Effort Boards, Ten Tors, Music Gig and Pit Stop Practice

Effort Boards

3.5.19 Effort Boards

The new effort boards went up on Monday this week and it was great to see an increase in the number of students achieving the top effort grades. I regularly tell students that putting in consistently good effort is absolutely essential for success. Being prepared for lessons, giving your full attention, trying hard and not giving up are things that everyone can do, and students find it makes such a difference to their confidence when they do these simple things. Well done to everyone who has moved up on the boards!


Ten Tors final selection


At the start of the year, we had eighty-three students hoping to make it to the final twelve who would be selected for the final teams to take part in this most gruelling of challenges. We had seventeen students still left standing and that was a hard decision to make. We are intensely proud of all the students who completed their training and how far they came regardless of whether they made the team or not.


Nuffield Foundation Placements

3.5.19 Nuffield

We have received confirmation that the following students that applied for STEM research projects through the Nuffield foundation have been successful! They will complete their placements during the six week holiday at a local university and/or related company. This should provide them with a unique and unrivalled opportunity to experience what STEM research is actually like.

Well done to, Hannah Dale, Tom Gabl, Luke Giffard-Rowe, Becky Vinson and Molly Beaulah (not in picture)


Air powered cars


Our students are in the early stages of the latest Greenpower Trust inspired Design and Technology project… they are designing air powered rocket cars!  I look forward to sharing more updates in the future.


Junior Maths Challenge

3.5.19 Junior maths 13.5.19 junior maths 2

80 students in Year 7 and 8 took part in the UK Maths Trust Junior Maths Challenge on Tuesday. They had to solve problems which will then be marked and compared with thousands of other students across the UK in the hope that they will receive a bronze, silver or gold certificate. We can’t wait to hear the results!


Music Gig


Our amazing music students played a wonderful gig at The Bronx Bar in Teignmouth on Thursday evening.  I hope to be able to share with you some video highlights next week.


Pit stop practice


It’s not long until the Goodwood Greenpower Trust season opener where we will be racing the two electric cars that our students have built.  Between Harley, Adam, Jett and Ollie, we managed to get our driver changeover down to a mere 23 seconds. Great teamwork and communication all round were required to achieve this.



Practical skills

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Mr Waring has been really pushing his construction students in the practical elements of the course this.  I am always impressed to see both the quality of teaching and the work of the students.


Team TA Sports Roundup

U19 1st Team


On Wednesday our 1st team took a step closer to being champions of the league, we travelled to Bridgwater College looking for another victory to keep us on track to win the league.

With lots of football being played by our players for their weekend clubs, injuries and knocks are becoming the norm at the moment so we went into the game knowing we would have to be sensible with our performance levels and be clever with the tempo of the game when we had the ball. The start helped us with our game plan as we took the lead after 3 minutes with a cross/shot from Harry that ended up going in at the far post. Our second goal came after 16 minutes from a cool finish from Jamie after he had gone past two defenders in the box.

We then had a spell when we created some uncertainty due to lack of communication among ourselves which ended in their striker running free after a mix up in midfield to then cross into an unmarked player who finished to bring it back to 2-1.

This got us going again and we went straight down the other end and were awarded our first penalty.  Unfortunately, all the top bin practice in the week didn’t work on the day for Ben and his spot-kick went over the bar.  We continued to attack and again were awarded another penalty.  This time Jamie stepped up to place it in the corner. Ben then made up for his earlier miss with a well-taken goal at the back post to make it 4-1.

Finally, just before half time Alfie picked up the ball on the halfway line out wide and started to run at the Bridgwater defence, past one, then two, then three, he kept going past the defenders with ease before finally another bit of magic in the box sent two more defenders for a pasty and chips before smashing the ball into the corner to go in at half time 5-1.

In the second half, we managed the game and used the changes wisely to rest some players.  We continued to look strong and added two more goals from Harry and Jack to end the game 7-1 winners.

We have two more games left and if we win then both we will be champions for the season 2018-19 – Our season is not over yet……..


Reading and Literature

3.5.19 Class reading 4

What better way to start the day than engaging with some of the best literature that has ever been committed to paper. From Alice in Wonderland to Sherlock Holmes, this is how our year 7 and 8 students start every Tuesday and Thursday morning and, as of next year, our year 9 students as well. Levels of engagement have been phenomenal throughout the year and this is reflected in the outstanding development we see in reading ages across KS3. To secure the success of this programme we have asked students to discuss books with parents and careers outside of school to create a meaningful dialogue around reading.


Students of the Week

3.5.19 SOTW

Students of the week with Mr Penrice are: Sophie Squires, Jake Winstone, Melissa Piper, Mateusz Baczynski, Emilie Cartwright-Lomax


Perfect Mindset

 3.5.19 Perfect Minsdet 7&83.5.19 Perfect Mindset 9,10&11

Well done to the students for achieving a perfect 1 score for their Q3 Minsdet for Learning, this is a great achievement.

Evan Kinghorn, Penny Richards, Elizabeth Cameron, Emilie Cartwright-Lomax, Sofia Evans, Josh Furze, Alex Green, Toby Leaver, Rae Makinson, Katie Taylor, Kelsey Cresser, Mya Edralin, Paige Godwin, Azize Isufi, Emily Johns, Ocean Latto, Emily Mahoney-Billis, Ellie Mitchell, Weronika Pogorzelska, Mia Sharman, Antonia Standen, Hannah Vizcaino, Kimberley Taylor, Conner Lawrence, Alfie Sams, Aisa Kana, Zak Treleavan, Dominic Locke
Lottie Denning, Georgia Davies, Daisy Poole-Crampton, Mateusz Baczynski, Lacee Borge, Leilah Poulain, Linda Aspbury, Beau Giles, Poppy Bell, Rebecca Hall, Niamh Howlett, Thomas Huitema, Noah Johnson, Klaudia Krupska, Hannah Mabbutt, Teddy Nash, Daniel Pratt, Hayden Rowe,Krisjanis Rumnieks, Konstanze Schabenboeck, Cassie Seal, Zane Sibiya


House Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel –

Christie – Jasmine Huxtable

Darwin – Ben German

Fawcett – Kian Chadwick

Harrison – Sophie George

Kitson – Pierce Gerring

Nearne – Seren Williamson

Pengelly – Hannah Carr


Year 8

Brunel – Chloe Dance

Christie – Belle Giles

Darwin – Aliyah Simpson

Fawcett – Kye Graham

Harrison – Joshua Robinson

Kitson – Dakota Robinson

Nearne – Pippa Edwards

Pengelly – Harley Sneap


Year 9

Brunel –

Christie – Jessica Hall

Darwin – Chrystal Thompson

Fawcett – Kailan Franklin

Harrison – Isabelle Dicken

Kitson – Madeleine Reeve

Nearne – Amelia Bunce

Pengelly – Azize Isufi


Building Update

3.5.19 theatre 13.5.19 Theatre 2

The insulation continues to be added to the exterior of the building in readiness for the final cladding.