TA World Book Day, Ten Tors and a Scientific Investigation

World Book Day at TA

On Wednesday, staff at school dressed up as characters from books for the TA World Book Day.  Students had competitions to guess who the characters were and “guess the bookcase”; photos of staff bookcases were shown and based on the books contained within and students had to see if they could guess whose bookcase it was.  It was a very surreal day with witches, mediaeval lords and ladies, characters from Alice in Wonderland,  Macbeth and various other publications wandering around the school as if it was quite normal!


Poetry for Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday

24.3.16 Poetry for HRH 2

Students at Torquay Academy have been very fortunate to be able to take part in a very special competition this year. As you may be aware it is the Queen’s 90th birthday and our local Rotary Club wanted to present her Majesty with a poem from each district for this occasion. Our students at Torquay Academy all took part and the final entries were sent to the club who judged the poems with the other schools in the Bay. I am pleased to announce that Torquay Academy students scooped 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of this round!

Kayleigh Hayward – 1st place (£50 WHS vouchers)
Georgia Davies – 2nd place (£30 WHS vouchers)
Nick Turner – 3rd place (£20 WHS voucher)

Kayleigh’s poem will now be sent through to the District round, 1 of about another 15, and we will await the results. The winner from District goes to be presented to the Queen on her birthday celebration. We will let you know the final results when we know.  The title of the poem was ‘A Poem for H.M the Queen’s 90th Birthday’ and we will share those 3 winning poems in a future blog with you all.


Cadet Achievement

24.3.16 Jake Major Cadet

Last weekend Year 8 student, Jake Major, gained his basic training with the Army Cadet Force. To do this he had to spend 2 nights at the Army camp near Newquay. He undertook a number of tests and assessments including marching correctly, map reading, saluting and ensuring he had good room inspections. Jake also had to take part in PT (Physical training) and learn about the country code and the different badges of ranks and what they mean.  Jake is a cadet with the Torquay Detachment ‘D’ Company and attends training twice a week at the Cadet Centre at Boys’ Grammar School.   Well done, Jake.


Football Roundup

Year 7 Girls football

24.3.16 Year 7 Football

Earlier this year 7 girls qualified for the Devon football finals in Honiton after winning the Torbay Schools tournament. They came up against the best 8 teams in Devon, competing in a league format.
They won their first 3 games, drew their next 3 and lost to the eventual winners, Exmouth, in a closely contested game. Overall they were runners up in the league finishing 2nd in Devon. Well done to all the girls on this fantastic achievement.


Torquay Tics Game

24.3.16 Torquay Tics

The Tics played Paignton, Newton Abbot, Kingsbridge, Plymouth Oaks and a Barbarians team in a round robin set of matches before meeting their “arch rivals” Kingsbridge again in the final. It was tense first half with the score being nil nil at half time. In the second half however the team played their socks off and scored two fantastic tries. At the final whistle the score was 10 nil to Torquay which was a very satisfying end to a cold day.  The TA players were as follows:

Charlie Barnes
Tom Bowden
Jude Boyle
Callum Crocker
Lewis Crocker
Josh Hearne
Leon McMullen
Jake Peters
Scott Rowe
Ryley Steele
Alex Westwood
Ben Woodward


TA Cycling House Competition


This term has seen Torquay Academy run its first house cycling event for years 7 and 8. Initial time trials were held in December with the top 16 (boys and girls from each year) qualifying for the Haldon Forest leg of the competition. All races saw tremendous efforts from the students who were competing for a place in the Velodrome final being held at Newport Wales. Only the top 4 from each year qualified so a huge congratulations to our finalists;

Year 7 Boys- Jake Gamble, Jude Boyle, Ben Woodward, Matt Leighton
Year 7 Girls- Mea White, Milina Tikuzyte, Izzy Minti, Linda Asbury
Year 8 Boys- Taylor Hughs, Robert Green, Jack Britton, Mcauley Day, Scott Taylor
Year 8 Girls- Ella Squib, Courtney Sunderland

The finals will be held at the Velodrome on 20th April Newport Wales



A Level Biology

23.3.16 A Level Biology 123.3.16 A Level Biology 4


23.3.16 A Level Biology 2A Level Biology 3

This week the A-Level Biology students have been investigating how substances are transported around a plant. They have made biological drawings of the stems of sunflowers (see above) and used their expertise to prepare their own microscope slides showing the vessels that are found in rhubarb plants. The blue coloured picture above was taken down a light microscope when dyed with methyl blue, the xylem vessels that transport water in a plant can be seen very clearly. They have spirals of lignin which give these water vessels great strength and play a role in supporting the entire plant. An enjoyable experience for all the students and one which goes towards them achieving their core practical skills and competencies part of the A-Level Biology course. Well done team Biology!


Year 10 Student  Music Exam Success

23.3.16 Kyle Farrell

Last week Year 10 music performance student, Kyle Farrell, took his Grade 6 Trinity Guildhall Drum Exam. Kyle has been practicing everyday for the last 9 months in preparation for the exam which involved having to play 6 contrasting pieces all of which demanded a high level of technical ability. Kyle also had to perform a piece of music he had never seen before from notation he was presented on the day. The fantastic news is that Kyle not only passed the exam he gained a high merit which is a reflection of the hard work and self discipline Kyle has shown. On all musical instruments there are a total of 8 graded exams so for Kyle to gain grade 6 in Year 10 is a huge achievement so much so that it is recognised as an additional GCSE. Kyle has already started for grade 7!  Well done and keep up the good work, Kyle.




23.3.16 LexiaChloe and Oliver

This term has seen great success for our students using the Lexia reading programme. We have had a record number of students completing all five levels and we also have our first year seven student to reach level 5, who is now working towards completing the programme.  This week we drew the Lexia prize raffle. Students have weekly targets they need to reach, reaching these targets earns them raffle tickets for a chance to be entered into the prize draw. Both students have worked very hard, regularly meeting and even surpassing their targets. Congratulations to all our Lexia students for all their hard work.
Pictured are this term’s winners, Oliver Brazier (Year 7) and Chloe Bevan (Year 8)


Students of the Week


Students pictured with Mrs Powell are: Shannon Crawford, Tiegan Ford, Izzy Minty, Tierney Leaver, Reagan King


Ten Tors Training

23.3.16 Ten Tors

Getting up after a good nights sleep out on the Moors while training for Ten Tors

Mr Brett and Mr Powell took students out at the weekend for Ten Tors Training.   The 35 and 45 mile Teams both put in good performances in weather conditions which were best described as cold. The top temperature was 3 and the wind chill was taking the temperature below -6 at times. This was the first night under canvas for several students. Fortunately all had warm sleeping bags and extra clothing so the experience has not reduced their enthusiasm for the challenge ahead in May.  In the meantime we have two more camps for the students to polish up the navigation and add a bit more stamina before the big event.  Well done to all for braving the cold.