Celebrating another set of record-breaking GCSE results

Our students are celebrating another set of record-breaking GCSE results today.

Students performed significantly above national averages in all of the core subjects.  There were great successes in all subjects across the school.  Large numbers of students take advantage of the breadth of curriculum offered at Torquay Academy; results are very impressive in the creative arts and vocational areas as well as the traditional academic subjects.  84% and 67% of students were successful in passing English and maths respectively.

I am delighted for our students as they have worked so hard and shown such dedication to their studies.  They really do deserve all that they have achieved.   I look forward to welcoming the majority of them back into the 6th form in September.  These results are a testament to the exceptionally hard-working students and staff we are blessed with here.

Our Chair of Governors, Vince Flower, came in this morning to see many of our students collect their results.  He told me “I am delighted with the results our students have achieved this year; they will enable them to go on and achieve in the Sixth Form and then at university, in an apprenticeship or career.  We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated group of teachers who have given up so much of their free time to provide additional support for their students.  The results are a justification of why the school was recently judged to be Outstanding in the Challenge Partner review for the second year in a row.”


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