Year 11 Prom, Sports Awards and another full on week at TA

Year 11 Prom

DSC_6709 (1)

Thursday 21st June was a memorable day for our Year 11 students. The day started with their final exam, followed by the signing of their shirts. Writing messages of good luck and best wishes in their own friendly way. The highlight of the day though was when they congregated together for one last time, as a reward for all of their efforts over the past year, at their prom. The students arrived at the Livermead Cliff Hotel in their flamboyant, statement-making vehicles looking unrecognisable from the usual white shirt and grey blazer attire! From gorgeous gowns to sharp looking suits – in their words they were all looking “on point”! It was a pleasure to see all the students glowing and finally relaxing after what has been an incredibly exhausting year for them. There were no signs of fatigue on the night though with them all dancing the night away and capturing every moment. I have no doubt they will look back on their time at Torquay Academy with fond memories and be rewarded for their hard work and dedication shown throughout their years here.

All photos of the Prom can be seen on our Facebook page


Sports Awards

This week I had the privilege of attending the annual sports celebration evening, where the exploits of our fantastic students on the sporting front are celebrated. This year the standard was higher than ever and some 60 students attended to compete for the overall winners’ prizes, having said that, everyone who was invited was a winner in their own right. It was also great to see a former student come back to celebrate the evening with us and hand out the prizes. Callum Morton left us two years ago and has since started to carve out an excellent career in professional football currently plying his trade with West Bromwich Albion.

Winners of the categories were:
Key Stage 3 Boys – Ellis Knowles
Key Stage 3 Girls – Emma Harrison
Key Stage 4 Girls – Georgia Davies
Key Stage 4 Boys – Cole Harford
Key Stage 5 – Adam Kenyon
Attitude Towards PE – Charlie Nunn
Contribution to Sport – William Bevan
Individual Performance – Isaac Astbury
Sportsmanship Award – Ella Squibb
Young Leader – Bailey Clarke
Team of the Year – Year 7 Boys Football

Well done to all of you.

More photos can be seen on our Facebook page



Team TA Sports Roundup


Year 9 played a triangular tournament against Newton Abbot College and Torquay Girls Grammar Thursday 21st June.

Our first match against TGGS started off very competitively. We fielded well and allowed them to score only 7 whilst getting 3 of their players out. Unfortunately when it was our turn to bat their key player was their bowler who managed to stop our girls from hitting. Her fast bowling technique allowed us to only score 5 1/2, which was not good enough to win the match.

The second match against NAC was much more evenly matched. After some good fielding and batting from both teams the score was 4 1/2 each with one ball to go. We batted, hit the ball between second and third. The race to get the ball to second post before our batter reached it was on but unfortunately we arrived at second post a fraction of a second after being stumped out. Although we were happy we had not lost we would have been delighted with that win. Next time girls.

Rounders 1

On Thursday the Year 7 rounders team played against Newton Abbot College and Torquay Girls Grammar School at Torquay Academy. The team started playing against TGGS and after fielding first they knew they had 9 rounders to beat. Unfortunately, the girls could only manage 7 rounders leaving us being defeated but in high hopes as we have closed the gap massively since the beginning of the season. Lily Rodgers, TA’s captain then stepped up to decide who would have first field between TA and NAC. Lily won the pick and decided to field first. Simply one word for their fielding during this game, amazing!! The girls only gave Newton Abbot 4 rounders which stood us in good stead. The girls then went on to bat and played outstanding which led to a win! We are very proud of each and every one of you – all displaying great grit and determination.  They have come along way since the beginning of the season and I hope they all continue to do so! Well Done.



Many congratulations to Emma Harrison and Olivia Foster who took part in the second South Devon Athletics league meet of the season. A 100% record from our girls as Emma won the 800 metres by a very comfortable 20 second margin and Olivia won both the 100 metres and 200 metres. Well done, girls, great work.



Last Friday, Torquay Academy held its annual house swimming gala for years 7, 8 and 9 at Plainmoor swimming pool. Again there were some tremendous performances and new talent discovered from our year 7s. A big thank you to all staff who helped with the running of the event. Well done to the sports leaders for their excellent contribution. We also held our first staff free style race with Mr Welsh, Mr Harries and Mr Chadwick – the results were too close to call!  I was told that the lifeguard was at the ready as they neared the finish line…

On another swimming note. Congratulations to Mya Green Year 7 who swam in a gala at the weekend and recorded Devon County Qualifying times for the 50 metre freestyle, 50 metre breaststroke and the 50 metre butterfly, no mean feat. Well Done




Blue Monday

Year 9 students were busy this week learning how to make metal salts by reacting chemical compounds together. These students have just reacted copper carbonate with sulphuric acid to produce copper sulphate solution. Their next step was to evaporate the water out of the blue solution and obtain vivid blue copper sulphate crystals.


22.6.18 Science 118.6.18 Science 2



Year 5 Activity Days

This week we welcomed the rest of the primary schools to spend a day with us experiencing Art, PE, Technology and Science.  All the students had a fantastic time sampling the kind of things that many of them will do when they hopefully join us.



Construction Visit

22.6.18 Construction1 22.6.18 Construction2

On Tuesday 19th June BTEC students had a walk through the new building and learnt so much about the hidden technology being used.   Students were amazed at how quickly the structure was going up but soon came to realise that lots of prior planning happened before a digger had even arrived on site to dig the foundations. This lightweight construction has lots of new technology that not only helps with the speed of the build but also results in a fantastic new teaching space for our students to thrive in.  Thank you to Steve Essam the Site Manager for giving up some time to show the students around and impart so much knowledge and enthusiasm for his trade. Many of the students left the site with a real quandary as to what career they would like to pursue within the Construction Industry.


Year 12 trip to Exeter University Library

22.6.18 Exeter Library

On Friday 15th June, Year 12 History students visited Exeter University. Students were given a tour of the university by a third year International Relations student. They were shown the University’s facilities including the halls of residence and the Forum building housing the library. The Year 12 students were able to ask questions about the courses on offer and life at University. Year 12 then used the library facilities and the students worked hard to use a range of books to help them find important information that will be central to their A level History coursework. Overall, the trip gave our students a great insight into University life in addition to supporting them with their current studies.


 A level Biology field trip

22.6.18 Biology 222.6.18 Biology 122.6.18 Biology 328.6.18 Biology 4
On Monday and Tuesday this week the A level Biologists spent two days in North Devon on an Ecology field trip, collecting and analysing data for their Year 13 module on Ecosystems. The first morning was spent identifying the plant species and taking soil samples on the sand dunes at Braunton Burrows. Students gained an understanding of the process of Primary Succession. The weather was perfect for outdoor work and the students enjoyed identifying many different species and taking in the views. In the afternoon students went to Lee Bay, which is an AONB (Area of outstanding Natural Beauty), where they studied the rocky shore ecology and identified how the drying effect (desiccation) of the tide affected the distribution of the species. They used a sampling technique called an interrupted belt transect which is a form of systematic sampling used for measuring the effects of an abiotic (non-living factors) on the distribution of species (biotic factors). The following day the students spent the morning analysing and writing up their data, drawing graphs and performing statistical tests. The trip was completed with a woodland walk at Occombe farm learning about the sustainable management of woodland including coppicing. It was a fabulous two days and the students were superb, working incredibly hard to get all the data collected and written up.


Year 9 Child Development

22.6.18 Child 322.6.18 Child 122.6.18 Child 2

As part of their Child Development course, Year 9 students this week have been looking at the nutritional requirements of babies, and why it is essential they have the best diets in order to grow and develop correctly. Having researched how to find the calorific values on food packaging, students then made their own pureed baby food and compared it to the shop bought version. It was totally unanimous, that the home made version was cheaper, healthier and tastier.


Building Update


It is starting to look like a real building now with window frames in place and some of the walls to the classrooms going up.