Laser run, acting up, recording studio and spellodrome

Performing Arts

High School Musical

7.6.19 HSM photo

Our Performing Arts Academy is delighted to present High School Musical next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. Doors from 6.00pm, show start time 6:30pm. Tickets are available from the school Finance Office, £2 each. I look forward to seeing you at what promises to be our best production yet!


Primary School Studio Recording

7.6.19 PA 1

We were delighted to welcome Barton Hill Academy students and their teachers to our Music Department on Thursday this week. The school has recently won a national song competition and wanted to get their song professionally recorded. With our new state of the art recording studio we were more than happy to make that a reality and run an afternoon’s studio session for them. The primary school students were super excited to take part in a professional recording and visit TA’s ‘awesome’ music department.



Acting Exam for Lila & Kole

7.6.19 PA2

Lila-May Harrington and Kole Gjikolaj will be the first of our Performing Arts Academy students to take a graded exam in acting. They have been preparing for the last 5 months under the direction of our visiting acting coach, Anthony Chamberlain, for their Grade 1 LAMDA Performance Exam taking place next Saturday.

Kole and Lila have to perform two drama pieces to a visiting examiner and will be marked on their use of voice, stage presence and ability to create and sustain characters. As the students progress through the grades the pieces they have to perform increase in duration and in the technical skills needed to prepare them.

Lila and Kole have done very well to get to Grade 1 so quickly and we wish them every success for their exam.


Year 12 Trip to Marjons

7.6.19 Marjons 17.6.19 Marjons 2

7.6.19 Marjons 3

The year 12 sports students travelled to Marjons University on Monday for a taster day. The day included various sessions led by university level experts in their chosen field. The hands-on, practical sessions covered a range of subjects from injury occurrence and rehabilitation, to sports development, alongside an introduction to the importance and understanding of sports psychology. The students had the opportunity to use, first hand, degree level techniques and equipment to assess and analyse sports injuries and rehabilitation strategies. These included pressure plates to assess weight distribution during running/walking. Video analysis was used to evaluate running gait. The students were able to use an anti-gravity treadmill which allows injured athletes to continue to train in a weigh reduced environment thus diminishing the chance of further injury whilst maintaining fitness levels. They then experienced a seminar on sports development and the various facets encompassing the issues and solutions faced by those involved in that field. They were also given a lecture on sports psychology which incorporated practical demonstrations and utilised some state of the art eye tracking equipment. The students will be able to bring their practical experiences from the day and incorporate them into their relevant Btec sport units. All those involved had a great time, learnt a vast amount and thoroughly enjoyed the complimentary Starbucks on offer as well.



7.6.19 Maths Top Set

This week Simon Singh, popular Mathematical author, who has been working with our maths department on the development of Top Top sets was in TA again looking at the great work that the Maths department have been doing at stretching our most able students in Mathematics.

He was very impressed with the work that has been completed this year and in his reviewing of the success of the students in the recent UK maths challenges where results were significantly better than the previous years.

Simon also took the opportunity to teach a little episode to our year 8 Top Top set, who really enjoyed seeing the wonder that maths can produce.


Year 11 exams

7.6.19 Y11 English

Our Year 11s are continuing with their GCSEs this week.  Teachers are continuing to prep them for their exams including a final brieifing just before they step into the exam hall.



7.6.19 Spelling trial

Over the last couple of months, a group of Year 7 and Year 8 students have been trialling different programs designed to help improve their spelling abilities. These programs have varied greatly with some including educational games and others using new and different teaching styles and techniques to aid learning. All the students had to explore the different websites and give detailed feed back about their personal experiences and enjoyment of the sites, the visual appeal and ease of navigation, and the improvements they made in their spelling levels.  As a result of their hard work and informative feed back we have now added Spellodrome to our list of literacy intervention programs.  This means that we can now provide even more dedicated help, to students improving their spelling levels.  Thank you to everyone who helped.



Team TA Sports Roundup

 Laser Run

7.6.19 Laser run 27.6.19 Laser Run


On the last Sunday of half term Hannah Carr, Lauren Major and Grace Povey, all in year 7, travelled up to Millfield School in Somerset to take part in their very first laser run event.  The invitation to take part was extended to the school because Toni Cord the Modern Pentathlon coach at Millfield has been doing taster sessions for laser run during the students’ core PE lessons. The event consists of 3 x 400 metres run and 3 x 5 hits using a laser gun at a target from a distance of 5 metres. The girls did remarkably well when you consider they it was their first event and they were competing against student who had represented Great Britain in the event. Hannah finished 9th, Lauren 10th and Grace 11th. We look forward to developing this sport in the future. Well done, girls.


Students of the Week

7.6.19 SOTW

Students of the week with me are: Isabel Cresser, Kelsey Cresser, Aleasha Dunford, Matt Leighton, Adam Pac


Principal Certificates

07.06.2019 - BRONZE

Bronze: (not in order) Sonny Jackson, Kieran Dale, Lorenzo De Paoli, Owen Rose, Leo Driscoll, Joshua Robinson, Chloe Sillis, Warren Davis, Maddie Alder-Howson, Jude Rockey, Caine Lees, Joseph Nuth, Conner Berry-Mills, Monkia Petrova, Benjamin Aldous, Dylan Little, Eloise Simpson, Lauren Howells, Megan Conachie, Denny Watkins, Spencer Sicobo, Ollie Westwood, Bradley Stevens, Lydia Langhorn, John-Paul Mitchell


07.06.2019 - SILVER

Silver: (not in order) Callum Oldham, Baily Moore, Erin Allen, Jess Dennis, Ben German, Kole Gjikolaj, Danny Frankum, Hannah Carr, Finley Wood, Connor Leonard, Katie Harris, Milly Rose, Isabel Cresser, Mya Brett-Wilson, Joshua Hills, Alex Westwood


07.06.2019 - GOLD

Gold: (not in order) Olivia Painter, Isabel Blamey, Redd Benson, James Scrimgeour, Charlie Stevens, Faith Barnett, Jack Darke, Stevie Wright, Lilly-May Bond, Benjamin McCarthy, Josi White, Erin Colcough, Troy Riley, Amelia Bunce, Alfie Sams


Governor Certificates

07.06.2019 - GOV BRONZE

Bronze : (not in order) Robbie Wright, Rae Makinson, Sofia Evans, Linda Aspbury


07.06.2019 - GOV GOLD

Gold: Aleasha Dunford



House Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel –

Christie – Courtney Dowen

Darwin – Charlie Pope

Fawcett – Steven Jeffs

Harrison – Isabel Blamey

Kitson – Jamie Dyer

Nearne – Jack Alcock

Pengelly – Jess Dennis


Year 8

Brunel –

Christie – Codie James

Darwin – Riccardo Lordache

Fawcett – Jas Stone

Harrison – Sophia Evans

Kitson – Ruby Pleass

Nearne –

Pengelly – Thomas Johnson


Year 9

Brunel –

Christie – Tilly Skeffington

Darwin – Esther Cox

Fawcett – Seth Bastow

Harrison – Mia Sharman

Kitson – Amy Langley

Nearne –

Pengelly – Isaac Caddick



Building Update

7.6.19 Theatre 1


7.6.19 Building update

The theatre received its first coat of paint over the half term.  The external render is currently being applied and the building is looking extremely impressive.