Cadets on parade, amazing open day and climbing fun

Our CCF have their first parade



After a year and more of carefully planning, a phenomenally successful launch day, the cadets are on parade. An historic moment as it is a first for the Academy. Now starts the process of turning a group of young individuals into a group of cadets who have the resilience to think problems through, lead, and gain all those experiences which make a real difference to their lives. The NCO’s were at the Open Evening last night and some of them were speaking publicly for the first time having been in training for 4 months. Really good job.


Open evening


On Thursday evening we welcomed hundreds of primary students and parents into the school. I gave a talk in our amazing theatre before they were given a tour of the school.  As ever, I am so proud to show off the incredible opportunities that are available at TA.

Miss Cann was able to show off one of her favourite reactions…

Which required a certain amount of cleaning up!

Mr Mellitt showed off his electrical field.

Students were able to take part in a whole range of activities in the Sports Hall.  Mr Chadwick couldn’t help but relive his gymnastics day of some 50 years ago…!

I am still struck with mixed feelings of being rather impressed and somewhat shocked!


Defending our National Championship Title


Our Robotics Club team are back hard at work with some strategic planning and careful reading of the rules as they get to grips with both the Tomorrow’ s Engineers new mat challenges. Some great ideas coming through already.


Greenpower Cars


Our Greenpower motorsport team has recently expanded its fleet and is due to expand further in the near future. They have developed a nifty way of using Android 5 or newer phones as the dash boards. They are looking out for two more phones – the smaller the better. If you have an old phone lying around in a drawer at home that may be suitable and you wouldn’t mind donating please bring it into Mr Foulds or Mr Hadley.


Innovation Awards show


Our A level Design and Technology students visited the stunning Innovation Awards show on Monday.  They were inspired those who exhibited as well as the guest speakers.


Climbing Fun!

4.10.19 Climbing Wall1 4.10.19 Climbing Wall2

20 year 7 and 8 students braved the terrible weather conditions on Monday for our first house competition. Students will be using our amazing, brand new climbing wall for the next month to get selected for the climbing finals hosted by Exeter’s Clip and Climb.

All year 7s and 8s are welcome to attend the selection process on Monday nights 3pm to 4pm.





For our first PSHEE day this year we had Alterego theatre company in to perform ‘Chelsea’s choice’ to the year 7,8, and 9s. This production raises awareness around the issues surrounding Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). It tells the story of a group of three students who discover the diary of a girl called Chelsea. Chelsea was a 15 year old girl who, having fallen out with her friends and family, met a guy called Gary. Gary was kind, understanding, had a nice car, had his own flat and listened to her. Unfortunately, Gary was not what he seemed to be! Chelsea’s story is played out and examined by the three students who, along with their teacher, attempt to understand what happened to Chelsea.

The year 7s also had several sessions on Emotional health, which looked at attitudes to mental health and how to be emotional healthy. Students also studied the changes that they go through at puberty, how to manage peer pressure, digital advertising and how to manage healthy relationships. Probably the highlight of the day was the ‘restart a heart’ session run by doctors from the hospital and a paramedic, which taught students what to do in an emergency and how to give CPR.

Year 8 students developed the theme of Emotional health by looking at helpful and unhelpful coping strategies. In terms of relationships students had an introduction to contraception and domestic violence and looked at the impact of persuasion and peer pressure. They also learned about the risks involved in gambling and what rights and responsibilities that have, in school, in their community and in relationships. We also looked at the issues surrounding sharing sexual content on line.

The Emotional health topics for year 9 included how to reframe negative thoughts and how to recognise mental ill health. They looked at what it means to be a ‘money mule’ and how people find themselves in that position, also how to protect their identity on line and how to deal with social engineering. Students had an introduction into what a payslip is and what deductions they would find. We had ‘Proud2be’ in to work with the students looking at issues surrounding sexual identity and homophobia. Vane Hill residential home bought in residents who spoke of their issues with alcohol and the damage done to their lives and bodies as a result.

The year 10 day was focused around relationships. Students explored what was meant by a healthy relationship and the benefits of marriage. Students also explored different forms of contraception and the consequences of a teenage pregnancy. ‘Sexplain’ worked with our students looking at aspects of social and reproductive health.

Year 12 looked at a variety of life skills such as cooking and basic car maintenance. They also looked at managing money DIY and stress management. Year 13 had an opportunity to write personal statements and plan for the future.


Post 16 football team top of the league

This week our lads faced Yeovil College in the ECFA premier league, this was our 4th game of the season and we were looking to carry on with our fantastic start.  We started the game without keeper Josh Nicol and striker Jamie Passmore who are recovering from injuries, this gave a start for keeper Toby Green and Charlie Cuss upfront.  The first 45 minutes were very tough as Yeovil sat back with bodies behind the ball. Half time ended 0-0.
The second half we continued to attack to get the first goal knowing once we got one it would open up. The 1st goal came after 10 minutes with Cussy scoring from and Alfie Tucker cross, we then followed that up with a goal from a corner with Parry put away.
We then added a third from a free kick direct from Ethan Slater and to finish off Cole Harford and Joe Belsten combined to deliver a cross into Finley Pearse to finish from inside the box.  We currently sit top of the league after our 4-0 win. Next up is Bridgend at home.


Hartpury University Visit

4.10.19 Harp 34.1.19 harp 4

4.10.19 Harp 24.5.19 Harp 1

On Thursday we had a visit from Chris Knowles, Men’s senior football manager at Hartpury University. He presented to our boys and girls the opportunities available to our students for their next step after finishing their education with us, it was great for our students to see whats out there and another pathway for our players to continue football alongside education also.   We look forward to working closer with this prestigious university in the future.



Team TA Sports Roundup

Year 8 Netball

4.10.19 Y8 Netball

Year 8s played their first CVL tournament of the year on Monday. The girls only played two games in this round and although they didn’t win this time, they vowed to come back to training the following day to work hard on their netball skills. All were present at training and we were able to practise some of the errors they made the night before. A team to watch out for this season. Player of the tournament was Heidi for some lovely play in both games.



4.1.19 Rugby

These boys experienced there first taste of schoolboy rugby this week, when they took part in a festival of rugby against other local schools. They played 3 matches in total and played some excellent rugby. Particularly pleasing at this stage of their rugby careers was the effectiveness of their tackling; this formed the basis of their game which meant they were able to build on that and launch some very good attacks. The boys drew 2 games and won one game in their matches against Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Paignton CSC and Brixham College. Based on these performances the future looks good for rugby in this year group.


Football Trials

4.10.19 Football girls

Good luck to Taylor Ford (Year 10) who will be attending the South West Schools football trials in Bristol this weekend. This is a pathway to the full England Schools team and we wish her every success.

Under 16’s Girls through to round two


On Thursday evening the under 16’s girls took on West Exe in the first round of the national cup. The conditions were awful for the game with the rain pouring down and the wind blowing a gale. Both teams got the ball down and were trying to play football in the correct way. TA were awarded a penalty on the 25th minute but unfortunately Siana Goddard saw her effort rebound off the crossbar. This gave West Exe a little belief and saw them take the lead right on half time.   TA rallied in the second half and scored three quick fire goals in a 8 minute spell to win 3-1. The goals came from Siana Goddard x2 and Taylor Ford.

It was a much deserved win in the end., Well done to all the girls involved.   Player of the match – Ellie Mitchell


Under 15’s girls through to the next round of the National Cup


On Tuesday the under 15’s girls team played Cuthbert Mayne in the national cup. Team was depleted through injury and illness so many newcomers were called up to make their debut.

The game was end to end throughout with both sides attacking each other continuously but both defences and goalkeepers were on top. The first goal came with 20 minutes to go for TA when good work from both Izzy and Kelsey Cresser was finished off by Kianna Cann. Cann then made it two nil when she tried and scored straight from a corner. It can only be described as a great piece of skill. Cuthbert pulled one back with the last kick of the game but it was to late.

Player of the match Emma Harrison


Students of the Week

04.10.2019 SOTW

Students of the week with me: Ellis Clark, Maja Davies, Archie Cox, Kayla Williams, Ollie Mellitt. Lyla Haggan, absent.

House Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel – Rebecca Glasson

Christie – Leah Cooper

Darwin – Jakub Piwowar

Fawcett – Nisha Cosslett

Harrison – Grace Dicken

Kitson – Tia May Anderson

Nearne – Kieran Miah Winterflood

Pengelly – Alfie Walker-Fenner,


Year 8

Brunel – Timika Kenneford

Christie – Archie Cox

Darwin –

Fawcett – Lily-Anne Winterton

Harrison – Evan Kinghorn

Kitson – Lilly-May Bond

Nearne –

Pengelly –


Year 9

Brunel – Toby Leaver

Christie – Cody Furze

Darwin – Kyra Kuczmyjiw

Fawcett – Cody Lidster

Harrison – Emily Coates

Kitson – Riley Troy

Nearne –

Pengelly – Lottie Hodgson


Homework Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel – Molly Stanlon

Christie – Jake Green

Darwin – Luca Cronje

Fawcett –  Olivia Wood

Harrison – Michalina Jarosz

Kitson – Harvey Thomas

Nearne – John, Lilly

Pengelly – Bradley Crook


Year 8

Brunel – Livvy Tysall

Christie – Courtney Dowen

Darwin – Erin Loader

Fawcett – Lily-May Bruton

Harrison –

Kitson – Madison Lovegrove

Nearne –

Pengelly –


Year 9

Brunel – Caleb Cossey

Christie – Rebecca Lovegrove

Darwin – Lewis Vinson

Fawcett – Cartwright-Lomax, Emilie

Harrison – Sofia Evans

Kitson – Stephen McMullen

Nearne –

Pengelly – Charlie Nunn