TA Students are Robotics National Champions!

TA Students Master Robots Win Prestigious UK Competition!

22.3.19 Ent 1


The TA Robotics team competed in the national final of the Tomorrow’s Engineers Lego Robotics challenge on Friday. Hosted as part of the Big Bang Fair at the NEC in Birmingham, the team competed against the top 49 highest performing schools in the UK. The team faced the same challenges they excelled in at the regional finals, but with a much higher standard of competition.

The competition is split into 5 main categories: the speed challenge, the challenge mat, a group presentation, an unknown teamwork challenge and a robot design interview. Our day was rather busy, including:

– our speed robot crashing into smithereens due to a lack of communication within the team
– regrouping and rebuilding the speed robot to a time of 3.094 s over 8 m (5th fastest robot in the UK)
– a perfect 40/40 score on the challenge mat
– shouting the presentation element to industry experts in the RAF and Rolls Royce to project their voices above the talking of some 18,000 spectators
– wowing the judges with our discovery of a ‘loophole’ in the software that controls the robot’s movement.

By the end of the day, after hours of intense competition, the awards ceremony began. The team were absolutely delighted when Mr Hadley and Mr Broome were awarded ‘teacher of the year’. The prize includes £1000 for the school to contribute towards any STEM-related activity and an all-expenses paid trip to the faculty of engineering at the University of Cambridge in July. What came next simply blew us away!

TA Robotics were then crowned NATIONAL CHAMPIONS of the Tomorrow’s Engineers Lego Robotics Challenge 2019. Over 500 schools and 10,000 students take part in this competition and our fantastic young minds managed to win it. It should really come as no surprise due to the level of dedication, resilience and determination each student in the team demonstrates on a daily basis (so much so, the students are already back in C10 preparing for the competition next year!). We were later told that the final decision was not very close at all, with our team beating the competition convincingly.

Our national champions are : James Scrimgeour, Will Harrison, Oliver Phillips, Ollie Hill, Robin Pightling, Angus Graham, Azize Isufi, Antonia Standen, Kacy Fairhurst, Emily Mahoney-Billis

The prizes are truly money-can’t-buy experiences. Towards the end of the academic year, the students will embark on a tour of an F1 team’s headquarters and enjoy a day out at an RAF base of our choosing. The team were also given a varnished wooden trophy of an RAF fighter jet as well as a £10 amazon voucher each!

We are beyond proud of the team and their accomplishments. They truly deserve the accolade of national champions. They have immersed themselves among the elation, frustration and satisfaction that the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics can bring. The future problems the world will face is not something we should be worrying about if our TA Robotics students have anything to do with it!

Mr Hadley and Mr Broome would like to take this opportunity to thank all the support from everyone involved, from the students and parents/carers, to the teachers and organisers of the event.

Roll on next year!

Click the link below to see further information.



Musical Futures

22.3.19 Musical Futures


Torquay Academy Music Department has been selected as one of only 12 schools across the UK to take part in a new two year initiative by Musical Futures and Ableton Live. Already a Musical Futures Champion School, this new project will involve exploring and developing innovative approaches within the classroom using music technology and is further recognition of Torquay Academy’s Music department as a vibrant, innovative and creative hub. We are proud and excited to be part of an initiative that recognises that music has changed.

Most music today is created using technology in some way, whether it’s samples, loops and synthesized instruments or using technology to support live performance. In order to make sure that music in schools remains relevant for young people, we need to reflect these interests in the classroom and provide students with opportunities to perform and create the music that they enjoy, like and identify with through the use of authentic tools and processes. The aims for this project are bold – and we at TA stand to be at the forefront of the culture of music education within schools to reflect the musical interests of our young people and to engage more students in music making. Torquay Academy Music Department are so proud and excited about the future that this partnership will bring.


Making Nylon

Nylon1 Nylon 2 Nylon3 Nylon4

Miss Martin made nylon with her Year 7 groups this week. Nylon is a polymer that can be formed into threads. In the photos above students from 7T5 are winding the thread onto a glass rod.



22.3.19 PSHE day

We had our final PSHEe day of the year on Wednesday. Once again students took part in a wide variety of sessions. The year 7 students had several lessons looking at a range of issues relating to being safe online; from identity fraud to ‘The impact of likes’. NHS dietitians (Caragh Sander-Wright and Yvonne Mitchell) spoke to students about the importance of a healthy diet and the impact of too much fat and sugar in our diet. Students also had a session on consent within relationships and FGM. Students ended the day with #Knifefree which looks at the impact of knife crime.

Year 8 students also looked at #knifecrime. Students also had sessions on first aid (The Red Cross), ‘Sexplain’ ran sessions on relationship and sex education. Alterego theatre company bought us ‘County lines’ which looks at the consequences of drug dealing. Other sessions looked at the importance of sleep, fraud and alcohol.   Alterego also performed for the year 9 and 10 students.

The year 9 students had several careers based sessions. ‘Next steps southwest’ used a computer-based system called ‘Careerpilot’ to help students clarify what they might wish to do in future. ‘Flossy and Jim’ spoke to students about their career routes. Other sessions included gambling, sleep, and the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy.

The year 10 students also had sessions on the damage gambling can do, further financial sessions included their rights as a customer and how to stay in control of their money. The fire service looked at the dangers of distracting car drivers. Sian Doyle ran sessions of grief and bereavement. Students also had sessions on the importance of sleep and domestic abuse


French Students Visit TA

22.3.19 French Students

We had an amazing visit from our correspondent school Boris Vian, in Lille, France. Students have written to each other several times since Christmas and they finally met!  It was a great opportunity for both schools to build intercultural relationships and put their language skills in practice. Well done everyone and thank you to our French friends for visiting us.


Team TA Sports Roundup

 Girls Football

22.3.19 Under 14 Girls

On Tuesday of this week, 14 of our Year 9 and 10 girls travelled to Paignton in preparation for what we thought was going to be an 11v11 match.  We were then informed that it would be 9v9 only to be informed prior to kick off that it would now be a 7v7 match.  Thoughts then turned to how best to give every one of our girls as much game time as possible.  To the girls’ credit they were brilliant on the day and took everything in their stride. The injured Taylor Ford took the warm-up during which got the girls in the right mood for the game ahead.  From the start, it was obvious that Paignton was going to be no match for our girls and within 2 minutes we had many chances to score, only the efforts of their goalkeeper kept the ball out of the back of the net.  It was very much looking like the game was going to be frustrating as we had all the play but could not find the back of the net. However, after about 4 minutes we scored our first goal and this seemed to settle nerves.  We continued to dominate the game and found ourselves scoring at every opportunity.  Paignton was able, midway through the first half, to score a breakaway goal but they had no response to the 12 goals we scored.

It was an excellent performance from a team that earned the plaudits of the referee who said that in all the years he had been refereeing girls football he had never seen such an organised and polished performance from a talented team, something we knew already.

Our goals came from Siana Goddard 4, Ocean Latto 2, Mia Burns, Kelsey Cresser, Charlie Moore, Kaitlyn Mortimore, Wictoria Jarosz and a contender for goal of the season from Olivia Foster, however it was a team effort and Emma Harrison, Grace Bradbury, Georgia Davies, Leah Harman, Gessauley Gutterdige and Ellie Mitchell all played a big part. Well done, girls.


Under 13 Boys

The Year 8 football team secured their place in their second semi-final of the season last Friday with an outstanding performance to defeat St Lukes 2-0.

Many football performances are about passing and flair, some are about plain grit, determination and sheer hard work; this performance was the latter – albeit with a real touch of quality.

In an edgy game against a good side, there was universal agreement that the best side won. Two goals in the first half from wicked Kye Graham corner deliveries (1 sailed straight in whilst the other was met at the far post by Liam Poole) were what separated the sides. However what got us the win ultimately was a passion and desire that was inspirational.  Mr Jones described it as his favourite performance from this team to date.


Under 12 Boys

Results below, full match write up next week.

County Cup – Ivybridge 4 v Torquay Academy 1

Torbay and district cup – Torquay Academy 6 v Dawlish Community College 1


Year 10 Knocked out of South Devon Cup

On Monday the year 10 team took on TBGS in the South Devon cup. The game was played in difficult conditions with the wind blowing massively in favour of one end. We kicked against the wind first half and struggled to get out of there half. Eventuall,y the TBGS pressure told and TA were one nil down. The scored stayed the same up till the 65 min when TBGS scored again against the run of play. We had plenty of chances but unfortunately, it was one of those days.


Year 11 through South Devon Cup semi-final

On Tuesday the year 11 football team took on South Dartmoor in the quarter final of the South Devon Cup. The game was played at a fast pace and with both teams extremely committed to trying to play good passing football. TA started well and were having the majority of possession when on 13 minutes Cairo Broadway latched onto a loose ball to finish from close range. We were soon two up when Josh Haydock hit the post from 13 yards only for him to follow up the rebound to slot home.

Half time came and with new instructions given, TA went out and dominated the second half. Louie Golding scored from the penalty spot after being brought down in the box. Josh Haydock scored the fourth when he headed home a Christian R-P corner. Lennon Berryman made it 5 ten minutes later when he scored a free kick from 25 yards. Jamie Watson then scored with his first touch after an incredible 50 yard pass from Cairo Broadway. Louie Golding finished the scoring from TA after beating two men in the box before scoring from a tight angle. South Dartmoor claimed merely a consolation right at the end for the game to finish 7-1. We will now play the winners of Teignmouth and TBGS in the semi final.


Ollie’s Gym Project Proposal

22.3.19 Ollie Hill

Ollie Hill took part in the Dawlish Youth Soup organised by the Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) association. He pitched a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style presentation to a room of around 30 adults, on his own, asking for funding to build an outdoor gym on Dawlish Lawn.   His idea was to provide a facility to benefit all ages. Giving them access to free exercise equipment tackling both mental and physical health problems. He independently researched, planned and presented a perfect pitch. He was the youngest and only sole presenter. He came second and was awarded £175 towards his project. He gained the respect and many compliments from everyone there, including Councillor Wrigley, who has invited Ollie to attend the town council meeting, pitch his proposal and work with them to plan the outdoor development of Dawlish Lawn.


Students of the Week

22.03.2019 SOTW

Students of the week this week are (not in order) James Scrimgear, William Harris, Liam Wallace, Robbie Hartley, Maria Gabl, Oliver Phillips, Robin Pightling, Ollie Hill


Principal Certificates

22.03.2019 - BRONZE YEAR 722.03.2019- BRONZE YEAR 8&9

22.03.2019 - BRONZE YEAR 10

Bronze : May Connolly, Toby Stewart, Harrison Horrell, Kingsley Tarrant, Preston Scanlon, Fraya Hyde, Charlie Pope, Oakley Pearce, Maverick Milton, Joseph Oborn, William Hemus, Charlotte Long, Ruby Trewin, Jess Dennis, Lily Connor, Eliza Rumniece, Dylan Weatherburn-Bird, Fox Toghill, Oskar Yelland, Emily Coates, Caine Lee, Louie Mugliston, Molly Rose, Isabelle Spurle, Matthew Winyard, Millie Boyd, Rory Dooley, Tillie Stacey, Leah Harman, Igor Sniegocki, Katie Wright, Evan Loasby, Connor Wakely, Gracie Bradbury, Chloe Hayward, Nuria Nunes, Olivia Giddy, Mark Routledge, Rhys McPartland, Ryley Steele, Laura Martin, Maria Gable 


Silver : Francis Breslan, Timika Kenneford, Evie Heron, Jemima Holt, Skye Warner, Ellie Denby, Faith Barnett, Bobbie Royal, Ollie Hill, Madison Lovegrove, Joel Copping, Felicity Chapman, Layla Batten, Coral Rogers, Archie Cox, Heidi Wright, Summer Mansell, Charlie Trapp, Maddison Harvey, Jacob Mason, Maddie Hele, Archie Hughes, Yun Xin Liu, Mya Edralin, Ryan Johns-Kouadio, Sean Brown, Sophie Rich



22.03.2019 - GOLD

Gold: William Howard,Robbie Wright, Jeb Whatley, Lily-May Bruton, Joe Lawrence, Sophie George, Maddy Brewer, Sebastian Grute



Governor Certificates

22.03.2019 - GOV BRONZE

Bronze : , Shelby Astley-Rubin, Riley Isaac, Ava Sams, Josh Thompson, Ellie May- Mitchell, Sophie Caton,  Riccardo Iordache


22.03.2019 - GOV SILVER

Silver : Harley Sneap

House Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel – Ellie Denby

Christie – Jasmine Huxtable

Darwin – Charlie Fox

Fawcett – Riley Houlahan

Harrison – Lily Hammacott

Kitson – Emily Phillips

Nearne – Alana Mitchell

Pengelly – Ella Ryan


Year 8

Brunel – Elizabeth Cameron

Christie – Honey Evans

Darwin – Xander Tostevin

Fawcett – Tyler Silvester

Harrison – Dominic Bearne

Kitson – Maddison Harvey

Nearne – Ella Heasman-Knight

Pengelly – Emily Harris


Year 9

Brunel – Finn Beer

Christie – Alicia Lindley

Darwin – Patrick McCormack

Fawcett – Marcus Stanley

Harrison – Isaac Gourlay-Newton

Kitson – Antonia Standen

Nearne – Hayley Batt

Pengelly – Luis Vizcaino




 Building Update

22.3.19 Theatre roof 222.3.19 Theatre roof

22.3.19 Theatre22.3.19 Theatre heating

This week the final pieces of the roof were lifted into place as well as seeing the pipework for the underfloor heating being laid downstair in the dance studio and fitness room.