by helping to design our new kit.”


Fairfields Cake Sale Raises Money for Rowcroft Hospice

Blog 03.10.14 i

Pictured: Fairfields staff and students with the cakes they sold to raise money for Rowcroft Hospice

Our Fairfields students managed to raise over £40 for Rowcroft Hospice by holding a cake sale. Year 8 student Beth Rivers (pictured right) wrote this for the blog:

Special thanks to Mr Chadwick, Pc Rushworth and Mr Taylor for their generous donations. We have really enjoyed making the cakes and selling them to the staff and students at the school. Cake makers were Beth Rivers, Kara Skully, Reece Moult, Jacob Vinson, Reece McKee, Ben Hardy, Mrs Fortune, Mr Lamswood’s mum and Mr Chadwick (who managed to ice two of the cakes his wife baked).

We have invited Rowcroft hospice to come into school to present them with the funds raised.


Year 7 Film Club

Blog 03.10.14 j

Pictured: Students enjoying Film Club this Thursday lunch time

Like many of our staff who offer clubs and activities during lunch time, Mr Godfrey runs a Film club each Thursday lunch time for Year 7 students. Mr Godfrey said “It adds to the variety of lunchtime activities on offer here and I encourage more to come along.”

Year 7 student Josh Lee, was watching The Incredibles this week and said “I like to watch films, it gives me something to do at lunch time with my friends.”

This is just one of the clubs that run every lunchtime that are in the Year 7 corridor exclusively for our Year 7 students.


Sports Update

Year 10 Football

Blog 03.10.14 k

Pictured: Year 10 student Jack Rendle, showing his close ball control

The year 10 football team travelled to St Lukes to kick off their football season in round one of the National Cup.

The team started slowly and where caught off guard and after four minutes found themselves 1-0 down. The team then responded in electrifying fashion scoring six goals in a twenty minute period, playing what can only be described as “champagne football”.

The boys were then praised for their efforts and warned not to become complacent in the second half. Unfortunately this was not the case and St Lukes scored three quick fire goals making the score 6-4 and having all the momentum, Torquay were struggling to get out of their own half. Great awareness from Ethan Hooper meant that he was able to pounce on a mistake from the St Lukes goalkeeper and rounded him to slot home to make the score 7-4 and relieve the pressure.

Torquay scored one final time to run out 8-4 winners. Goals were scored by Louie Hayward 2, Callum Morton 2, Louis Baker-Thornley, Shaun Johannesen and Ethan Hooper.

A good result but plenty to work on before their second round match.